Off Limits

My suggestion for the UCLA job, Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, was hired by Arkansas State Tuesday.

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    Yeah, nice suggestion…. Arkansas State isn’t exactly Arkansas and definitely not UCLA. We got our guy with loads of NFL experience ready to break down Lil Lame’s offense. Nothing on his laminated comics page will surprise Mora’s defense and which former NFL coach would recruits want to play for… Michael Vick’s or JaMarcus Russell’s?

  • gilligan

    Maybe Malzahn is overrated? UNC, OSU, Illinois, A&M, WSU and U of A all passed on him along with UCLA.

  • steve49

    It a known fact you have the eye for talent and really know what a team needs. I can’t understand why fulca didn’t listen to you, or for that matter why you would post such stupid crap.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Don’t worry, wolfman, we’re covered!!! our new Recruiting Guru Adrian Klemm is touted as one of the best in the county, in fact according to Brian Huffman of he will be snagging Max Turek away from Southern Cal as his first order of bidness!!! so sugary sweeeeet!!!

    oh, how the rich get richer!!! UCLA is already the Pac12 South Champeens, is going BOWLING (oh the pageanty!) and NOW we have UPGRADED our coaching staff and are dominating the recriuting wars!!!

    i feel so ALIVE!!!!! and tingly.

  • scidiot

    He has a better shot at beating Oregon next year (they play the ducks) then the bRuins did this year.


    I thought the almighty Son of Charlie Bucket never misspells words…If that is the case, what the F is “pageanty”?

  • Jon

    “This is supposed to be about genuine human uplift: The game itself is a culmination of Kraft’s “Huddle to Fight Hunger” initiative, which aims to donate 25 million meals this year through Feeding America. And what worse way could there be to draw attention to the cause than by inviting Illinois and UCLA, two teams that combined to finish 12-13 and both just fired their head coaches? The Fighting Illini will arrive in San Francisco the losers of six straight after a 6-0 start, opposite a UCLA outfit that’s dropped three of its last four and needed special permission from the NCAA just to play in a bowl with a losing (6-7) record.

    At least the football configuration for AT&T Park doesn’t require the teams to share the same sideline anymore, lest they agree to accompany each other into McCovey Cove…”

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    FightOntoMediocrity: it should be obvious by now C-buck is not about spelling and grammar. anyways, spell-checking, personal remarks and name calling, in that order, are the hallmark responses of the defeated.

    accurate word usage, which is independent of spelling and grammar, is the only category that concerns me relative to the written word. put another way, your criticism does not jibe with my use of deliberate miss-spellings, of which i am the champeeen!