Annoying Hires

Lane Kiffin’s already said he likes facing pro-style offenses and is not happy about Arizona hiring Rich Rodriguez or Washington State getting Mike Leach. So maybe the fact Arizona State botched hiring June Jones is a good thing for Kiffin (and Kiffin).
When Pete Carroll faced Jones at Hawaii one year, he told me after the game that facing “gimmick” offenses like Hawaii’s would be the one thing that might drive him out of college football. Or maybe he said probation.
In any event, the point was he didn’t like preparing for the wide-open offenses. And it looks like the Pac-12 is more wide-open than ever no matter who Arizona State hires.

  • umpalumpa4sc

    It might be a pain to prepare for the different styles of gimmicks each week, but its a positive for SC that they’ll get better playing against them and we’ll get more players that want to play in the NFL learning the pro style in the pac12…which is becoming more and more rare.

  • TrojanPete

    Who cares? As long as our defense can hold them like they did to Oregon, we’ll be fine. We just need smart, athletic players like Pullard and Bailey at LB.

  • Brent

    Or maybe he said it was you, Wolfie


    Anybody here think that Carroll really told Wolf that?

  • Brent

    Or maybe he said it was you, Wolfie

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Pac-12 is full of gimmick offenses. That’s why we get smaller and faster LB’s to play against these stupid spread O’s. And we’ll keep killin em with our NFL hybrid style OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


  • uscmike

    Scott Wolf at the Improv.

  • oregon111

    gunna get torched every saturday

    spread is not a gimmick, sometimes I think some of you fans are like the fox news of college football

    trojan pete has it figured out – you need good linebackers to stop the spread (if you don’t have an NFL defensive line)

    spread has no fullback, so the way it works is finding the weak link in the defense

  • Gnossos

    Fox News pretty good, number one in the ratings, you watching MSNBC?