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Was it just a coincidence that the day Matt Kalil announced he would turn pro, Santa Margarita relied on USC commit, offensive tackle Max Tuerk, to block for quarterback Johnny Stanton on a fourth-and-goal play from the 1-yard line with only seconds left to win the Division I title game over San Jose Bellarmine Prep, 42-37?
By the way, USC football sometimes helps provide cover for other sports on campus. Kalil’s decision overshadowed the women’s volleyball team’s disappointing loss to Illinois in the Final Four and women’s basketball’s loss at Arkansas State. Arkansas State?!?!?

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  • Ex-Cop

    No. No coincidence at all. After hearing of the two minor sport losses, Kiffin and Haden immediately called Kalil and forced him to go pro. They then called the coach of Santa Margarita, filled him in on the situation, threatened his job and his family, and outlined the play that needed to happen. Then, in one of the most complex sequences of high school football Stanton was required to run down the clock and NOT score until he hit fourth down and seconds to go.



    wow, that is amazing.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Did you get kicked in the head? Other than for BruinRob’s comments, I don’t know if I’ve read something more asinine.

  • Trojanfan

    Don’t forget Bucket….he’s right up there with the worst of them

  • Gnossos

    Scooter off the Meds?

  • jack

    Again, I just want to know how in the hell Kalil can be the #2 prospect in the upcoming NFL draft, and not be a finalist for the Outland Trophy? Where the hell have you been with all this Scotty? Shouldn’t you be asking this very same question from the public forum that you hold? All this is, is another indictment on ESPN and their hold on college football. It is clearly obvious that they favor the SEC/Big 12, and that is exactly why the BCS championship game has featured teams from these two conferences more times than not, at the expense of the Pac-10/12.

  • Trojan Conquest

    jack….agreed about this being a joke that he’s not an Outland finalist, let alone the winner. I know what you’re saying about ESPN/SEC, but I don’t understand it since CBS has the rights to the SEC, not ESPN/ABC.
    And Wolf…..seriously? This line of reasoning is sick.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    By the way, since most of us know nothing about women’s basketball, we have no context for the crack about Arkansas State. For all I know, they could be the Gonzaga of women’s basketball.


    And in the world according to Wolf, there was another incredible coincidence when a threat of rain in L.A. coincided with serious flooding in the Philippines.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    take a knee, wolfman, i’ll handle this one…

    ok Nabobs, (remedial) school is in session:

    item 1) there are no “coinicidences”… there is clearly a connection between Khalil leaving and Turek stepping up. He was trying to impress the UCLA coaches.

    item 2) Khalil is a great pass blocker, but only an average run blocker. he will be drafted high by a pass-first team, but he is considered a “project” otherwise.

    item 3) the trOXan women vollyball team knew they would have to face UCLA women in the finals…its clear they stumbled under the knowledge the Bruinettes swept them in 3 straight games this season. oh well, another Natl Champeenship will be racked up today. i have lost count, but this will make about 110??

    ok Dummies, class dismissed!!

  • NOBS

    8 Clap for another GRILY banner…..who cares?

  • lbc trojan

    Hey Bucket… remember when SC’s water polo team JUST beat your bRuins to complete a 4-PEAT?
    Fight on!

  • @lbc trOJan, too bad the ladies of troy lost on Thursday in the Final-4 of women’s Volleyball, or else we would have another SUC vs. UCLA Championship, instead it will be UCLA vs. Illinois today at 5:30 PST on ESPN2 playing for the National Championship…the winning school will not only be crowned National Champion, but also will set the tone for our Kraft Bowl game on New Year’s Eve – my predictions? UCLA will win their 108th National Title, and UCLA will be victorious in our awesome Bowl Game on the 31st. of December…any thoughts lbc trOJan? tehehehe


    using the BROinRob & ChuckPhuket logic fUCLA FB program’s gone 1-12 and lost 50-zip to set up the biggest upset in FBS history in 2012… hahaha

    Who broadcasts the fUCLA FB games??? I couldn’t find the Oprah Network jejeje

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    @NOBS: I contracted the 8-clap once after a night at Adelita’s in Tijuana. Nothing a shot couldn’t fix.

  • I partied with Joh…LMAO!!! you’ve been there?? that was once one of my favorite places to go also…sorry about you getting the “clap” I suppose I’m just lucky I never got it…NOBS would never get tha “clap”, it’ sorta hard getting any STD when your dick can’t come out from under the 15 layers of lard.

  • NOBS

    I partied, if SlobDusky is going there, you’d better get the hell out of there. My bet on your Clap came from not washing your hands while p!$$ing in the urn.

  • Trojanfan

    bruinNob and Bucket = Idiots

  • usc50ucla0

    SC’s guys are considering playing on Sundays and fUCLA fb guys are left watching… Take note all you recruits considering USC, our guys are coached well enough that they are HIGH draft choices following their JUNIOR year!!! Play as Freshmen, develop your talent and you’re off to the NFL. No hard feelings. We’re proud of those accomplishments.

    OR, you can go to fUCLA, lose 50-0 and watch the success across the street and say ‘I used to play against that guy.’ (see Randall Carroll, jejejeje). Or watch the minor sports WOMEN have success… whatever, be successful; watch others be successful but, live with your choice.

    FIGHT ON!!!