Answer Friday! (Part 2)

Some more answers in the post-Matt Kalil era.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
I’m curious about the status of two former walk-ons who each have one year of eligibility remaining, Markowitz and Burnett. Are both expected to graduate this spring, and are either expected to play next fall?

A: I don’t know if they are expected to graduate this spring. I do know they both want to play next season. Whether they will be on scholarship, we’ll see.

Q: Harry said:
I read a few days ago that Ohio State was granted permission to excede the allowable number of coaches because there is a new staff coming in and one set of coaches will focus on bowl preperations and the new coaches on recruiting. The article included a statement from, I believe, an NCAA rep who said this permission was not uncommon.

Now I’ve also read a quote from a player who just switched his committment from Michigan State to OSU and said both Meyer AND Fickell had just come to his house and he committed to them.

I’ve never heard of this coaching exemption, but it sounds to me like OSU is using BOTH coaching staffs to recruit. Wouldn’t that be wrong, I mean by the rulebook used for USC? And what are the chances other Big 10 teams convince the NCAA that OSU is thumbing it’s nose at the NCAA while they are being reviewed for a laundry list of institutional control problems?

A: UCLA also received an exemption from the NCAA. I’ve never heard of this before this year but all of a sudden it seems like a common practice. I don’t know if USC ever did this during its coaching changes but it is definitely a recent, unique practice.

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  • spedjones

    for every coach that comes in on the second staff, one from the old staff is taken out of the recruiting rotation. They’ll never have any more coaches recruiting than anyone else.

  • Jon

    Yes, but the new staff can focus 100% on recruiting, while the staff of other bowl-bound teams have a game to worry about.

    Kiffin mentioned that he thought bowl game practices weren’t that helpful, and with USC’s bowl ban, he found the extra recruiting time useful.

    I suppose it’s a good exemption. Takes some of the sting out of having to replace a coaching staff.

  • Edward

    Scott, the acting HC has been hired by Meyer for his new staff, no? “I don’t know if” in both answers above…the same answer I received for my question earlier.

  • White Horse

    How in the heck can the NCAA allow Ohio State, which put itself on probation for two years, to receive an exemption???? They should not have been allowed to get away with this.