Role Reversal?

There seemed to be a school of thought that Matt Kalil would be influenced by Matt Barkley’s decision regarding next season. But will it turn out to be the opposite?

Will Matt Kalil’s decision to go pro affect Matt Barkley’s decision?
Yes No Don’t know   

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  • steve49

    Barkely WILL be back next year. Kalil already said he would be influenced by what MB7 does.

  • schammer47


    If both stay for their senior year, the TROJAN DYNASTY will return for at least the year 2012 and possibly years to come. MB7 wins the Heisman Trophy that Luck missed out on, and with his OL/TE back intact, MB7 and the Trojan offense breaks every record in USC history.

    Beat the Ducks
    Beat the Cardinal
    Have our way with WHAT USED TO BE our cross town rivals.


  • huntingtonharvey

    I think if Barkley would have left then Kalil would have definitely left. But I dont know if the opposite is true. Although having a brand new left tackle cant help.

    Barkley isnt as sure fire a prospect as Kalil and can still improve his draft status for 2013 to be the #1 QB selected. Kalil isnt helped at all by returning and plays a very physical position where injury and wear is a much bigger issue. I definitely would have left if I were him.

  • PUSC

    barkley is staying, party at ceasar’s palace!!

  • spedjones

    LOL at Steve49. Germans just bombed Pearl Harbor!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Barkley might stay just to crush every single pac-12 record and SlopeSpic’s bacon wrapped hut dug cart number of dug’s eaten record…


    Hut dug! Hut dug!

  • @spedjones, LMAO apparently steve49 relies on Wolf’s old threads for his news source…or perhaps steve49 doesn’t know that once you hire an agent, you can not change your mind on your decision.