Open Forum

With two forums from last week finished, time to start another one. One question per person please.

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    Do you think that Matt Barkley’s Christmas gift to the Trojans will be that he is returning for next season? Will he announce his decision on Christmas day?

  • Rex Griswald

    Can you discuss USC’s level of interest in Aaron Porter?

  • .mownyc

    How about Dan Monson to replace KO?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    How many Trojans will be drafted into the NFL this year? How does that number compare to the flag football team in Westwood?

  • carlosb

    Based on his senior HS season and the way he started his Trojan career, I’ve always surmized that providing that MB7s remaining injury free in 2011, that Jesse Scroggins would never see the field at USC. That he’ll either transfer or be relegated to the scout team and that his honest role in the 2011 season, once recovered from injury, was strictly, Barkley’s emergency backup, to save the “RS’s” of Kessler and Wittick.
    What is your “insiders” assessment of J. Scroggins future as a QB in the Trojan system.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Why haven’t you done an investigative report on why USC has not cleared so many players due to medical issues, in comparison to other institutions? It was very frustrating watching Jarvis Jones play in the SEC championship game along with making some first team All American teams. I’m tired of speculation such as “USC is a private institution and might be exposed to more liability”. This may be true, but it’d be nice to hear it from someone at USC.

  • BoscoH

    Do you think Brice Butler is getting pushed out because of impending scholarship limitations or is he just making noises about being difficult again this year?

  • Gillyking

    Wolf, Figuring that Barkley opts for the NFL, What is the Scott Wolf depth chart for quarterbacks? also, do you have a take on the internet rumors that Scroggins is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed? I thought it was significant that he got no playing time in the ucla game, especially since the game was over after the first quarter.

  • Gillyking

    @TC, Great question, I hope Wolf gives your question enough respect to give a complete and informative answer actually based on investigative journalism, and hopefully his answer will include some insight on the Armstead situation and Armond’s future on our D Line and if there’s any very real ramifications with the pending recruitment of Arik.
    Fight On

  • uscfd

    Any reason why this blog can’t be cleaned up? Jon Gold’s version doesn’t look like this with all the insults, graphic references, and junior-high posturing. He obviously checks his comments section because he posts comments himself to respond to posts. The bruin trolls here have made this unreadable.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Scott, did you watch the EPL when channel 50, or was it 52, showed edited 1 hour games with Mario Machado as the “announcer” back in the late 70’s and will City hold on or will United or even Spurs go by them?

  • USC Anteater

    SCott, I read on some “other blog” that Dedmond is not as developed as a basketball player because he did not play until his senior year in HS for religious reasons. What is this religion that forbids athletes from playing until their senior year of HS? And did he convert our entire team in the offseason?

  • Globe

    I Dig – that show was called “Star Soccer”. Not sure what channel it was on. And of course it wasn’t the EPL back then. It was the English 1st Division.

    Spurs won’t keep pace. United & City will pull away & battle it out til the end.

  • briankeithedwards

    In your opinion besides Ed Orgeron who has been the best recruiter you have seen and why? (Doesnt have to be a USC coach).

  • Hank Stamper

    From the outside looking in, it seems like this year’s team had a higher percentage of “character” guys playing meaningful roles than in the past. If true, is that due to a new focus during recruiting, how the coaches give out playing time, or just good luck?


    Does Kiffin’s wife attend home games and if so, would Lane allow you to take a picture with her and post to this site like you do with visiting cheerleaders?

  • twenty-twenty

    What is the story behind top baseball recruit Ryan Garvey leaving SC?


    Two recruiting websites report George Farmer will stay at running back. Any update on this?

  • NOBS

    Scott, Other than me, do you think any of the people that post here are “insiders” of the athletic department? If they say they are, do you think we should come with some type of test to prove their claim?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, there is a lot of animosity towards SC in recruiting news. We are seeing when a player picks another school, the by-line more likely reads “SC” gets rejected even though 20 other schools recruited that player too. It’s like after SC beat ND & Oregon, the Nation in one swoop says, “oh no, SC is coming back, we need to kick’em-hate’em some more. You just don’t get that national reaction at an Alabama, Texas, Ohio St and, I doubt now that Notre Dame is on that hate level today. Does anyone really think the NCAA is going to level similar sanctions at Ohio St. or Miami for that matter by stacking the committee with arch rival administrators and a chairman like Paul Dees?

