Dept. Of Irony

One of USC’s leaders this season was tight end/fullback Rhett Ellison, a first team special teams selection on the all-Pac-12 team. So it was even more ironic that during his senior year in high school, then-assistant coach Lane Kiffin recommended removing his scholarship offer.

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  • The Dead Horse

    *Pricks up ears*

    Did someone call my name?


    Be right there…

  • wake6830

    And he still came to USC and performed well enough, so now Kiffin looks like a genius.

  • BoscoH

    So Lane Kiffin is just Lane F’ing Kiffin, not Lane Nostradamus Kiffin. The sky is blue, bears are Catholic, and y’all know what the Pope does.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Is that why Rhett eyeball fucked Lane when he ran out of the tunnel on senior day?

    What skeletons in the closet will Wolf find next? We all know Wolf still lives in the closet with his buddy ThaiMex..

  • Tyler

    Irony (from the Ancient Greek eirnea, meaning dissimulation or feigned ignorance)[1] is a rhetorical device, literary technique, or situation in which there is a sharp incongruity or discordance that goes beyond the simple and evident intention of words or actions.

    None of what you just wrote fits that description. Interesting fact? Maybe. Ironic? No.

    You are the worst journalist in the United States – and I mean that in the least “ironic” way possible.

  • USC ’91

    More like Dept. of Growth. You know, I’ve heard a bunch of former players commenting this year about how much Kiffin has matured since he first arrived on campus 10 years ago but we never hear that here.

    In particular, I’ve heard Brandon Hancock say several times on the radio that he thought Kiffin was an entitled jerk when Hancock was a player but that his opinion has totally changed in the past year. And he’s not the only one saying that.

    Have you really seen no improvement in Kiffin or has that fact that you’ve seen improvement forced you to reach back into the dark recesses of history so you can keep reminding us of mistakes he used to make?

    This schtick of always taking the most negative spin on a topic is wearing thin.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, just saw you on TV. Which office building lobby are you going to pitch your tent?

  • “Irony” is what has become with this post season…UCLA the most hated football program on this blog is taking USC’s place in the title game this Friday.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    what Tyler and USC’91 said.

    Meanwhile, Scott Wolf is missing out on relevant news like Kenny Bigelow (DL from Delaware) just committed to USC for 2013. “Man, USC is like a dream come true for me.”


    High school football player evaluaion and analysis is an imperfect science– an art, actually.

    And how many high school stars make it at the next level, 50% perhaps.

    Tack on injuries, lack of motivation, superior player competition, and it is amazing coaches do as well as they do in choosing players.

    Now, Wolf once again attacking Kiff is another story.

  • ftfo2005

    UCLA isn’t relevant enough to be the most hated team on this blog. i guarantee you friday’s game posts lower tv ratings than any other aq championship game, and lower tv ratings than that 50-0 pile of vomit from last saturday.

  • ftfu2005, it UCLA was as irrlevant as you say they are, why are even mentioning them? and why are hating on them so much that you even brought up the tv ratings? I bet you aything that YOU and all the haters on this blog will be watching on Friday night.


    Of course i will watch, i actually want the ruins to win, just to give a big F-You to Larry Scott, while sending a 6-6 team to the Rose Bowl. Its too bad ucla doesnt have a football team though…

  • Globe

    A rare negative take from the Wolfman.

    Maybe the guy Kiffin wanted to give that scholarship to became an All-American.

  • Ghostt of CharIie Bucket

    BruRob: bulls-eye!! bingo!! dead-on!!! now that IS IRONY!!! the trOXans, so TOTALLY OBSESSED with bashing the Bruins now are left to watch as we play in Champeenship and Bowl!!!

    oh so sugary SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

    what drama! what hooopla!!! what excitement!!!!

    the Bru-Wins are gonna go all Clubba Lang on the wittle Rubber Duckies!!! we’re gonna “close the gap” in those big fat beaks!!! we’re gonna be all up in their grills on defense!!!



    In truth, the Ducks will put a muzzle on the bruins

    bruins will be so battered and muddied that small children will have to be protected from looking at them.

    Cal Junior aka uckla, will have its band once again plagiarizing Berkley’s fight song, a song that will not be heard above the Ducks’ crowd’s loud and constant quacking.

    bruins will remember forever the 1-2 beat-down called Trojans-Ducks.

    but uckla will qualify for a bowl with its 6-7 record, a produce of NCAA mercy.

    finally, uckla in a last measure of desperation is reportedly waving $20 million for 5-years at Coach Petersen. Will this be the final uckla indignity as Petersen weighs whether it is enough money to try to salvage a Titanic football program?

  • bazinga

    Alanis Morissette probably thinks it was irony.

  • MaxPayne

    What a surprise, Wolfie again doesn’t know the facts.

    Rhett didn’t get an offer until a day before signing day. He was committed to VaTech before then. So Lane Kiffin didn’t have a chance to lobby PC to remove Rhett’s scholarship much less during Ellison’s “senior year in high school”.

  • Tyler

    BruinRob’s schtick is so boring. You like attention don’t you?

    Why are you here?