A special forum for fans to discuss the firing of Rick Neuheisel and who replaces him? I’ve already mentioned Tom Cable, Mike Bellotti and Dennis Erickson as realistic candidates.

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  • gotroy22

    I KNEW we should have let them score on 4th and one in the first quarter and play the subs in the 3rd and 4th quarters to make them feel like they were competitive and ensure that Skippy would be back next season. Now they are talking about getting Peterson or Sumlin…epic fail by Lane running Skippy out of town.

  • TrojanRick

    the ruins must pay slick rick for one more year, Norm Chow for one more year, and presumably the offensive coordinator brought in from Nevada Reno.
    Thus the availability of funds to attract a new coach with the state of the UC system might have a bearing on the ultimate choice.
    Can’t imagine they would even THINK of hiring Dennis Erickson, though. That would be like hiring Mike Stoops, or maybe Paul Wulff if he becomes available!

  • scidiot

    Peterson? Get real. He could have any job in the country outside of Alabama. LSU would fire Les Miles if he agreed to come……….Sumlin is possible….Scott is high thinking Cable or Erickson……I see Bellotti as being more interested in the ASU job than UCLA………My vote, DeWayne Walker.

  • Dennis Erickson??? BUAHAHAHAHAHA I would welcome dorell back befor considering Erickson.

    @gotroy22, UCLA could have scored three field goals if wanting to get on the score board was all they were looking for.

  • scidiot


    Put your neck out. Who do you want? Who do you think you can get?

  • scidiot

    Shouldn’t AD DG be able to hit a home run? It has only been ten years since ucla was considered one of the best programs in the country. They are only paying skippy his $250,000 base pay. Where are all the boosters who wanted a change.

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    UCLA could’ve scored 3 FGs! – RuinBob
    HAHAHA!! Uh-oh! Watch out, or UCLA might kick a field goal on us next year! But hey, they were only 17 field goals away from taking the lead Saturday!

    BTW does anybody know where we, as tax payers, can complain about the misappropriation of our tax funds to the ucla “football” program??? We need to put an end to this misuse of our funds.

    It is time for an end of the UCLA Football Program.

  • USC Anteater

    Gotta be Mike Leach, right? They must have the inside track on someone to fire Neuheisel before the Pac-12 championship game. If UCLA gets Peterson, get ready for them to paint the field Carolina blue.

  • scidiot

    I think I have come up with the dream candidate for ucla. Head coaching experience. Taken teams forward. No controversy in his past. Sure to get under Trojan fans skin………….Skip Holtz.

  • sureshot

    You gotta go with Tom Cable. He’s the guy who would move the needle and fill the passion bucket to previously unseen levels!

  • @scidiot, Peterson will be the coach. Peterson is tired of coaching undefeated teams and not getting the recognition he derserves, he wants to coach in a big conference.
    @you say timeout, stop your bullshyt, just remember who’s playing friday night, before lobbying for UCLA football to disappear.


    I think Sumlin makes the most sense from a realistic standpoint (would actually view the job as an upgrade) and from a financial standpoint (more funds available for a coach than at Houston. That being said, I’m not really sure this is the type of hire that “narrows the gap” from a recruiting standpoint.

  • scidiot

    I would love to see Tom Cable. What recurit’s family doesn’t want to welcome some fat slob who beats his assitant coaches into their home?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I hear that Paterno guy is high on the Bruin’s list, but it has to be a package deal with Sandusky…

  • in sheep’s clothing

    lane f*cking kiffin, bro; 50-0. the image needs a visor but i’m still getting one of those shirts.

  • .mownyc

    Bellotti would seem possible but can ucla get the cash to pay him? Cable has too much baggage for the college game. Erickson is checking into Betty Ford, he’s not available at this time. Peterson will not leave Boise, no way would he go to a program that is that bad.

  • scidiot


    I think there is more chance that Hawkins winds up coaching ucla than Petersen. Petersen’s agent could call up Texas and they would “retire” Mack Brown to get him. If BSU had gone undefeated this year they would be in the BcS game.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Erickson? What is Wolf smoking? This guy has been a huge disappoint at ASU. He’s also an OLD 64! Too much Jack Daniels over the years.
    I think the timing probably has something to do with the speculation that ASU will fire Erickson today. Both schools will be competing for the same coaching candidates.
    Sumlin, Petersen, and Leach would be on my short list.

  • Trojan Conquest

    BruinRob…….Petersen won’t come to UCLA because idiots like you can’t spell his name.


    1. June Jones
    2. Mike Leach
    3. Skip Holtz
    4. Jon Gruden
    5. DeWayne Walker
    6. Al Golden
    7. Mark Stoops
    8. Mike Singletary
    9. Ken Norton
    10. Scott Wolf

  • Trojan Conquest

    Of course what do I know. When USC hired Pete Carroll I thought ASU hired a better coach in Dirk Koetter from Boise State.

