Bowl Question

What bowl game will USC play in next year?
BCS title game Rose Bowl Fiesta Bowl Alamo Bowl Holiday Bowl Other   

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Although USC owns the Rose Bowl, they’ll be in the BCS champeenship while Bucket and Slob jerk each other off!

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    USC lose$ a $ingle game and the usual BC$ bia$ will put them in the Ro$e Bowl where they get to beat up on $ome Big Ten joke by double digit$…….while Urban Meyer takes his One Loss Buckeye$ into the Title Game again$t the $EC champ. Not $peculation…I’ve already $een the $cript.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Why wasn’t the Kraft Mac & Cheese Bowl one of the choices?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    USC=doesn’t celebrate going to San Fran to go bowling
    ucla=ecstatic that they have a chance to finish at. 500 in San Fran before hitting up the gay clubs

  • Greenenvy070

    The chances of USC being in the BCS NC or Rose Bowl are the exact same as Matt Barkley returning to college football in 2012: 0%.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Dang is this 2004? Is BCS natty or bust baby!

  • BoscoH

    Here’s a poll for Boring Rob:

    What bowl will UCLA be playing in next year?

    o The Toilet Bowl
    o The 8D Bowl
    o Won’t be bowl eligible
    o Not a bowl per se, but an urn, as they can no longer justify the cost of their so-called “football program” (loosely defined) to the taxpayers of the State of California.

  • How about a poll to describe the USC fan base.

    o Delusional
    o Too Optimistic
    o Retarded
    o Fudge Packers
    o Fudge packees

    USC will be lucky to play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. They will be lucky to be at .500.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    How about a poll to describe BruinRob.

    o Overweight
    o Unemployed
    o Loser
    o Liar
    o Coward
    o All of the Above

    BruinRob continues to avoid posting his contact info, so I can not coordinate with him when he’s supposedly watching ucla play in the Toilet Bowl later this month. He’s already been proven to be a liar on several other topics. It would seem to me that he would take this oppty to prove he has the slightest credibility. Instead he keeps ducking me, which is probably due to the fact that he also lied about attending the Toilet Bowl.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Lucky to be at .500…???!! Wow rob you’re simply retarded. Enjoy your piece of shit team LOL

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    uh oh, is this gonna be one of “those strings” with the back and forth insults??

    this post is too much of a gem to waste on that nonsense!!! i mean, 60% of trOXans predicting a BCS title game next year????

    HAWR-HAWR!!!! this one goes into “the File”!!!

    or did i miss the announcement?? the Pious Passer IS coming back?? and he’s bringing OJ Simpson, Lynn Swann and Anthony Munoz with him?? HAWR-HAWR!!

    oh wolfman, just as i’m facing a rainy Monday, you make the sun come out with a sugar sweeeeeet bear-trap!! and the Dummines went nattering right into it like the Nabobs they are!!!

  • scidiot

    Um, kind of need to know who is going to be QB before answering.

  • Trojan 70

    Thanks Fred for your usual boring commentary. I believe you predicted this year that the powder blue pansies were going to be 9-3 and go to a BCS Bowl. Your credibility is zilch when it comes to college football. What are your predicting for your team next year? Anyhow, you were busted by by Jethro and did not man up and take your medicine. Just like CerritosLob.

  • Trojan 70

    Fred – the real problem that you exhibit on this site is that you actually think that your “satire” and “stuff” is as you say “pure gold.” Your many characters here exhibit a personality that is frought with conflict. The real “you” is Miguelito, the mean, vile downtrodden beat down bruin who continues to come back to this site to work out the deep seated frustrations of being a bruin fan in this total USC town. I can imagine the total sense of helplessness you must feel while trying to stand up for your team. And imagine, you went to Cal State Northridge. What a conflicted soul…Merry Christmas Fred.

  • How Does, you seem to be awfully eager to meet me, so why don’t YOU post your email, I will get in contact with you, we meet, I kick your teeth in, you go to the dentist to get dentures and I go back to my office and make more money so I can enjoy even more the Kraft fight Hunger Bowl in a beautiful Hotel, while you enjoy up your ass the bushel of cucumbers I ordered for you and your gay clan of: moron; boscoH, SUC Owns, Mono, suc50, and the your fudge packee lover NOBS.

  • How Does, post YOUR contact information, I will be more than happy to meet up and kick your teeth in anytime anywhere. As soon as I have my exact seat assignment I will give it you on what ever contact source you give me, so you can look me up inside ATT Park…BTW there are still rooms available at the Sir Francis Drake…tell your “friend” (yeah, right) that “works at the Sir Francis” (yeah, right) she lied to you about the Hotel being sold out since October BUAHAHAHAHA what a pathetic tool you are.

