Arizona State assistant Noel Mazzone’s name is floating around as the possible offensive coordinator at UCLA. Mazzone was Ed Orgeron’s offensive coordinator at Ole Miss in 2004 before Orgeron fired him after one season.
Sounds like a perfect hire to spice up the rivalry.

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  • Trojan in Seattle

    Sure is!!! The sparks are really gonna fly when Orgeron and Mazzone see each other for the first time since… this season. And the season before.

    And who could ever forget the classic rivalry between Orgeron and Mazzone these past two years? The trash talking. The pranks. The fistfights. Made for some really incendiary articles in the local papers. Weeks and weeks of nothing but Orgeron vs. Mazzone, as I recall. Gonna be great, Wolf!

  • BearPuss

    LOL ^

    You ladies had your diet soft drinks? Time to get real. Here’s what I have to say to sum up the last year between UCLA and USCUCCOCK:

    F U. Give me 22 of your players, 1-2 of your coaches, and I’ll give you our entire roster, all staff, the rose bowl, Reeves Nelson, and the last drip from my passion bucket.

  • in sheep’s clothing


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    BearPuss FTMFW!!!

  • Karillo

    The guy who put together coach O’s powerhouse offense that led to all that success at Ole Miss? “Hell” and “yeah!”

  • BoscoH

    In other UCLA news, Boring Rob was arrested this morning for pimping out his dead wife. Apparently, at the recommendation of productive members of the Trojan Family, he was trying to urn a living.

  • Trojan Conquest

    ASU has botched their hiring so badly that some on the radio are suggesting Mazzone for their HC. To think that they didn’t go after Mike Leach? Lisa Love is history. I don’t know why they don’t hire Bellotti?

  • NOBS

    USC is about as worried over the hiring of What’s his name…..oh, Mora as Fcula was when SC hired basketball guru Tim Floyd.

  • BoscoH, way to keep it classy, there is no way you way in hell that you’re part of the Trojan family. Reading posts such as yours, really makes me wonder about our society today.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Actually, Floyd was the only coach who ever got SC relevant in basketball in the last 30 years.

  • NOBS

    TC, I do not disagree about Floyd. You’re missing my point: No matter WHO we get for a basketball coach, we will NEVER be in the same league with Fucla Basketball…..just like the bRuins will again, someday, become relevant in football, but will NEVER be in the same league with us.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    I’ve actually read a few of Bruin “Space Commander” Rob’s comments over the past day or two, and I’m really suprised that he is using this blog to proposition other commenters. He went into uncomfortably graphic details about his supposed physique, and then suggested that the individual posting under the “BruinRob is a moron” moniker meet him in the woods for an early AM rendezvous. I think that’s what they call “cruising.” The “BruinRob is a moron” individual understandably went silent, most likely out of shock from the Space Commander’s proposition.

    BruinRob realizing that he just “outed” himself then reverted back to his Internet tough guy demanor, and claimed to be a US Marine. Fraudulently claiming military status is what they call “Stolen Valor” and is never acceptable. I’m not surprised he pulled this tactic since he’s routinely lied about having a deceased wife and children, denies negligence for underwriting worthless mortgages as a CountryWide loan officer, and claims to be gainfully employed, which he is not.

  • Trojan 70

    OK there are a lot of handles showing up now for BruinRob. We have Slobdusky, Bruin Space Commander Rob and my favorite CerritosLob. As a Christmas contest, let’s suggest other names for Robby boy and then we can consolidate the offering and settle on one! Thanks Lob for providing such entertainment on this blog. Never leave,you consistently remind us why we are proud to be Trojans.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I admit, I’ve never understood the “Lob” part of it.

  • NOBS


  • BoscoH

    @WEB: I think if you read it as Cerrito-Slob, it makes sense. Of course, I was watching the weather on Channel 9 last night, and noticed that if Evelyn Taft stood next to the letter 5 on her right (TV left), I could clearly see the score of the UCLA game, 50-0.

  • Trojan 70

    Web – back in my day, LOB meant male genitalia. So with Lob’s fetish for drawing a wide variety of the human anatomy, I thought Cerritos, where he purportedly attended school, and Lob made sense. throw the s in there and you have Slob. It all hangs.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?


  • W.E.B. Dupree

    @Trojan 70: I guess that makes sense.

    @BoscoH: Some of Evelyn’s sweaters are just absurdly tight. That is what local L.A. TV news is all about. God bless her, I’m sure going to miss that kind of thing when the atheists impose Islamic law upon us all.

  • N0BS

    IMHO, if UCLA is looking for a hang-gliding coach, Mario “the Screaming Fagg” Danelo would not be a good choice. I base this on his messy habit of smashing face first into the rocks. Of course the internet rumors are that the alleged dildo up Super Mario’s butt probably affected him aim.


