Impressive Feat

Robert Woods being the only unanimous selection for any school on the all-Pac-12 football team is even more impressive because Lane Kiffin said he is only the second-best receiver at USC.

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  • booty11

    Yes because of injuries right now Lee is the better receiver. Can you not see that Loser? The last few games Marqise has been balling and Woods has been more of a decoy, although he has had some nice games too. There is no dig here. Lane obviously knows Woods had the better year but knows sometimes injuries take a toll on some people.

  • The Dead Horse

    *Saddles up*


    Gonna be a long off-season…

  • USC Anteater

    Guessing that after the end of the season banquet that the players will have voted for Woods as the best receiver on the team, but who will have won the offensive player of the year: Barkley or Woods?

  • para’s

    Woods garnered the safety-over-the-top coverage; our man Lee did not. Both players are first-round choices. Top-notch, game-changers. Tight ends are excellent as well.

    Next year’s quarterback has a great opportunity.