  • @moron, BTW if you call that fat porker “cheese head” HOTT, then I strongly recommend you get new prescription glasses…she’s not only taller than you, her arms are twice the size of yours. however you look so adorable wearing matching Aaron Rodgers jerseys…what a tool !!! LMAO

  • ThaiMex

    BCS….? you MUST be kidding…SUCks will more likely finish next year at…(DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!!!!!!!)
    Yea Baby!!! 4 & 8….and it’s gonna be G-R-E-A-T (BTW…the third time is the Charm). Just like this year, NEXT YEAR, NO BOWL!
    Fite on, Spit on, GROPE on, LIMBO U…
    Chucker…your enthusiasm is contagious. With the Mora hire, and the UPCOMING BOWL GAME…..I Feel So Alive!
    (has Yoda RSVP’d yet for the Cadre Christmas Party?)

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Rob….. hahahaha… you’re amazing. I’m DYING yo know what your wife looks like. Get it?

    Ps. #12 and #52 are in fact different numbers, in case your lack if education is preventing you from being aware of that, internet tough guy. You obviously see my facebook everyday.. I wish I knew what your sorry ass looked like .. wait.. maybe I don’t. There’s prob a reason you won’t show either hahaha. What a geek.

  • NOBS


    SLOBDUSKY, WINNER! WINNER! Chicken Dinner.

    WINNER! WINNER! SlobDusky Dinner.

    Congrats. Mrs. SlobDusky’s URN is on the way. SLOB, the urn is Yours to display on you mantle until the NEXT Trojan SCHOOLS SlobDusky (that means you might have to return it immeadiately)

    Moron, you must admit, it is funny (even though I don’t believe him)

  • @moron, don’t worry about what I look like…let’s just say that I’m better looking than you by faaaaar…and I’m not into blonds, I’m into brunettes, long hair, with slim athletic bodies…not big broads size 16 or bigger, as you apparently are into…I like to move my women around in whatever position I wish – wink, wink – and apparently you are the one that likes to be moved around by your women…hey, it’s okay man, to each his own, that’s what you like, it’s all good.

    I do have enough class however to not post a link on here of your facebook page for everyone to see what a whimpy looking dude you are, yet you like to talk a big game on here, yes moron I will take the high road…would you like for me to delete you on facebook? LOL Let’s make a deal, you and all your aliases leave me alone and I will leave you alone as well, deal? LMAO

  • NOBS, what the hell did you just post? I can’t get upset over something I can’e understand. How were the cucumbers on Saturday? I hope you enjoyed yourself…I hope your lovers How Does and moron were gentle with cucumber insertion.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Ummmmm? what?
    First of all, I have a really hard time believing someone who brags about looking good and how he handles his women. With the moronic, immature shit you write here, I really doubt any good-looking woman would touch your pathetic ass. Rob, you’re an internet tough guy, man.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Cmooooon rob…. add me on facebook you little bitch! Hahaha, do it and maybe I’ll give you the pleasure of backing your sorry ass words up in person. You’re all talk internet tough guy. You have my facebook I don’t have yours. It’s on you. Pussy.

  • usc50ucla0

    bRuinsRobbed – anal leakage problem… fixation on others rear.

    While others have an ear for the ice cream truck… bRuinRobby has an ear for the short bus

    I’ll tell y’all more about Robby’s tween years manana… he’s a triple threat!!! Don’t hate Robby. It’s all good. Momma Lupe sez Sancho crawled into your bed by accident… Sancho left you a 2 buck chuck in the frig

  • @moron, I have no interest in knowing you, meeting you, or even kicking your ass just because you’re a delusional trOJan fan whose life is predicated on “W” and “L” in the winning column and talks a lot of shi, and pretends to be a tough guy.

    You can call me internet tough guy if you wish, but I’m not going looking for you. If you want to meet me face to face, you can go at 6:45 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to the Signal Hill hiking trails, it’s small so you have a 99% chance of seeing me I have USMC tattoos in my deltoids and dragon tattoos on my arms…shaved head, clean face and always wearing UCLA adidas shorts and UCLA sweat shirt…I’m told I resemble Bruce Willis, your call dude.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron


    Since you like to adamantly claim I’m not actually a graduate of USC, and for some reason now claim that I like overweight broads, check out my page again (you’ve done so and commented on my pictures several times so this time shouldn’t be a problem either). On my page you’ll see a picture of myself with my girlfriend of 7 years on my graduation day at USC. Enjoy.
    I’ll hit three birds with one stone. Your idiotic ass claimed:
    1. She is a “fat porker”
    2. I am shorter than her
    3. I didn’t graduate from USC
    My profile picture will again–and for the last time–show what a liar and a hack you are. Then I’m done.
    No need to humiliate you any further. It was fun while it lasted. Enjoy being an absolute clown and internet tough-guy. (Oh, and enjoy staring at the hot ass girl by my side. You know, the one your sorry ass could never get).
    You’re either A) obsessed with how much better USC is than UCLA because you spend hours and hours here… day after day… week after week… month after month… for at least the last couple years; or B) truly just a sad soul looking for attention because your life has been so unfulfilling. Your penis and anus drawings support this.

