Battle Of The Visors


Tomorrow’s game will be a big matchup to see which visor-wearing former Pete Carroll assistant will assert dominance and assume the mantle of Caesar Jr.
Steve Sarkisian currently holds the honor but is an underdog. Lane Kiffin looks ready to assume the title . . . if he can pull his head out of his play chart.

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  • Lane Kiffin

    These two visor wearing frauds … should have never been able to place their stinky feet on the SC campus after backstabbing their ways to the OC jobs and stinking up SC’s offense for 4 years.
    Couple of pathetic pukes Suckisian and Goatboy.

  • thekatman

    Hey there ya lil puke…. You have a lot of rage & pain in your writing. Perhaps you should check iinto an anger mgmnt course.

  • .mownyc

    And both of those visors go onto the same things, empty heads

  • USConquer

    Can anyone give me some suggestions as to how to deal with the gang members on my block that have consistently been popping fireworks for the last four hours on my block?

    God, it’s raining and they keep popping loud m-80 fireworks!! super anoying.

  • Lane Kiffin

    Suckisian vs Goatboy Kiffin … if you knew anything about football , you would understand what a joke these morons really are. They ruined at least 3 maybe more NC’s for national titles by butt kissing their way to the OC jobs. They suck