  • dcard1097

    I heard a rumor of tight end Christian Thomas moving to fullback. What knowledge do you have on this?

  • spedjones

    Will Troganville implode when McCarthy announces for UCLA?

  • gotroy22

    On another website SCinSD asked a great question regarding the scholarship situation:
    The key number to remember is 75 total. Even with two Juniors declaring and Bryant and Baxter gone SC is down to only 63 scholarship players. At this point they can offer 12 rides, but they would like to offer 15 plus 3-5 EEs. Let’s say they end up with 15 fall and 3 EEs that still means 6 players have to leave the program…who are your candidates?
    P. Hall
    M. Simmons (medical)
    D. McAllister
    B. Bauchman
    D. Kelly
    T. Burnett
    W. Andrew
    D. Flourney
    S. Vehikite

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  • sam

    What is your impression on Jim Mora? Everybody in ATL/SEA thought he was a smart-aleck KID. BTW, Jimmy’s wife is a former Huskies cheerleader and a diehard Huskies fan!

  • steve49

    What does USC do if all the offers are accepted, can they back out of an offer when a player wishes to commit?

  • jasonrojas24

    Will the coaching staff consider moving to a 3-4 defense or at least a hybrid 4-3 due to USC’s apparent depth at LB, including recruits, and their lack of it on the defensive line?


    Scott, what is your sense of an inferiority complex that bruin fans seem to have? This blog is continually filled with trash talk by these bozos, but when I read Jon Gold’s blog there are very few if any Trojans making any comments.

    Recently when I have worn a Trojan shirt, I’ve had bruin fans come up out of nowhere screaming about going to the Kraft Hunger Bowl and unable to remember when fucla won a Rose Bowl game, even after the 50-0 embarrassment at the Coliseum. This seems to have become a common occurrence. I have been threatened with bodily harm before, during, or after every rivalry game at the Rose Bowl since the 1990’s.

    The lack of sportsmanship and civility by these fans is disturbing and sad. Which brings me back to the inferiority complex. I have not seen a Trojan get in the face of a fucla fan and scream BCS, BCS or make ad hominem attacks out of thin air. The losses on the field have surely taken a toll on their egos. The lone win in this millennium provides little solace and reminds me of the old saying, “If can’t win on the field…win the fight in the parking lot”. It’s sad to see what the bruin nation has become. Have you had any similar experiences and what are your thoughts?

  • Fart 0330

    Do you fart?

  • I am great

    What is the status of Patrick Hall. He was one of the top recruits a couple years ago, but injuries have plagued him. Has the coaching staff given up on him or can he still potentially have a bright future as a cornerback or safety?

  • marvgoux

    Do you think safety Gerald Bowman can qualify for admissions at SC and start this Fall? He’d be a great pick up.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Do you think Norm Chow will be successful at Hawaii?

  • AndyUSC2012

    its about that time of the year scholarship spots have to start opening up for this limited incoming class. what is the status of the following players in regards to their current injuries and their place in the USC football program? Its the first time i ever asked a question on this site so please give me a response if you can. Fight on!
    Dallas Kelly -doesnt seem like he will ever see the field as a linebacker surpassed by a walk on.
    Brian Bauchan -ineligible last year.
    Patrick Hall -injuries and ineligibility. Hope he can get a shot this year.
    Giovanni Di Poala- injuries and lack of development
    David Garness -could not surpass freshmen walk on via depth chart
    Semione Vehikte -Doesnt seem to have a position.
    Abe Markowitz- Serious injury, former walk on who graduates this year.
    Devon Flournoy- Not much playing time since kiffin came in.

  • Sam Gilbert

    If I could add a suppliment to my Chow question.

    At 65 years old, if he is successful then how many coaching years do you think he has left in him.. will he do what Joe Pa probably wanted to do and ride it til the wheels come off or drop the mic, walk away and leave them wanting more?

  • Edward

    What is the exact ruling (sanctions) on the “get out of jail free” transfer edict? What junior and senior classes qualify, and how long does this go on?