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USC wide receiver Robert Woods is in Orlando for tonight’s Home Depot Awards show where he is a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award with Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State and Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma.
This picture shows just one of his spectacular catches when he was relatively healthy against Notre Dame. It also shows there was no need for the head coach to refer to him as possibly the second-best receiver on the team.

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  1. I don’t know if Marqis Lee is better than this guy when he’s healthy. I immensely like both of them, though. What a luxury to have TWO guys like these in a team! I think Lane Kiffin knows a thing or two about developing a potent passing game. He’s proven himself in that respect over his tenure as an offensive coach as well as head coach. We’ll see about his real ability as head coach in the next few years, especially without Matt Barkley and the limitations on scholarship. I hope he does well, because he’s very young and he could potentially make his mark as one of the best USC coaches of all time if he lives up to the lofty expectations of USC alumni.

  2. Signed, maybe the second best college football team blogger at the Daily News.

    Just sayin…

  3. I remember seeing Wolf post this photo after the ND game. As I recall, Woods didn’t catch that ball. Anyone else remember that play? Either way, he’s a beast. Wolf just likes to stir the pot every now and then (all the time). I’d like to know how Robert reacted to Kiffin’s comment. I doubt he gave 2 $hits about it.

  4. “Smoke weed, talk s**t like Lane Kiffin” -L’il Wayne

    Or, in other words, when Kanye busts out in Haden’s Kiffin outfit, you’ll all know this cat is for realz.

  5. Sugar Sweeeeet scooooopin’, wolfman!! just when the Nabobs, Dummmies and Bullies have me turning away from this blog, Scoopin’ Scotty turns in a vintage post, and pulls me back in!!!!

    whatta punch in the gut to Woods by Kiff!!! OMG!!!

    memo to Nabobs: if wolfman says woods caught the ball…he caught the ball. you can take that to the bank!!!!

  6. Ghostt of CB:

    What ever happened to your lover Yoda?

    I remember he used to post here everyday, predicting the demise of SC Football after the sanctions. I don’t remember the exact words but it was in Jedi which I do not speak.

    I have been a way for a while but looking back at these posts I cannot find Yoda but your still here.

    Someone on BRO said he was a nice kid but had mental issues. Shocker! I do wish him the best though.

    By the way. Are you okay man? I worry about you as well. I do not get on this site too much but you are always here. Strange considering you are a uclgay fan. But I guess since the dream team fizzled you have nowhere else to go. Well continue to stir it up and stay relevant. That’s the way to go. Of course you already knew that.

  7. Guys, just watch the tape. Marqis is terrel owens. RoWoods is Steve Smith (eagles). Both great, but Marqis has more upside.

  8. towards the second half of the season i think its fair to say he was the second best receiver on the team. whether thats because more teams double or triple covering him or the fact that he wasnt 100% doesnt matter, marqise lee was just more productive and more exciting. I think they are equally great and am looking forward to both having an amazing season next year, because teams will have to decide which one to focus on, and if they are able to shut them both down, thats when buck allen and curtis mcneal will have their breakaway runs.

  9. That’s our Scooter, never passing up an opportunity to take a swipe at Kiffin or the program. What a goof!

  10. Angels snag The Machine.. SC ready to make a run at the natty next season… I feel SO ALIVE!!!!

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