USC Report Card

Here are the grades for the 50-0 victory over UCLA.

RESULT: No. 10 USC 50, UCLA 0
RECORD: 10-2, 7-2


Does Matt Barkley wants millions of dollars or school records?



Who pegged Curtis McNeal as the breakaway threat before the season?



Robert Woods only No. 2 in Lane Kiffin’s book but No. 1 in receptions.



For all the uncertainty allowed fewest sacks in Pac-12 (8).



Solid if not spectacular through most of the season.



Hayes Pullard and Dion Bailey first freshmen to lead USC in tackles with 82 each.



Nice to see some blitzing from Monte Kiffin as Nickell Robey earned 2 sacks.



How badly did Lane Kiffin want to convert a two-point play?



A seamless victory over crosstown rivals. But act like you’ve done it before.


  • Globe

    What does it take to get an A on the Wolf scale….100-0?

  • jetman624

    Wolf is the moron we all thought he was. How does a team record a shutout and not get A’s across the board?

    Again, there is being controversial and there is being stupid. Wolf is the latter.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I know giving Kiff a B there really pained the Wolfster! I for one enjoyed it.

    One thing about our special teams where we need to improve is kickoff coverage. We are giving up way too many yards on most kickoffs.

  • snarfy

    Wolf, you are such a fucking idiot. We stomped our rival in every phase of the game. It was such a comprehensive dismantling that it will be used as their rallying cry years into the future. They will never forget it. A beatdown that thorough is almost unheard of in a rivalry game. It rarely happens more than once in a generation.

    If that victory doesn’t earn an A in every category then nothing will.

    I love this team. I am so proud they represent our university. They stand for all the qualities listed on Tommy Trojan. Fight on!

  • Gnossos

    Excuse me Scooter, did I miss what Lane did to elicit your comment “But,act like you’ve done it before?”

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    my wolfman!! this sugary sweeeeet scoop made me temporarily abandon my Ghosttt Protocol!!!

    you are right as always, Lobo Macho!! you woulda thought kiff won the SuperBowl the way he was acting!! and the “adversity” crap was too much!! “it was all taken away by the NCAA”! HAWR-HAWR!!

    yeah, i still can’t believe they took Reggie’s Heisman away!! he only took $300K!!

    oh, wolfman, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!

  • Globe

    Good points Fred.

  • NotaFanofYou

    You only gave Barkley an A because you got utterly CLOWNED by Kiffin in his press conference. Everyone in the room laughed at you because you are such a moron and total idiot Wolf. What a putz you are. HAHA Check around the 6 minute mark.

  • spedjones

    That UCLA team sucks. At best, SC’s overall grade is B-. Oregon will put 80 on my Bruins.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, let’s get it over with…post your grades for the Bruins.

  • Trojan Conquest

    You do realize that USC beat Oregon?

  • scidiot

    Some of the grades and comments seem to be for the season. For this game it would have to be A’s across the board.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ^bahahahaha @spedjones, Oregon will beat you, yes. By more points? Ok… does that change the fact that SC won @ Autzen AND whipped your bRUINs? LMFAO!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    USC Pac-12 Champions 2011!!! Beat Oregon, absolutely humiliated Fucla, hence… Trojans win conference ON THE FIELD despite probation and sanctions!! So ARROGANT! Bahahahahaha enjoy Autzen, Ruins!! FIGHT ON!!!

  • TrojanFamily

    This is absolutely, positively, the dumbest post Mr. Wolf has ever posted. Scidiot is correct in that he does not appear to be consistent as to whether these grades are for the season or for the game. Defeating your top rival 50-0 in a game they needed to outright win the division is definitely deserving of all As (although I might be tempted to give them an A- for their coverage of kicks). In any case, Mr. Wolf, would you please let us know what would earn USC an A? Downgrading them because of the opponent is as ridiculous as us disregarding your work because it is for the inferior newspaper in town.