NCAA Question

How should USC address Ohio State’s sanctions?
Ignore them Ask NCAA for another appeal hearing File a lawsuit   

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  • para’s

    “How should USC address Ohio State’s sanctions?”

    Nothing. Unless the spineless east coast/espn/SEC media suddenly grows a pair in honest reporting nothing can or will be done. Forget justice. Leave the justice and truth — American style — to our military and law enforcement and firefighters — you won’t find it in the college sports administrative world — aka the NCAA. Everyone should now understand that never, ever will these issues be resolved in USC’s favor.

    USC was punished as an example to others. Long ago fans in the SEC were screaming that the NCAA would never attempt to take down a school like USC, and were screaming this to high heaven on shows like Paul Finebaum’s outta Birmingham. Then Paul Dee came on the scene and the NCAA scum let him take control over the infractions committee. I’m sure the red-nosed, bourbon-swilling boosters crowd in the south encouraged Dee and his like-minded “Bubba’s” to hit USC hard. See USC versus Alabama, Sam Bam Cunningham style, that many of us remember so well. Grab onto some Auburn and Arkansas beatings and, well, you get my point.

    Best case scenario at this point is to kick ass on the field and make Trojan Football the ultimate force in college football, AND, stay as squeaky clean as possible.

    Let’s go Trojans …

  • NOBS

    Para, Are you Pat Haden?

  • para’s

    Nob: Yes, how did you know?

  • NOBS

    Because your response sounds like a big pu$$y. But at least you can play golf at Agusta.


    This is such a loaded subject that no matter what posture you assume, there will be some Trojans who will want your scalp.

    Quite frankly, I am a little surprised the NCAA did anything to Ohio State. I mean trading sports gear for free tattoos is a bit mickey mouse to punish. But after the NCAA leveled SC I am sure that was a factor in it deciding it had to do something to the Buckeyes

    Lawsuit?– Haven’t we covered this subject before? I can sue you for anything, even for staring at me too long in a restaurant, but it won’t result in a damages’ award. Same is true here. Forgettaboutit.

    Besides, SC got the sweetest revenge imaginable– despite the NCAA obviously making an example of the Trojans, the team completed a Top-5 football finish in 2011 with great prospects in 2012 and beyond.

  • para’s

    Ummm … I wore a combat 82nd Airborne patch on my right shoulder and I’m a paratrooper who completed a 20-year U.S. Army career and now I’m a pussy. And this coming from someone called nobs. Ah well … life is good nob. What do you do, accounting?

  • Trojan Conquest

    LJ…’s not the crime, but the cover-up. It’s always the cover-up.
    Outside of idiologs, nobody thinks Carroll knew what was going on between Bush and Lake. Now did he run a loose ship, absolutely. But with Tressel, he knew and lied and tried to cover it up. How the frack isn’t this “lack of institutional control”? Tressel was the “institution”. Even their President admitted it when he said that he hoped Tressel didn’t fire him.

  • Concerned Citizens of Newport Beach

    NOBS, your behavior on this blog has become increasingly alarming and offensive to members of the CCNB. We were willing to remain silent while you cracked jokes about that unfortunate fellow from Cerritos, but we must warn you that similar remarks to a serviceman will be taking things too far. You will leave us with no choice but to vote for censure and confiscation of all Tommy Bahama wear and chardonnay on your property.

  • para’s

    nob — New Orleans? Wow, my wife is New Orleans (well, Slidell now). See ‘ya in a few weeks?

  • NOBS


  • NOBS

    DickF para, BFD.

  • lbc trojan
  • schammer47


    Excellent commentary. Because of you, Wolf’s NCAA Question “comments” got off to an excellent start. You hit the nail on the head.

    LJ and TC, well thought out and expressed Posts.

    If our Trojan 2011 5th Ranked “82 Airborne” football team’s Team Leaders hold together for one more year, we will KICK A** AND TAKE NAMES in 2012, going UNDEFEATED, REVIVING THE DYNASTY FOR YEARS TO COME !!!!!!


  • BoscoH

    Perhaps Kiffin can address this by mixing in a grey sweater vest with the white knit cap.