  • TrojanRick

    Like the idea of either DeWayne Walker or Ken Norton.
    June Jones would be a sensational hire, regardless of his age – he brings excitement to the game, especially at QB, aka Tommy Chang University of Hawaii kind of football. Not sure of his SMU commit, though.
    Or they could just wait until Norv Turner gets kicked out in San Diego!!!
    Singletary would also be a very good choice.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    USC Pac-12 Champions 2011!!! Beat Oregon, absolutely humiliated Fucla, hence… Trojans win conference ON THE FIELD despite probation and sanctions!! So ARROGANT! Bahahahahaha enjoy Autzen, Ruins!! FIGHT ON!!!

  • VB’s Office Plant

    I believe that Dan must hire Cable to stick to the high moral ground he staked out when he hired slick rick. While Cable does not have the top 5 cheater street cred that rick brought with him, he did punch his wife as well as an assistant. That might be the best that dan can do.

  • spedjones

    Petersen, Sumlin and Herm are the top 3 likely prospects. Petersen has several reasons to finally leave Boise (move to Big East, losing his fav QB, repeated raiding of his staff by larger programs, firing of his favorite AD) and UCLA is a good fit, but only if they get him the $$. Sumlin is hit or miss without Keenum and Herm has ups and downs. If they hire Belloti, expect 4 more years of the same.

  • scidiot

    Hire Belloti, let him coach for four years, move him to AD and let him hire Kelly. Problem solved.

  • Trojan Conquest

    UofA was smart to fire Stoops early and get Rich Rodriguez. Now UCLA and ASU are competing for a head coach.

  • ProbationU

    Thanks all you Trojans for hiring our next coach. Rumors are strong on Petersen. I hope they consider Jeff Fisher…after all he helped us beat SC once, so why not again? Fisher is an outstanding coach…and has gotten used to wearing blue.

  • Mike

    There is really only one coach that perfectly matches the ucla culture: Jerry Sandusky.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    “Playing for a championship following the worst conference loss in UCLA’s history ‘is a little weird,’ quarterback Kevin Prince said. ‘Obviously, things didn’t go the way we wanted. We’d prefer to make the championship game by winning [the division] outright.'”
    …..HAHAHAHAHA even FUCLA’s QB admits they wished they could win the division outright!!!
    On probation and it’s STILL all about the Trojans! LMAO fucla… 50-0!
    USC 2011 Pac-12 Champions ON THE FIELD (beat the North AND South “champions”)
    FIGHT ON!!

  • TrojanPete

    June Jones makes $2M per year at SMU–doubt he would ditch that for UCLA. Mike Leach is a strong possibility but I would think they would contact DeWayne Walker–he’s a good coach and he is…ahem, a good diversity hire for the public institution.

  • TrojanFamily

    I think UCLA does make a serious run at Chris Petersen, and according to some of my sources are prepared to pay a lot of money for a top coach. The idiocy of the first year championship game doesn’t negate the fact that the soon to be Pac-16 will be one of the two premier football conferences in the nation (along with the SEC). Who wouldn’t want to coach a program, in the backyard of the hotbed of recruiting, of one of the top programs. But UCLA will have to pay their next coach as a top 10 coach in the nation to prove they are committed to giving him the resources to succeed.

    These last two coaching hires have been admittedly disasters, and Robert’s blathering notwithstanding, UCLA fans are disgusted with the state of affairs of the program. I personally think they have a 1 in 3 chance of luring Petersen away from Boise (it’ll be all about the dollars, considering other programs will be after him too). Mike Leach will also be on the list, but UCLA may also go the route of a former pro coach (and see if they can catch the next Pete Carroll). Either way, they will go big, because they know after Saturday, they need to go big or go home.

    And I for one hope they do. As much fun as Saturday was, I’d like to see two major programs in LA, competing on national television, for a BCS bid, at the end of the season. Blowing out your rival just gets old.


    Why would Petersen leave Boise State? Why would he take a pay cut to attend an uncommitted football program?
    June Jones and Kevin Sumlin make more money than UCLA paid Rick. These two guys coach in Texas and are liked by SMU and Houston. Do you think Texas money will let these guys get away? Turner Gill made over $2 million at Kansas.
    How about Mario Cristobal at Florida International? I think this guy would be a good step for UCLA but do the Bruins really care about football?! As a USC fan I was appalled at UCLA’s performance at the Coliseum on Saturday. It looked like USC had the Victory Bell and grabbed the so called passion bucket as well. It looks like USC has another trophy to guard zealously!

