12 thoughts on “Opponent Report Card

  1. Scott,

    What grade would you give the trolls for their performance last week?
    They might have been worse than the team itself.

  2. You grade them much more generously than you grade USC. How does a 50-0 game only get you a B+? It’s like that dad, who always tells his son how much he sucks and how he can do better, but one day, like 30 years later, tells him he’s proud of him. Except I don’t think you’ll ever tell Kiffin or anybody they’ve done a good job, you’ll tell him that you thought Girls Aloud was much more fun to cover than USC football.

  3. Scott would be almost all F’s if this was a SC performance. I think the D- grades are like showing up for a class but doing no work. I guess Scott would given a F if they failed to come out of the locker room at half.

  4. Damn, ucla might actually hire someone competent, damn ! Maybe they can get Jethro Gibbs to coach them up.

  5. Yup, newweasel gonzo after game with Oregon.
    No worry about having him stick around for a bowl game, per DG!!!

  6. USC Pac-12 Champions 2011!!! Beat Oregon, absolutely humiliated Fucla, hence… Trojans win conference ON THE FIELD despite probation and sanctions!! So ARROGANT! Bahahahahaha enjoy Autzen, Ruins!! FIGHT ON!!!

  7. I’d agree with you USC owns, save for those two pesky losses to Furd and ASU (who? even UCLA beat them). Bowl Game ON!

  8. I personally grade Mr. Wolf a D for his grading of the team throughout the season. I do give Coach Kiffin an A for making him look rather like a fool at the post-game press conference.

    Now that Neuheisel is gone, perhaps the Daily News can hire him to cover USC. His team did is about as well covering USC last Saturday as Mr. Wolf did throughout the year.

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