• Mike

    OK, I’ll ask the obvious: where will SC be ranked preseason if Barkley and Kahlil both come back, just Barkley, just Kahlil, neither.

  • BoscoH

    There are stories floating about that some UCLA players are not getting paid their expense stipends because there was confusion over whether practices during finals week were mandatory or optional. Is this a good example of why FBS football teams need to have a head coach on staff?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    What’s more likely, Jim Mora Jr. takes the Bruins to the Rose Bowl or Son of Charlie Bucket actually is an upstanding citizen holding down a job with a pay grade slightly above a McDonald’s janitor?

  • USC – 714

    here is what I know about the early enrolees/possible early enrolees:
    Scott Starr is enrolling early, so is Chad Wheeler.
    Gerald Bowman is a potential early enrolee, and so are the 2 O-Linemen from Saddleback.
    What other players are looking to enroll early, whether they are players who have already committed or are players who are considering coming to USC?

  • Edward

    In NCAA history, has there ever been a D1 football team play 14 games, participate in a bowl game, and end the season with a six and eight record (or worse) without sanctions?

  • .mownyc

    Is Lisa Love a PRIME example of a person put in charge due to their gender rather than her experience, I mean she is doing a wonderful job finding the school a competent head football coach.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    What year did PC & Co begin recruiting off of lists instead of really digging for talent?

  • Rex Griswald

    Would it have been within Larry Scott’s rights to allow USC to play in the Pac-12 championship game and should they have won, allowed the loser (Oregon) to go to the Rose Bowl, rather than the embarrassment that UCLA provided?

  • Trojan Conquest

    You keep bringing up QBs from other schools that are going to transfer as graduating students so they can play immediately like Crist. Do you think SC isn’t capable of winning the Pac 12 or be a contender for the National Title with one of their current QBs if Barkley leaves? And would Crist or another transfer be in a better position than one of these current Trojans?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    In this photo (http://tinyurl.com/d4ac6le), Bruin “Space Commander” Rob appears to be a disheveled, lice-infested transient. Of The Space Commander’s attributes, which do you believe is most pronounced?

    1) lying/untruthfulness (claiming to have an ex-wife, 3 kids, attending the Toilet Bowl, etc.);
    2) cowardice;
    3) slovenly appearance (see above picture);
    4) stupidity (confusing his RV for a spaceship);
    5) negligence (writing worthless mortgages without proper due diligence)

  • scidiot

    What Pac 12 team (football) has the highest fan expectations with the least possibility of meeting them over the long run.

  • Troy

    I feel as if SC is missing that bruising, north to south runner since Lendale White (closest was Allen Bradford). Do you see Buck Allen being that type of smash mouth runner?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, what is the status of Armstead and will his younger brother commit to USC? Thanks.

  • Ren Lopez

    You have continued to assert that the scholarship reductions will not have an effect on the performance of the team in the upcoming years citing the fact that Kiffin plays only a few of his scholarship players. I think that the reductions will make the margin of error razor thin when deciding which players to offer scholarships. To demonstrate my point, my question is:

    Hypothetically in your opinion, which of the scholarship players that did play this year may not even have been offered if scholarship reductions were in effect the last 3 years? Might all PAC-12 Andre Heidari been one of those left out?

  • ianSC

    Do you know what’s going to happen with the Pac-12 schedule next year? If it’s rotating with the North teams (besides Stanford and Cal), shouldn’t we play Oregon State and Washington State along with the usual South division teams?

    If that’s the case, the schedule lines up pretty well with home games against Hawaii, Notre Dame, Colorado, ASU, Cal and one of Oregon State or Washington State with road games at Syracuse, UCLA, the other OSU or WSU team, Arizona and a down Stanford team. But I’m curious if you know whether the Pac-12 will go to a home and home setup where we’ll play Oregon at the Coliseum and Washington in Seattle and then switch.

  • Trojan 70

    How Does at 1:03:

    E.) All of the above

  • dtksr1

    If you recruit 3 or 4 huge & amble linemen on the defensive side like LSU, you will dictate enough of the line of scrimmage to limit what the other side does in a game. Is there possibly some residual on Kiffin & Orgeron’s minds in recruiting SEC size due to their coaching in that league and seeing the results?

  • $uckaFREE

    Did you party with Todd Marinovich back in the day while a student at USC? If so, what was your drug of choice? Thanks for the forum, Scott.

  • $uckaFREE

    Did you party with Todd Marinovich back in the day while a student at USC? If so, what was your drug of choice? Thanks for the forum, Scott.

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  • marvgoux

    What was your opinion of the ESPN special one hour program on troubled former USC quarterback Todd Marinovich especially focusing on his relationship with his domineering father and USC Coach Larry Smith?

  • Jethro Sabbath


    BruinRob’s above “question” is the perfect example of how low the comments section can go.
    What can be done to put an end to this nonsense?

  • Lane Kiffin

    Did this lucky 10-2 season get Kiffin , two or three more years ? … Haden seems to keep the company line on Kiffin. Does JK McKay think the same , or could he end up being the hatchet man once Kiffin returns to being Kiffin ? What say you WOLF

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, thanks for the great job you do on this blog! man, i have seen some of the rabid, biased blogs, both Bruin and Southern Cal, and by far, i find your opinions and comments are the most logic-driven with no hidden agenda.

    my question: i think if the Pious Passer returns, Southern Cal is even money to make the BSC title game next season. if not, however, i think that Kiff’s obsesson with padding the Pious One’s stats and giving no game snaps to Kessler will cost Southern Cal maybe 2-3 games in the first half of next season. agree or disagree?

  • Mrtravlear726

    Do you have any idea when the Pac 12 is going to release next years conference football schedule?

  • dcard1097

    If Matt Kalil was to turn pro, who would be the candidate to most likely replace him?


    @Lane Kiffin – Mind the gap.

  • gotroy22

    ESPN is running a hit piece on SC just because an old quarterback flipped out. Yet a few years back it seemed like we were the toast of the network. Why do you think they hate us so much now?

  • MMoreno1015

    Do you think George Farmer’s desire to return to WR has to do with the play calling or is that just where he sees himself playing?

  • NOBS

    Scott, Fucla honks like to “reference” similarities between the hiring of Mora and Pete, i.e. not the first choice. How come they don’t mention that Pete got the job because the coaches that SC wanted were not allowed, by their employer, to leave whereas Fucla was TURNED DOWN by a long list of prospects?

  • NJ Trojan

    I’m curious about the status of two former walk-ons who each have one year of eligibility remaining, Markowitz and Burnett. Are both expected to graduate this spring, and are either expected to play next fall?

  • Harry Ballsogna

    I read a few days ago that Ohio State was granted permission to excede the allowable number of coaches because there is a new staff coming in and one set of coaches will focus on bowl preperations and the new coaches on recruiting. The article included a statement from, I believe, an NCAA rep who said this permission was not uncommon.

    Now I’ve also read a quote from a player who just switched his committment from Michigan State to OSU and said both Meyer AND Fickell had just come to his house and he committed to them.

    I’ve never heard of this coaching exemption, but it sounds to me like OSU is using BOTH coaching staffs to recruit. Wouldn’t that be wrong, I mean by the rulebook used for USC? And what are the chances other Big 10 teams convince the NCAA that OSU is thumbing it’s nose at the NCAA while they are being reviewed for a laundry list of institutional control problems?

  • lbc trojan

    Is it really that hard to block this idiot?

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    Any news on how USC will fill the defensive backs coach spot and if they have graduate assistant Sammy Knight become the defensive back coach, who will take the graduate assistant spot?