Kalil Thought?

Does anyone think offensive tackle Matt Kalil made the wrong decision by turning pro?

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  • PUSC

    he should stay

  • NOBS

    He had a chance to win the Outland next year. Also a National Championship. I can understand going pro and getting the money as opposed to all the school work and practice that goes on during the year without being paid. But you’re only young once and maybe he was “partied out” at SC. BUT, when you talk to a guy like Ron Yary, he’ll tell you just how important that time is as SC. And a guy like Kalil will make BIG dough whether he leaves this year or next. I mean how much money does a guy need? In any event, MK was a great Trojan and I wish him the best.

  • spedjones

    Of course not. Take the money and run.

  • lbc trojan

    He made the right choice. Barkley would make the wrong choice (kinda) leaving. Offensive lineman wouldn’t necessarily be recognized for winning a natl title… a QB would. Good luck, Kalil!

  • USC Anteater

    Didn’t you hear him? He said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kind of like having a chance at playing as a Trojan in a BCS bowl game.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Had to go pro. No brainer. Next up!

  • TrojanPete

    He did the right thing. His value cannot increase anymore and he is a true NFL talent. Best wishes to Matt–he was/is a great Trojan.

  • huntingtonharvey

    Right decision. Wouldn’t have improved his position at all and plays a physically demanding position susceptible to injuries. There are no records to break for a LT either. I definitely would have left if I were him.

  • steve49

    He will do well as a pro. He would have done well next also, along with some hardware and another year of great memories. Only young once. Oh well, best to ya Matt.

  • JustinMCrane

    I wish he would have stayed, but he can’t improve from the #1tackle in the draft.

  • OldTymer

    Of course I wish he had stayed, but I think we can all understand his decision. I certainly wish him all the best…

  • Cade McNown’s Handicapped Sticker

    He is a top five pick in one of the highest rewarded position in the NFL (other than quarterback), and, more importantly, he is healthy.

    No brainer.

    Good luck, Matt.


    What did the Big Guy pass up by not coming back to ol’ SC?:
    1. Getting laid by another 20 or so girls;
    2. Downing another 500 beers;
    3. Listening to seniors bragging about getting $100,000 jobs at graduation;
    4. Being yelled at 1000 times by position coaches;
    5. Wishing he had enough money to take a girl out on a real date to a fancy restaurant;
    6. Hoping he did not get injured, thus spoiling his chance at a $30,000,000 pro contract;
    7. Hearing the SC fight song 10,000 more times;
    8. Listening to ND and uckla players complain about how SC is overrated;
    9. 5-months of practice drudgery without getting paid; and
    10. Watching less qualified pro players on t.v. drawing millions

  • Jon

    Wrong decision for Kalil? No.

    Wrong decision for the USC football team? Yes.

    USC is worse off without him, but he’s much better off going pro.

    Good luck, Matt!

  • marvgoux

    we can’t have it both ways- come play at SC and be prepared to be a successful pro, and then tell them they can’t leave or else they are disloyal. If any of you were told your junior year that you would get a million dollar bonus if you left school a year early for a job you would all jump at it. Give these guys a break, they are great Trojans and deserve our support whatever they decide for their careers. At SC we don’t lose great players to the draft, we reload.

  • steve49

    Hey Lawyer, I bet the first two really weighed heavily.

  • lbc trojan

    Uhhhhh… LJ…. he can do that as a pro too… lol

  • TrojanInMichigan

    Can’t blame him for going, he has nowhere to go but down. I think watching Jonathan Martin’s stock drop somewhat may have had an effect on his decision. I also think he has the personality where after the CBS leak came – probably some know-nothing agent – he was pissed and decided to end the whole charade, which would have continued through next season too.

    He left the program in better shape than he found it. Good luck Matt.

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  • lbc trojan

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  • NOBS

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  • lbc trojan


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