A Well-Known Figure Passes

A beloved figure within the USC football program, Xavier Suazo, passed away early this morning. Suazo served as a security coordinator for football and could often be seen escorting Larry Smith off the field. He was close to every coach from John Robinson to Lane Kiffin.
He also managed to get Muhammad Ali to speak to the football team before a Notre Dame game in 1999.
I would say virtually every USC player in the past 30 years knew him and many depended upon him for help when they ran into problems.

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  • NOBS

    RIP Xman

  • ThaiMex

    There are 2 kinds of SUCks Players….Those who have run into “PROBLEMS”….and those that will eventually run into PROBLEMS.

    Fite on though, LIMBO U

  • CPEM

    There are two types of UCLA players: those that have lost, and those that will lose.

    There are two types of UCLA players: those that regret buying into the UCLA hype, and those that will regret buying into the UCLA hype. (80 yard practice field? Going over the wall? Seriously?)