  • BoscoH

    Why would a marquee coach want to sully his record with two years of rebuilding? I don’t see it. The Bruins will probably attract a head coach of the calibre of Norm Chow, i.e. a talented O- or D- coordinator type who is either unproven or mediocre as a head coach.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    TroFamily: Nice post.

    And trust me, the blowing out is harsh on this end, too. (Even with us closing the gap and all). True dat, though, about needing the intra-LA rivalry to make this all work correctly on the national scene.

    It all depends on whom is brought in, as everything rises and falls with leadership. And right now, it’s hard for Bruins fans to trust our current administration when it comes to football coaching hires.

    One thing is certain: As bad as it has been, CRN was probably a bargain at 1.25 mill per year. We’ll have to more than double that to truly pull us out of the dregs we are currently in.

    Oh, wait! We move the needle, our passion bucket is full and we have closed the gap!

    Glad the bullshit is gone, and so sad that childhood memory of a walk-on Rose Bowl-champ QB is now so tarnished.

  • Rusty Buckets

    An embarrassing 50 to zero beat down, a ridiculous uniform ploy that failed and bruins still feel they can talk trash. Completely helpless and utterly clueless fan base.

    Let’s be honest here… you won’t get anyone with a proven record. Keep dreaming about Jones, Fisher, Gruden, Golden, Petersen, etc. Ucla can’t afford any of them. Bellotti or Walker are more realistic possibilities. The Zookster is also available.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Charlie Weis? It will be considered, since he recruits well in California. But, ucla will hire Jim Mora, Jr.

    Petersen going from Boise State to ucla is not happening. What does ucla offer anyone that already has a good college football head coaching job?
    ucla is not a football school, and never has been. They can not attract top talent like a USC, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, etc.

    And what established coach wants to take over a pitiful program that competes with a dominant USC? He will potentially jeopardize his reputation & career if he fails. RichRod is a perfect example of this. He’s taking a head coaching job site unseen, because he needs the work. His value would have been far greater iF he stayed at WVU. UMich was a mess after Lloyd Carr resigned, and RichRod destroyed his reputation thinking he could compete in the Big 10.

  • GlobeHop310

    Money is not going to be an issue for UCLA, or for that matter any Pac-12 school, since the new TV contract kicks in next year and each school will receive a $20 million check (that’s nearly double what UCLA and USC currently receives from the expiring contract and a huge leap for Colorado and Utah which previously only got $8 million and $2 million respectively from their contracts).

    UCLA’s AD has already earmarked a chunk of that to finish the Pauley renovation and they’ll use the another chunk to buy out Rick and the coaching staff, as well as finish paying off Chow. Teford is the highest paid coach in the UC system and earns $2.3 million. UCLA will offer a new coach in the $1.8-2.1 million range with incentives and endorsements, i.e. Addidas contract. Rick only earned $1.2 million so if they want a serious resume, they have the funds to pay for it now.

    By comparison, Kiffin pulls in $4 million, as do most of the top tier national coaches, i.e. Saban, Miles, Urban Meyers’ new contract.

    Pedersen is an attractive candidate because he gets away from all the realignment uncertainty, Kellen Moore is graduating and gets a huge boost in pay (he currently makes $650,000 annually base) and he recruits well in SoCal already and has strong Texas recruiting ties.

    Of course, the big problem UCLA has is that Dan G. is an idiot of an AD and might have to fire Ben Howland as well. That buyout alone will be brutal in the $2 million range with the unexpired years. Dan might get fired himself, in which the coaching search will be later.

    UCLA (and Dan) knows they will need a fairly big national name to compete with Kiffin since USC is clearly on the rise, and need someone who can compete recruiting wise and take some of the kids that won’t be offered because of USC’s scholarship limits.

    Although, given Dan G.’s past history, he’s more likely to go for a guy like DeWayne Walker with a Bruin history than reach for a guy like Pedersen or Sumlin.

    If he did reach outside of the Bruin family, he’d probably think about a national name like Leach, someone who can operate the spread and recruit a QB in such an aerial-oriented conference, especially with Rich Rod coming into UA and ASU looking for a new coach as well.

    But money will definitely not be an issue.

  • .mownyc

    I laugh at the idiots who post that Petersen will go to ucla, he’s not leaving Boise. And, name ONE BSU coach that has left for another job and succeeded, name ONE.

  • .mownyc

    Petersen makes 1.6 mil a year genius.

  • GlobeHop310

    My bad, typo. He makes $1,655,000 per year. A $2.2 million offer is not a tiny pay hike, in addition to the endorsement money he’ll make being in a #2 media market.

    And since they’ve been FBS only since 1999, former coaches is a short list with Koetter and Hawkins, but what does that have to do with anything. USC has Larry Smith, Ted Tollner and Paul Hackett, so what?

