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In this segment, which Pac-12 teams will win bowl games?

Q: USC ALUM said:
Hi Scott,

If T.J. McDonald goes Pro, do you expect Drew McAllister in his final year of eligibility to step in or will they move Bailey to Free and McAllister a back up again? I think if the coaches tell Drew that’s the direction they want to go, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him transfer to a school in another conference. He needs the PT in order to be even considered for the NFL.

A: I don’t think he will transfer either way but I do think he will be the No. 1 safety. However, if USC gets JC recruit Gerald Bowman, I’m sure he will also get a shot. I’ve always liked McAllister and I hope Bailey stays at linebacker after his big freshman season.

gilligan said:
Mr. Wolf, I know that fans poke fun at you for writing years ago the CJ Spiller committed to USC, why did you write this post? I started viewing your blog a couple of years after this incident and I really don’t know all of the details. I also know that some fans make fun of you for Teo but his situation is tied to Toma and a lot of other ‘experts’ expected Teo to be part of USC.

A: I did write that C.J. Spiller committed to USC after a coach (no longer on the staff) told me he called USC and said he was going to play for the Trojans. I don’t recall writing Manti Te’o would attend USC although I probably wrote he was expected to attend USC because he to told USC players on his recruiting visit that he would come to USC. Pete Carroll was shocked on signing date because he also thought Te’o would sign with the Trojans.
But as you said, Teo went to Notre Dame because Charlie Weis offered a scholarship to his best friend, Roby Toma.

Q: luvsctrojans said:
Which Pac 12 teams will win their bowl games?

A: I’ll say Utah and Oregon.

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