Going Bowling

Now that bowl season is approaching, how many bowls will be subjected to Pac-12 officiating? The general rule is that conference officials get one bowl for every two bowl teams the previous year. So that means a couple bowls should be the lucky winners.

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    Oh man, i recommend that the teams in whichever bowls receive the pac 12 officials withdraw from the bowl immediately.

  • bushwhite

    I think at this point we can all acknowledge taht PC was right bitching about PAC 10 refs when USC played.

    They cost us a game vs. Oregon st with a holding call

    Those were funny stats to read :

    tot penalties- USC 11 for 110 yars
    ASU 1 for 5 yards

    every week..


    At least Chuck McFerrin is retired. It could be worse.

  • scidiot

    People thought only the PAC-12 teams performance was bad in bowl games (excluding sc of course) wait until they check out our officials.

  • 420phototron

    forming a womens bowling team so we could bag some cheap NCAA titles.

  • Speaking of “Bowling” shouldn’t the #5 ranked team in the nation, be going to a BCS game?

    That’s in injustice!! I tell ya, an injustice!!!

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    CruisinRob is really going for the capillaries now.