    Just remember, you’re here as a Bruin fan on SC’s blog attempting to prove something about UCLA (or yourself), not vice versa. Goes to show who’s who in Los Angeles, huh?

    Hopefully me no longer being here to respond to your garbage will encourage others to do so as well. The true Trojans will ignore you, while the children will continue to bait you and continue the mindless bickering.

    I’ve clowned your sorry ass (for fun) for too long now and it’s old. I’m done here. Enjoy USC’s blog and all things University of Southern California Trojans. 50-0.



  • suc50, I still don’t know WTF you’re babbling about…you hanging around with cheech and chong?

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Oh, and good timing. But no thanks. I have no interest in fighting a “marine” if your lying ass really is one.
    Enjoy USC’s blog.
    Fight on!

  • LOL Andrew, you’re pretty funny guy, by the same token, I only hang around here to defend my honor with all these losers mentioning me on every post, I never asked for attention, you guys have given it to me…you keep bashing UCLA on a “USC” thread, again I’m only defending the school I love, despite having never having studied there. As for your girlfriend I was just messing you with you, she is very pretty, and you make a good looking couple, I only said that about her because of all the nasty things you’ve said about my deceased wife. Anyhoo, sorry you got so upset that you even asked me to kill myself LMAO but no worries, I guess I really pissed you off, I apologize again, I have been very immature on here, but to me it was all fun, until NOBS starter talking shit about my wife, that shit is not funny to me. Peace out.
    Go Bruins!!

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, don’t try pass off your ignorant behavior and stupidity on me or anyone else. You are an angry loser in life and a liar. Live with it @$$hole. I’m sure if I CARED, I could PROVE you start all the bull $h!t. But I wouldn’t waste my time. Go F yourself. BTW, Marine my @$$. Marines don’t act like you do. They have class.

  • NOBS

    The Slob is now in politics.

  • NOBS – oh, boy…just because you didn’t have the balls to enlist in the military, don’t assume that all share your same pathetic cowardly life.

    My family has been serving since World War I, punk, including two of my oldest sons, the Oldest in the Air Force, second oldest in the Marines – INFANTRY to boot – two tours of Iraq, thank God he’s done…my youngest is the only that did not enlist, he decided to study right out of High School and is a proud UCSB Gaucho…my two youngest sons are too young (13 and 12) but they have been inspired by their brothers and it will be up to them what they want to do…don’t hate punk ass…if you wanna meet up, Signal Hill hiking trails 6:45AM Mon. Wed. & Friday…after I show you my USMC tattoos I will kick your ass and send your fat ass rolling down the hills and have you be a cheap meal for the roaming coyotes.

    Let’s do this NOBS, when will you finally have the balls and let the fists do the talking? Unless you accept my challenge, STFU and go crawl under your boulder, you fat lard-ass flaming queenie.


    Im sorry but did this guy just say he has dragon tattoos on his arms? bahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Your act is old. Most, not all, total military families don’t have the brains to go to college and enlist because they can’t get a job. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. At least one of your kids has some brains….probably a step son. Two more Slobs??????? If you go to the Vet, they can take care of that for you (and I don’t mean the VA). Let’s fight. Let’s fight. I’m too STUPID to spar with words. Let’s fight. Let’s fight. hahahahaha. I’ve got a gun. WELL, I have a cannon. Well I’ve got a DRONE! Slob, no doubt about it, you are a born loser and a MAJOR Putz.

  • NOBS

    FightONtoVIctory, it’s not a drago tattoo, it’s Kermit the Frog.

  • Coward.

  • NOBS

    Hey SlobDusky, do you take the boyz, 13 & 12, on the Signal Hill (aka Long Beach’s armpit) hike? Gee, can’t wait for MORE about your personal life. Like anyone gives a $h!t.

  • NOBS

    How was the hike? And the kids’ physicals you gave them for free? Nice of you.

  • NOBS

    Calling Dr. slobDusky: Physical results available.