Versus Conference

The Pac-12 still has a ways to go despite its new TV deal and football title game. An example is the fact the Pac-12 does not hold its title game on a neutral field. That means the Pac-12 joins Conference USA holding its championship on a school’s home field.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    If SC was eligible, that ASU lost would be huge. Because of it we would have had to play twice at Oregon.
    I don’t see an easy fix. A one week notice would be tough. Could you imagine if Oregon was playing UCLA in Glendale, AZ? They’d have about 10,000 people.

  • Ghostt of CharIie Bucket

    step aside, trOXans!!! quit your shouldda-couldda jibber jabber!!! the Bruins are goin’ bowlin’ baby!!!

    Pac12 has confirmed Bruins, as the “crowned” (boy did we get crowned) Pac 12 South Chanpeens, will Bowl whether or not we win agin’ the Ducks Friday!!!

    oh the pagentry!! the parties!! the prestige!! the swag!! i FEEL SO ALIVE!!! somebody punch me!! i mean pinch me!!! i must be dreaming!!!!


  • BoscoH

    I’d be happier to see the two teams with the best conference records play, rather than this north/south arrangement. So this year, it should have been Oregon and Stanford. Home game for the team best in standings (or by tiebreaker) is fine. The ASU loss should cost us.

  • scidiot

    It should not be a home game. I know that Larry does not want an empty stadium so I suggest the following:
    1) End conference play on the Sat. before Thanksgiving. That would give two weeks to allow for fans to make plans to attend.
    2) Put the game at AT&T in SF. It is not large so not that many tickets need to be sold. It is within 8 hours driving time of 1/2 of the schools in the conference. SF has plenty of hotel rooms and provides a lot to do prior to and after the game. (You could alternate with Las Vegas as it also provides the above.
    3) Move the game to Saturday.

  • Slippery Pete

    Ask the Big 10 and SEC how much they like having a neutral site championship game. The big 10 is paying $75 per person for seat fillers. You can still buy 50 yard line lower level tickets too. Last year the ACC moved all the fans to one side (opposite the cameras) so the stadium looked more filled.

  • scidiot

    Leach to WSU confirmed. There should be some high flying offenses in the Northwest. Wonder if ASU or ucla bothered to contact him. WSU has some QB talent, but likely will need to grab some wideouts. Should be a good year to raid LA to get them as SC doesn’t appear to have a need.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Leach will have WSU ready just when USC stops playing Washington in 2013 and plays WSU.

  • Jon

    Hold the conference championship at AEG’s LA stadium (if it actually gets built).

  • oregon111

    present arrangement is the best…

    few people have the money & extra days off of work to travel twice (pac12 title + bowl game)

    you know home team will fill stadium


    only other good alternative would be a “neutral” site that is appealing – Vegas,if they have a stadium – and it sort of centrally located

    Reno??? just say no to Re-no

  • Trojan Conquest

    Unfortunately I believe the best solution is how they have it.