• .mownyc

    Oregon 73
    The Crybabies 10

  • Mike

    Duck 35
    ruins 0

  • Trojan 70

    UO – 56
    ucla – 3

  • NOBS

    Ducks 1,025
    bRuins 0

  • BearPuss

    oregon 45

    ucla 35

  • BearPuss

    Who’s crying, .mownyc? You think I’m crying? This is football. “The Crybabies”. Give me a break. Get real. You heard that on Sesame Street or something? The only one crying is coach NEU.

  • booty11


  • BoscoH

    Oregon 42
    UCLA 11

    BearPuss posts before in Scott’s score thread: 12

  • Jon

    You’ve seen the comments from the crying Bruin fans. Some of those guys sound really, really upset.

    Poor guys are trying to convince themselves it’s an achievement that UCLA is going to a bowl game and USC isn’t. What they don’t get is that USC fans have known about the bowl bans for 2+ years. We’re already thinking about a possible national title next season.

    Bruin fans, on the other hand, have an upcoming bowl game that will just highlight the thumpings at the hands of USC and Oregon, as well as the losing record exemption for UCLA — an exemption requested even before the Oregon game was played.

    Utah losing to Colorado was the worst thing to happen to UCLA.

    Gotta admire UCLA fans though who’ll support a team in as dire straits as theirs. But the ones that continue to impotently lash out at USC? Those are the crybabies.

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    The team with 1 national title (shared) – 10
    The team with 0 national titles – 62

  • scidiot

    I think the score will be 2.7. Oh wait that is the Neilsen rating for this POS game.

  • BearPuss


    Okay, I can admit you’re right. I have seen some “bruins” around here moaning, making us look worse than we already are. If you’re calling the fans “crybabies”, I can accept that. Our players aren’t crying (though they probably should be).

  • tom_floyd

    who cares?



  • BearPuss


    You seem to be the leader here. The in-house psychologist with the predictions and analysis. Congratulations.

  • SC for LIFE

    175 – 3. Oregon win.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Quacks 49
    Ruins 13

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Pac-12 North champs 100
    Pac-12 South champs 0

    Hey, at least you’re the champs!

  • oregon111

    Ducks 49 -13

    Duck fans get to buy yet another t-shirt

    maybe Barkley will come back and win the division/conference to give the fans of Los Angeles a t-shirt next season???

    I doubt it, but it would be an act of extreme humanitarianism

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Oregon 51
    UCLA 0

  • oneohsixseven

    UCLA : 7
    Oregon : 63

    We should all be able to go to bed by halftime.

  • nomoregarrett

    D(umbf)*cks 346911788
    bRuins -2

  • uscmike

    Oregon 56
    UCLA 17

    I am not impressed with Oregon’s defense, so I think the bRuins will score. However, Oregon pulls away with a 35 point second half.

    If it was any other team, I would root for the upset and a 7-6 team in the Rose Bowl, just to screw things up with the BCS system. That is why I want Georgia to beat LSU this weekend (however unlikely). Having two teams in the national championship game that did not even win their conference (or their division in Alabama’s case) would be comical and depressing all at once.


    Isnt there any way they both can lose???

  • Gnossos

    the closest to both losing would be Puddles 3 uclol 0 in overtime. Win Win scenario.

  • NOBS

    USC 88

    Fucla & Oregon 35

    We beat both these clowns.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    UCLA 30
    Oregon 27

    I see it. OK, maybe not real clear, but I see it Appreciate all you Trojan fuckers on here, since we’re pretty numb over at InsideUCLA. Does it mean we got Petersen locked up somehow way in deep cover? Does it mean we got smoked again and are waiting for some wife-beating re-tread like Tom Cable?

    I don’t know. But let’s roll with this thing. I hope CRN has plenty of Jack & Coke in his water bottle.


    maybe if it goes into 10 overtimes, the refs will call a tie!

  • WRSC

    U of Zero: 69
    Westwood High: 2

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    all you trOXans are cracking wise now, but our wild-eyed, scatter-armed QB is more focused than ever tonight!!

    what excitement!! what pagentry!! what hooopla!!

    oh trOXans, you KNOW you are all supremely jealous that we are WAY into the post-season!!! don’t be hatin’ just on account of we are the South Champeens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i feel so ALIVE!! i am tingling ALL OVER!!! and i mean ALL over!!!

    UCLA 27
    Quack-quacks 24 (kicker shanks FG as time runs out)

  • Carlos

    O : 56

    UCLA: 17

  • Don’t give up your day jobs.

  • NOBS

    Hey, look everybody, Coach SlobDusky is back. Hi coach.

  • Gnossos

    Puddles 49
    Weasel 31
    uclol covers
    Book it Dano!
    Scooter what do I win? šŸ™‚

  • SC for LIFE

    Slob- what’s it feel like to be the laughing stock of the Pac-12…AGAIN!

  • carlosb

    Santa Margarita 21
    Mission Viejo 20

    Much better game and the outcome was in doubt the entire game.. and both of these teams would have beaten ucla yesterday!