Barkley Comments

Here’s some quotes from Matt Barkley today from his appearance on the Dan Patrick show.

“There’s definitely a lot of things that can lure me back The fact we can play for a bowl game and potential national championship team with team we have coming back.
“I feel like it’d be a really special team. There’s a lot you can pick as to why I’d come back.”

On when he will decide what to do: “I don’t even have a timetable right now. I’ll probably talk to Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Carson. I think they would be unbiased.”

On whether USC should have eased up against UCLA: “C’mon, they’re our rivals. They are trying to close the gap. We couldn’t let the happen.”

On facing No. 1 LSU: “I think we could hang with them and put up a W.”

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  • Trojan Conquest

    I think if SC were eligible for a bowl and this wasn’t their last game, they would have pulled the starters at the beginning of the 4th quarter.


    Nah, they would have pulled all the starters before the game even started. Everyone who watched that game knows USC’s 2nd and 3rd stringers could have taken care of the powder blue baby bears handily. Since when does the Pac12 allow division 1AA teams in the conference?

  • BearPuss

    I wish SC hadn’t let off the gas. Put us away 70-0… Show our boys where they’re REALLY at. I, for one, was not outraged/hurt by the continued passing. It’s not like you’re playing chess with a child. This is football. We should have been ready to play like men. Instead, we needed mercy and still lost by 50. I want to see MEN on the field tonight, not a bunch of bearpuss.


    You know, noone has discussed this, but I would not have liked SC playing Oregon a second time. Teams will tell you that it is difficult during a season to win twice against the same team.

    Certainly, the Ducks would be favored tonight, probably by about 10 points or so. And everyone knows how difficult it is to win in their stadium.

    And this way SC ends its season on a high, having beaten the Ducks and killed uckla. Losing to Oregon tonight would have spoiled our Trojan buzz.

  • BearPuss

    Lawyer John,

    No one is still two words. Everything else you posted makes sense. Good point.

  • Trojan Conquest

    LJ………I mentioned before that if we were eligible, the ASU loss would have really sucked more. Not only would we have to play AT Oregon twice within about 2 weeks, but without that ASU loss SC would probably have been the pick to play in the BCS Championship. Bottom line, USC is a much better team than they were early in the year.

  • SC for LIFE

    Hard to believe Matt’s coming back with him doing all these interviews/appearances. Sure feels like a final victory lap to me. Good luck to him either way.

  • Trojan Conquest

    SC for LIFE……..or starting his Heisman campaign for next year.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    actually, i think barkley is campaiging THIS year for, at least, a visit to the Heisman ceremony. right now it appears he missed by one in this musical chair game. i think luck, griffin, richardson and keenan will be the invitees. luck and richardson don’t play – so keenan or griffin would have to lose with no better than an average game for bark to get an invite.

  • Tyler


    IMO USC in a rematch with Oregon wins by an even wider margin. Here’s why…

    1. They were up by 3 TDs before letting Oregon back into the game.

    2. They were about to go up by 10 when the Tyler-Barkley botched handoff happened. At the end of the game were moving the ball at will. No way that botched handoff happens again.

    3. USC’s confidence after beating them once then handling UCLA would have been sky high and they would have been out to make a statement the second time against Oregon.

    Read this…