• spedjones

    how about those bruin vb players. 108 baby! How many titles does SC own again? HAHA, cheaters and still losers!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Special ‘ed’ Jones. Title 9 baby!! UCL-gay blight blight blight!

    Is Wolf the Dana White of blogging? These heavy weight fights are scheduled weekly and rarely do they disappoint…. That is if you don’t mind total domination by one side over the other…

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    If the RuinedBoob actually had children (which he does not), Child Services would have the phone number to his double-wide on speed dial. The Boob frequently demonstrates anger management issues and writes in highly profane language, neither of which are suitable around children. And allowing the Boob out of his double-wide would be like releasing a rabid, three-legged dog at a children’s birthday party.

  • How Does, you actually present a bigger danger to the gay community. I recommend you attend a cucumber insertion class, to keep yourself from breaking cucumbers in you gay partner’s ass, as you did with NOBS…of course you wouldn’t have that problem with cucumbers if your penis was bigger than a belly button, gawd, life must suck for you. Oh yeah, Section 126, Row N, seats 1-7…see ya there toots, will you be wearing you 6-inch stilettos?

  • usc50ucla0

    RECRUITS PLEASE NOTE: when fUCLA can’t win FB games, they look elsewhere for fortune.
    – Cal is the Crown Jewell of the UC system.
    – fUCLA is 1-12 vs. USC.
    – fUCLA put 45,000 fans in the Rose Bowl for their game with Texas.
    – Notre Dame @ Rose Bowl was not a sellout
    – fUCLA FB players can look forward to playing in a 5th level bowl game… AND they’re PROUD of that fact.
    – fUCLA fans honor minor sports but, will NOT support their FB program

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    “cucumber insertion class”

    A popular course at Cerritos College?

  • jack

    BruinRob, I just read your earlier post on a different thread, and it simply amazes me that you have chosen to spend that amount of time in a given day to look up all of the recent misdeeds, and newpapers articles, of some USC football players. This is not the first time you have ubdertaken such an endeavor. From a realistic perspective I think you really need to take a step back and reevaluate some things in your life. It seems as if your lifelong obsession is to prove that UCLA is a superior institution to USC through various ways, shapes, and forms. To put it plain and simple, you are a modern day Captain Ahab searching for Moby Dick. I’m not sure if you have read Moby Dick, but in the end Ahab’s obsession with the white whale leads to his demise. I hope I am wrong, but one of these days it would not suprise me to read where you have gone off the deepend and done something you might regret.

  • Jon

    Remember, these are UCLA fans. They care more about rooting against USC than they do about rooting for UCLA. Why else would they post here?

    It does seem like a miserable existence. But to each their own.

    Wolf doesn’t seem to mind the traffic the Bruin trolls generate — why else would he continue to make USC v. UCLA posts? Interesting insight into disturbed psyches, I guess.

    For real USC sports news, you’re better off at Michael Lev’s OC Register blog.

  • dtksr1

    UCLA alumni, why in hell do you idiots allow Dan Guerreo to keep his job when he does shit (excuse me, all he does is shit)?

  • BoscoH

    Someone explain to Boring Rob the irony of a team playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl when some of their players could not afford to eat after finals week.

  • NOBS

    Listen, SlobDusky is always MADD! He’s also a liar. He can’t afford 7 tickets. He says his boys are over 20. Don’t they have dates? Or do they date each other? 7 Tix? rOFLMAO

  • TrojanFamily

    On behalf of the posters on this site, I’d like to request that Nobs, Rob, et al stop posting about one another. If you have nothing to say about USC athletics (and yes, no one on this site cares about UCLA athletics, as there are sites for that), please refrain from posting.

    Remember the old adage, better to keep your mouth shut and have the world think you are a fool than open it and prove the world right.

    Merry Christmas everyone. You all can do better.

  • NOBS

    TF, Merry Christmas. And F U.

  • @Jackie, ever heard of Microsoft Word document? it allows you to save anything you want, stories, links, etc. I have tons of links saved of many other stories, but I know no one takes the time to read them so I only post a few.

    The one that needs to get a life is you Jackie boy, to me all this is pure fun, now, if you get your panties in a knott about smack talking, with others here, it’s a “YOU” problem.

    If you take all this crap serious, it’s a “YOU” problem.

    If you get offended when one posts links of not so flattering stories about some of your USC athletes that you don’t even personally know, it’s a “YOU” problem.

    If your life is predicated on your team’s wins and losses, it’s also a “YOU” problem.

    If you think that just because your team is on probation it’s the end of the world, it’s a “YOU” problem.

    If you take the comments on these blogs seriously by me, that is DEFINITELY a “YOU” problem.

    And last but not least, if someone that you’ve never even met makes you so upset, not only is it a “YOU” problem, it makes you rather “coo-coo”…and that’s all I gotta say about that.