  • Trojan 70

    No Lob the game isn’t over. In your tiny little ucla wannabe brain it might be. One of your claims is your a Marine. No USMC would say the things you say and post what you post. You are an impostor to the core. You are also a disgrace to the Marine corp IF you were ever a member. What a poor lost soul. Hey NOBS, who has the urn now?

  • N0BS

    @Tojan70 I am not Bruin Rob, pussy. What’s wrong, can’t take it? I’m here all day long bitch.

    Uh oh, I shouldnt have eaten from that taco truck in San Pedro with the water leaking out of the bottom. Now I feel sick. I better go “drop a Danelo” off the cliff! If my turd hits the coward’s chaulk outline its worth 1000pts! Game Over!
    o<-< Thud!

  • lbc trojan

    You make me sick, N0BS. You, sir, need a life. You’re a sad soul. Enjoy your unfulfilling life.

  • Well!!! I see you homos can’t post without mentioning me, I don’t know if I should be flattered or simply throw up at the mere thought of constantly being in the minds of you faggets…I wonder how many of you have wet dreams with me in them? my guess all of you clowns…This “name contest” should be really fun, the Cadre will discuss what prize to award the wieners…the grand prize however, will be a bushel of 12 inch cucumbers, so you can have a gay orgy to end all orgies.


    Your idol

  • Hahahaha, I must have some supernatural powers, all of you idiots are under my spell, when I say “jump”, you all say “how high!” I’ve never seen such a phenomena on these blogs.

    I feel like Rock Star.

    I submit “Rock Star Rob” in the name contest, I hope I win!!!


    What the hell was all that above commentary?

    It’s like a variation of the old joke, “I went to Scott Wolf’s SC sports blog, and inadvertently an actual sports story broke out.”

  • USC – 714

    N0BS or NzeroBS, whatever it is.

    I’ve read some extrememly low comments on this blog, but yours are beyond despicable. I’m talking like a whole new level.

    Do you believe in karma? The universe has it’s way of balancing things out, and believe me you got something coming to you…courtesy of the deceased ex USC football player who you continue to mock. At some point in your life, you’ll get yours, and it’ll most likely be soon.

    Sleep easy my friend.

  • NOBS

    @70, SlobDusky has it as I’ve been too busy to award it to someone else. Every time I see a post that is worthy, the Slob comes up with another ignorant post, which is so funny, he gets to keep it. Can you imagine where he go two teenage boys? hahahaha

    714, NzeroBS is SlobDusky.

  • BoscoH

    Boring Rob needs to call 1-800-REALITY (as suggested by his attorney, Chuck-Ron Bucketdola) to find out all about the UCLA football team, its boosters, and its fans who post on their rivals blogs.

    There is so much to talk about in Boring Land, though! Like Coach Jim Mora, who went out of his way to say he wasn’t filling his passion bucket under the table and wasn’t going to make outlandish promises like ending the monopoly on the end zone. He’s just there to warm he seat for 5 years and collect his $12M. It’s a start Boring fans! It’s a start.

  • I’m sooooo dad-gum excited, according to the UCLA central ticket office, I should be getting my tickets today or tomorrow for the Bowl Game in San Francisco. I can’t think of a better way to spend my New Year’s Eve…first, watch my Bruins dominate the Fighting Illini…second, taking my family to a fine Italian restaurant (no homos, I won’t tell you which one)…third welcome 2012 at the Square…and last but not least, see NOBS, BoscoH, trOJan70, and How Does, all holding hands and wearing their minis, with 6-inch stilettos, outrageous make up, and all with two fingers out throwing confeti, and chanting “Bite On, Bite On!”. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures of these four homos for everyone to see.

    @lbc, NOBS is much worse, unless of course you condone, despicable commentary towards someone’s dead wife of 20 years, someone’s children, and the sexual abuse of poor innocent pets…as NOBS has exhibites all of the above behaviours.

  • NOBS

    Italian restaurant? What? The cheaper Mexican restaurant is BOOKED? Hey Big Spender, Spend a little time with me. hahahahaha What a Slob.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    A fine Italian meal for CruisinRob includes digging through the dumpster behind the Olive Garden in Cerritos.

  • How Does, have you gotten your 2011 USC Bowl game tickets yet??

  • usc50ucla0

    5th level bowl game THATs impressive!!!

    question? Which is the larger group?
    1) Pearl Harbor survivors, or
    2) members of fUCLA National Championship FB Team

    Y’all don’t know bRuinRobbed, like I… he’s a triple threat. Inspired by Lardass Hogan from the movie “Stand By Me” Robby downed a bottle of castor oil at his 8th grade dance hoping to start a barf-fest. Instead, Robby tripped in the hall. Hit his head on a locker, barf, pee’d and boo-boo’d all over himself WHILE going into a concussion convulsion! FLOOR dancing in his own bodily fluids….

    hahahar… oh, nawwww, it’s not funny… TRAGIC