If Only Results Were Public

Too bad the Pac-12 does not release the votes for Coach of the Year. Steve Sarkisian said he voted for Lane Kiffin. Jeff Tedford probably voted for his former graduate assistant. Who else? Rick Neuheisel sure didn’t. Kiffin likes Chip Kelly so maybe he got his vote. Dennis Erickson beat USC so he probably didn’t. Mike Riley is the nicest guy in the conference, so it’s 50-50 there. Kiffin and David Shaw probably canceled each other’s votes out.
It probably was pretty close, whatever the final result.

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    Erickson probably voted for Chip Kelly.

  • NOBS

    Kiff ain’t black.


    So 12 coaches vote for coach of the year. There is a built-in bias there, where each coach might vote for himself. And as one who knows juries, with 12 people there are always at least 2 that have “off-the-mark” opinions.

    Seems like there should be a different voting system. Perhaps having a select 50 or so media around the
    Pac-12 voting on best coach.

  • mindshed

    I didn’t know coaches vote for coach of the year. That’s pretty ridiculous. Why would you vote for the other guy? All it does is help his recruiting and position in the conference. Suddenly I understand why Karl Dorrell was voted coach of the year — everyone wanted to keep him at UCLA.

  • Kiffins Momma

    Too easy, I have voting at a 3 way tie: Barkely, Woods, and Lee all receive a vote cause my boy Lane wouldn’t be sheet w/out em’. What a trio.