    @BoscoH, the one that needs to be explained to is you, it’s called “compliance” – there are rules, about attending “mandatory” practices, and if you miss them you are not intitled to your allowance as a student athlete. I know it’s impossible to understand as a USC fan because down at South Central they don’t pay attention to rules and regulations set forth, and the word compliance means squat…if compliance had ANY meaning to trOJans, USC would not be on probation today…does that explain?


    @TrojanFamily, stop your pleading, I’ve never seen you post on here before…and besides I bring more to these blogs with my WITT, my knowledge of the USC UCLA rivalry than anyone trOJan on these blogs. If Charlie Bucket, spedjones, ThaiMex, and I would leave, these blogs would be BORING and empty, and you all would disappear so quickly, that Scott Wolf would not have these forums anymore.


    NOBS, the tickets only cost me $70.00 each and the room only cost me $289.00 per night for 3 nights…and best of all it was only 25% of one of my commission checks…so really it’s no big deal…now, for you attending the Bowl game would have been an impossibility.


    If you guys really want me out of here, I propose to Scott Wolf to make a Poll on here to and have the readers vote us out of here, and I’m willing to bet that most USC readers would NOT want the cadre to leave.

  • @NOBS, I finally agree with you, your last post…I’m glad YOU said it and not me.

    BTW, my Clippers are KILLING the Fakers!!! BUAHAHAHAHA

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Jack FTMFW!

  • sdbob

    BruinRob…here is one vote to let you guys go post elsewhere. I want to talk about USC athletics not listen to you , sped, thai or any of the other rather offensive people that think you are informative or entertaining. You are not you are offensive. Just my opinion but you posed the task of voting you guys off the blog.
    PS: I doubt that you will go anyway because you just have “way too much fun” here. Ugh!

  • Fart 0330

    USC does the farts where soggy poop comes out with it

  • TrojanPete


    You’ve been had. Either that or you are lying yet again. There is no “Row N” in AT&T Park’s section 126–it begins with Row 1. A lot of the sections do have lettered rows but you chose the wrong section to lie about having tickets. I am very familiar with AT&T Park as my firm has season tickets behind home plate and I make roughly 10 games each year. If you don’t believe me, try typing in 126 in the “Section” box and “N” for the “Row” box on the following page:

    Nice try.


    Mens’ National titles:

    SC 90
    uckla 71

    Just sayin’

  • jack

    Bruinslob, once again you have incriminated yourself. Who the hell in their right mind saves documents pertaining to a rival school? Only someone who has quite an unhealthy persepsctive on life. As far as your earlier post, everything you stated is what you REALLY are. You remind me of one of these die hard right wing politicians who are leading the campaign against gay marriage, but they themselves are gay. Simple overcompensation because they are embarrassed by who they really are. Lastly, Trojan Pete just schooled you once again on your so called “tickets” to the Mac-n-Cheese Bowl. Why is it I get the sneaky feeling that the poster How Does Scott Keep His Job, is once and for all going to expose you for the fraud you really are. Speaking of numbers, the numbers you should be worried about is 50-0. Thats what got your Golden Boy Neuweisal fired.

  • NOBS

    Ok, I vote YES to keep SlobDusky. Almost all of you that want him to go because “you” want to talk SC Football. Well most of you post the dumbest bull$h!t or k!$$@$$ stuff that nobody cares about. You offer no inside info (of course Scott doesn’t either) and ask him, for the most part, dumb @$$ questions. At least the Slob provides some laughs with all his lies and BS. And if you’re feeling like you want to “school” somebody, just get online and look for SlobDusky.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Are you also ClipperRob? Why do you take so much pride in attaching yourself to perennial losers?

  • TrojanPete, & Jackie…that is spot on…do you actually think I’m going to post my actual location? LMAO yeah right! Some of you probably already had hired a sniper to take me down on new year’s Eve…think I’m stupid? Mah momma didn’t rai no foo!

    NOBS is right FU little pussy crybabies!!!

  • BruinRob

    Jethro, I’m not an NBA fan…..but I’ve always hated the Lakers and I’ve been a Clipper fan since Bill Walton played with them. And I’m not a freaking bandwagon fan.

  • lbc trojan

    The fartman returns. Wow… the people that come here….

  • TrojanPete, & Jackie…that is spot on…do you actually think I’m going to post my actual location? LMAO yeah right! Some of you probably already had hired a sniper to take me down on new year’s Eve…think I’m stupid? Mah momma didn’t rai no foo!

    NOBS is right FU little pussy crybabies!!!

  • Lawyer John, so are you saying USC women have don’t any national champions?

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, WE don’t care about c^nt sports.

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan


    Are you a Giants Fan? If so we have something in common.