All-American Question

Which USC wide receiver deserved All-American honors?
Marqise Lee Robert Woods Don’t know   

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  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Both of them.

    Woods/Lee were best WR tandem in college football.
    Broyles/Stills (OU) – 2nd
    Blackmon/Cooper (Ok State) – 3rd
    Watkins/Hopkins (Clemson) – 4th
    Cunningham/Martin (MSU) – 5th
    Allen/Jones (Cal) – 6th
    Wright/Williams (Baylor) – 7th
    Criner/Douglas (UofA) – 8th
    Toon/Abrederis (Wisconsin) – 9th
    Edwards/Johnson/Carrier (Houston) – 10th

  • Quack Attack

    I’m pretty sure I’d take DeAnthony Thomas over either of them. Oh that’s right. We did.


    Fumbly Thomas? Weird, you took the top recruit and still couldnt beat us. Hahahhahahahaha

  • TrojanLou21

    Win a Rose Bowl, then come talk to us !

  • BoscoH

    How I wish the Ducks were our cross-town rival. That was better smack from a Duck than all the Bruin smack here in the past decade. Fight On Quack Attack!

  • snarfy

    Quack Attack:

    Boise State – Lost
    Ohio State – Lost
    Auburn – Lost
    LSU – Lost
    USC – Lost

    You guys quack a lot for a program that hasn’t accomplished much of anything.