Answer Friday!

In this segment, questions about quarterback, left tackle, wide receiver and a crosstown comparison are the highlights.

Q: Son of CharIie Bucket said:
wolfman, thanks for the great job you do on this blog! man, i have seen some of the rabid, biased blogs, both Bruin and Southern Cal, and by far, i find your opinions and comments are the most logic-driven with no hidden agenda.

my question: i think if the Pious Passer returns, Southern Cal is even money to make the BSC title game next season. if not, however, i think that Kiff’s obsesson with padding the Pious One’s stats and giving no game snaps to Kessler will cost Southern Cal maybe 2-3 games in the first half of next season. agree or disagree?

A: I don’t think it will cost USC that many games in the first half because the rest of the team will be good enough to overcome the inexperience at the quarterback position. But even if it cost one game that would be harmful to a team harboring top five ambitions.

Q: Mrtravlear726 said:
Do you have any idea when the Pac 12 is going to release next years conference football schedule?

A: Should be very soon. Maybe when Larry Scott returns from China.

Q: dcard1097 said:
If Matt Kalil was to turn pro, who would be the candidate to most likely replace him?

A: I said in the Morning Buzz II think Aundrey Walker is the best candidate. He is the most talented lineman returning and should be able to handle it.

Q: gotroy22 said:
ESPN is running a hit piece on SC just because an old quarterback flipped out. Yet a few years back it seemed like we were the toast of the network. Why do you think they hate us so much now?

A: I don’t think they hate USC. They still provide quite a bit of USC coverage even during provation. But USC was so successful a few years ago it was in their interest to become part of the hype machine.

Q: MMoreno1015 said:
Do you think George Farmer’s desire to return to WR has to do with the play calling or is that just where he sees himself playing?

A: I don’t think he is comfortable playing tailback and it was forced upon him by Lane Kiffin. He probably thinks if he has an NFL future it is as a wide receiver. So it makes sense that he would want to play his natural position.

Q: NOBS said:
Scott, Fucla honks like to “reference” similarities between the hiring of Mora and Pete, i.e. not the first choice. How come they don’t mention that Pete got the job because the coaches that SC wanted were not allowed, by their employer, to leave whereas Fucla was TURNED DOWN by a long list of prospects?

A: There is also the fact Jim Mora’s barely got any college coaching experience compared to Carroll at the same stage. I’m uncomfortable with the comparison because it is unfair to Mora. Do people expect him to start winning 10 games a year every year and go to BCS bowl games? That’s a really high expectation.

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  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket

    quit with the posturing and move on…lol


    And just when I thought I had had my fill of the Ugly Bucket, ol’ Ugly finally comes through: “wolfman, thanks for the great job…man…your opinions and comments are the most logic-driven with no hidden agenda.”

    Is that beautiful or what?– Whether it is factual or not I will leave to the unbiased Trojan posters.

    But then Ugly does not allow facts to interfere with his opinions as uttered in a prior post:
    1. SC is a “scandal ridden team”— uuuh, which team is that Ugly, the 2005 Trojans where one dude was found dirty. How does that apply to the 2011-2012 Trojans?
    2. SC is located in a “lousy location.” — Have you been downtown lately, it is cosmopolitan, boy. And you can have West Los Angeles with its entitlement jerks and even worse traffic.
    3. SC “hasn’t been to a bowl in years”—SC was last in a bowl in late December 2009, which is not “years” but 1 year 11 months and days.

    Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ugly, those “sugary sweeet” kiss-up comments to your pal Wolf make up for all your other nonsensical spewing in 2011

  • Trojanfan

    Bucket = idiot

  • Globe

    Hey Fred BuckShit, please don’t hit us with Southern Cal. That just hurts too much.

  • dcard1097

    LOL Lawyer John

  • NOBS

    See SlobDusky & $h!TBucket? Scotty know which questions are from insiders. BTW Scott, I feel the same as you! Fight On good buddy.


    Does anyone rally believe`that fucla will play in a Rose Bowl this millennium?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Nails on chalkboard > questions from Charlie Bucket