Answer Sunday! (Part 3)

Back to those reader questions!

Q: marvgoux said:
When is AD Pat Haden going to end the agony of SC basketball, fire that embarassment of a coach Larry David and spend the bucks to bring in a top young coach from a top mid-major to build a winner? There is no reason we are worse than Gonzaga and San Diego State. That New Mexico game was a new low. We looked like a high school team out there and Mater Dei would beat us right now.

A: I don’t know if Pat Haden really wants to do a basketball coaching search. If he did, the intriguing part would be whether he does spend big bucks (like USC’s done in the past with football). I don’t know that he would even with the new Pac-12 TV money. But it would be his first big test as an A.D. to hire a basketball coach. Mike Garrett used to dread doing it.
The other thing to consider is the absence of Jio Fontan and the fact the team will be much better next year with two Wake Forest transfers.

Q: superlaker24 said:

Any news if George Farmer will stay at running back or go back to wide receiver? George Farmer wants to move back to wide receiver. Where do you think he would be best used?

A: This is going to be a little bit of a battle of wills because Farmer wants to move back to wide receiver and Lane Kiffin wants him to stay at tailback. I believe Farmer is best-suited at wide receiver. He played the spot his whole life and it is where his heart is. Plus Robert Woods might go pro after next season so USC needs another receiver there. But I suspect Kiffin will try to keep him at tailback as long as possible.

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