    Pedersen is going to leave BSU at some point. The only issue is for what job? The UCLA one is legit and attractive.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    oh so sugar SWEEEEEEET! as defending Pac12 South Champeens we can take our pick of coaches!! UCLA sells itself!!

    don’t worry Bruins (or TOTALLY OBSESSES trOXans), the Cadre is working closely with Dan Guerrero to develop a short list of candidates!!

    we always felt NeuHassle was not a good fit and now we get down to bidness!!

    this is so exciting!!!! i feel so ALIVE!!! somebody punch me!! i mean pinch me!! i must be dreaming!!!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Fred Bucket,

    So this is the path you have chosen, to continue on with your same tired act pretending everybody forgot about the revelation last week?

    I don’t know what is more dissapointing, your decision here or the letdown the others felt when they learned of the incredibly low level of your celebrity status.

  • oneillwatch

    Whatever happens, PLEASE, OH PLEASE let Dan Guerrero make the decision, and, PLEASE OH PLEASE Dan, stay another 20 years.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jethro, your research on this was admirable, i don’t dispute that point. the logic is sound, the pieces fit, your conclusions, while admittedly circumstantial, are compelling.

    in the final analysis, however, i am sorry to say your guess is incorrect. you did such a great job sleuthing this caper i ALMOST wish i WAS Freddie W!! but alas and alack i am not.

    to reward your stellar effort, i am sending you two free passes to the next Preferred Plus Night at Cadre HQ! that’s a ten dollar value.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Bucket, are you weather guy Mark Kriski from Channel 5?

  • Edward

    Tom Cable? (11&35) at Idaho in ’00-’03, but maybe the guy who succeded him, Nick Holt? (5&18) in ’04-’05. Or the guy who succeded him, Erickson? (4&8) in ’06. I vote for Holt. Attended the game at Nevada in ’05, and Idaho was the worst coached college team I’ve ever seen. Go Vandals!

  • NOBS

    Hire SLOBDUSKY! Here’s why:

    1. Stupid
    2. Will blab to all So. Cal about his life
    3. Can teach history in off season
    4. Cries like former coach Dick Vermeil
    5. Will continue the douche bag tradition of Fucla
    6. Already has urn so a bathroom doesn’t need to be constructed by his office.
    7. Will want a salary of $1,000 per month, twice as much as he’s making now.
    8. He’s friends with NOBS

  • Trojan 70

    I do not see ucla offering $2.5-3.0M for a coach. that is what it would take to get Petersen. He ain’t coming. they will hire another mid level guy. Dan Guerrero is totally clueless. The best thing for USC. Keep Dan Guerrero!!

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, c’mon UCLA can do a lot better that Erickson, Cable and Bellotti. Bellotti had a nice run but I think his best days are behind him. Might as well take the funds to pay either Cable and Erickson and burn it b/c that will be a complete waste. You are losing some credibility with those selections. I am surprised you didn’t throw in Lou Holtz, Toledo or Tressel (same odds as your selection).
    Does anybody know if Coach Sammy Knight will be a permanent hire? Considering the circumstances he did a fantastic job taking over Coach Garza.

  • N0BS

    And now here is my list of what coaches NOT to hire:

    1. Super Mario Danelo aka “the Screaming Eagle’s” bungee jumping coach.
    2. Super Mario’s hang gliding coach.
    3. Super Mario’s parachute packer.
    4. Super Mario’s free climbing instructor
    5. Super Mario’s optomotrist
    6. Super Mario’s receiver coach–told him to go deep
    7. Super Mario’s frisbee coach–see #6
    8. Super Mario’s shoe-lace tying coach

    Pretty good, huh, My Trojan Band of Brothers!

  • NOBS

    Zerobs, aka SlobDusky, getting old. Real OLD. Go polish the urn or make dinner for the three little Slobs.

  • N0BS

    ______ “Here I go to take a look at the rocks!”
    Gave Over, Super Mario!
    -Courtesy of NOBS

  • marvgoux

    Jerry Sandusky is the leading candidate after hearing about fucla’s gay bathroom scene.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Where did the bRuin trolls go? 50-0 was too much to handle?
    the real Charlie Bucket (the new, fake one isn’t nearly as funny, clever, or witty at all)
    UCLA fantasy
    Yoda (is a Trojan)
    *credit to special-ed-jones for sticking around after the ass whooping. Taking it like a man and knows his team is garbage!
    Where are the rest of you??

  • Trojan 70

    Last week CerritosLob was going to the game at the Sports Areana last night. But here he is posting as N0BS with his new Danelo schtick. What a phucking liar, he can’t keep his bullshit straight. Once a liar, always a liar CerritosLob. What a sorry excuse for human being. A liar and a poor judge of football talent.

  • NOBS

    70, so true. I’ve just decieded to ignore ZERO, he’s a Putz….so is SlobDusky.