Quote Of The Day

“Certainly when you’re the UCLA coach, you’d like to play better against USC. I know that. We had our chances, but when you lose in the fashion we did, that’s a difficult pill to swallow,”

— Rick Neuheisel
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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Alright Wolf, if you’re gonna serve it up on a tee like that, i’ll take the bait:

    Maybe Rick should consult a swallowing expert, like say, Charilize Bucksh*t….

  • BoscoH

    The thing I’m really going to miss about Neuheisel is his ability to take something that is really all about USC and make it about his team.


    I put this on the ucla blog yesterday and Jon Gold censored it:

    Sports fans are the worst human beings on earth

    “I read all the comments form the ucla posters about Neuheisel’s firing, and only 2 or 3 showed any compassion for the guy. Of course, this is Los Angeles, a large city, where empathy is in short order.

    At least the bruins did not resort to tactics used in Philadelphia Sunday when the fans were chanting for their coach to be fired. Or maybe it was because the bruins didn’t think of it.”

    So, what is worse. Getting censored on the ucla blog for a relatively vanilla piece, or having Wolf allow any and all comments, vulgar, vile or vicious?
    I vote for Wolf over Jon Gold

  • Ghostt of CharIie Bucket

    as the de facto leader of the Classy Cadre, i am officially invoking Cadre Ghost Protocol until a new Bruin football coach is hired.

    as many of you know, the Cadre suffered devastating losses betting on Oregon to over against the trOXans. further, Preferred Plus Stock has plummeted to record lows on the news of ongoing European financial difficulties. and as a result of Neu-Hassle’s firing, the value of our cache of Neuheisel Nickles are down to a half-cent per Neu-Nickle.

    but as always, the Classy Cadre will RISE again!!! as evidenced by this very post by wolfman, everyone is TOTALLY OBSESSED with the Classy Cadre and the UCLA BRUINS!!!!!

  • Matt Leinart’s Moustache

    Dear FUCLA Trolls,

    Like I say to the random girl I wake up next to every morning, please go away.


  • scidiot

    Does anyone know where I can donate money to the PR agent for Tom Cable? I think, wink wink, that he can capture the same NFL magic as Pete.

  • GlobeHop310

    ESPN is reporting the short list includes: Pedersen (who will be the first one Dan G. reaches out to), Bellotti, Sumlin and Cincinnati coach Butch Jones. Also might include Cable and Walker, but Pedersen is the first choice. Offering will be in the $2-$3 million range with some from the TV money and boosters agreeing to cough up the rest, as well as some guarantees on upgrades to facilities.

    Pedersen would be the best choice for bRuins and as much as I think that school sucks, having a stronger UCLA is better for the conference overall.

  • .mownyc

    Who the hell is Pedersen? Petersen from BSU maybe ? He won’t come, he likes the lifestyle that Boise offers, no graffiti, traffic, crowds, beats the hell out of westwood

  • oneillwatch

    I don’t quite understand what was wrong with your post, LJ. Maybe it was too civil for Gold’s board. I haven’t ever been there. I agree with your compassion comment but would appreciate a little “censorship” on this board. Sorry, but when you don’t want your adult children reading some of these posts, you know this board is out-of bounds.

  • NOBS

    Mrs. SlobDusky said the same thing, the FIRST time.