• realtrojan

    lol. Don’t be so naive or act like it. It’s NOT how schools handled it. It’s how NCAA decided what was justified for penalty, and there are many undisclosed reasons involved. And they include factors that are not necessarily for betterment of the sport. Catch the drift?


    The ‘sweater’ vs the bettor.

    Carroll figured his best bet was to leave Dodge when he saw that sanctions cloud headed SC’s way.

    But isn’t it odd that we don’t think or hear much about him anymore; probably has a lot to do with Kiffin’s success.

  • NOBS

    Scott, if you have any balls, name the athletic dept employees that knew about the infractions or retract your statement.

    It’s been obvious from the start tha Haden and The Greek would do nothing. Mission Accomplished!

  • jack

    Actually I’m quite surprised that the NCAA did anything to Ohio Sate. When Urban Meyer got hired it tipped me off to the fact that they would not get hit that hard. If they were going to get hit hard Meyer would’ve never taken the job. Secondly, were the penalties levied against USC too harsh? Absoultuely. If Mark Emmert had any moral fiber within him, he would reduce these sanctions immediately. Especially after the condcut of Paul “Fat Ass” Dee. However, the ultimate responsibility falls on Mike Garret and Pete Carrol due to the fact that they were not all that forthcoming with NCAA investigators. They all knew that the NCAA was judge, jury, and execcutioner, so they should have played ball with them. As an administrator, if a person who is under me screws up I want to hear it from them, not someone else. If they tell me and are forthcoming about what happened, the punishment or sanctions will be less than if I hear it from someone else, or they stonewall me on what actually happened.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    If Haden was the AD when this went down and the Greek was the Prez, USC would have gotten off with a lesser punishment. MG was and is an arrogant cement head who has no idea what the word tact means, none. Slide Rule Sample was too busy hustling every fat cat he could find for money, that’s the job of a school president these days, fundraiser. MG’s arrogance doomed USC to the penalties they got, period. You fall on the sword, kiss the ring and self impose your own penalties with the NCAA you don’t stand there and tell them to F off, that just pisses them off and then they come down hard on you.

  • oneillwatch

    Three observations:

    It would be nice if somebody in the press (Yahoo.com?) would shine a light on what a transparently political and hypocritical (and therefore not credible) organization the NCAA is. Not sure the NCAA is anymore susceptible than Kim Jong Il or Moammar Ghaddafi to being shamed into integrity, but there is always hope.

    It would be nice if the NCAA codified into its rules the prehistoric rule that you can appease the gods by throwing an offering (Tressel) into the volcano. Maybe if USC and its lawyers had been aware of that rule, we would have a few more scholarships available.

    Every now and then – witness today’s column – Scott shows his Trojan colors. It would be nice if he showed them a little more often on this blog. Fight On, Scott.

  • BearPuss

    Great. Our best recruit signs EE with the USCUCKCOCK Torgans:


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Can’t believe i’m saying this: Scott Wolf FTMFW….

    Good job Scott…

  • lbc trojan

    The NCAA is beyond a joke. I just hope this doesn’t end at USC’s Top-5 finish this season and we win it all next year. Also hope Urban Meyer gets his ugly face beat in by Brady Hoke. It’s time for that rivalry to do an about face like ucla never will.

  • Trojan Conquest

    No problem with OSU’s penalties, and really happy for Tressel’s penalty. The problem is USC’s penalties and the lack of consistency the NCAA has. How does OSU get away with no “lack of institutional control”, when the coach knew about it and lied at least 4 times? Also, there is so much misinformation out there. Jay Crawford (huge Ohio State fan) on ESPN2 First Take said that USC’s penalties were “recruiting violations”. WTF?

  • SMH

  • TrojanPete

    We got nailed as hard as we did because the non-USC community put pressure on the NCAA to come down hard on us. The investigation into USC took 4 years. Why? Because the NCAA couldn’t link the nexus between Reggie Bush’s actions and USC personnel knowing about it. Without that clear nexus, it would have a hard time nailing USC. As time went on and the COI had not done anything, the non-USC community’s attitude toward the NCAA’s investigation grew louder, angrier, and the sentiment was that the NCAA was going to let USC off. Thus, the NCAA was compelled to show that it had balls.

    It’s been said that USC got nailed because it did not cooperate with the NCAA while Ohio St. did. How did USC not cooperate? Did USC not provide documentation when asked? Did they not make themselves available to the COI? I know Reggie Bush stonewalled the COI but that’s out of USC’s hands. How exactly did Ohio St. cooperate? Let’s see…players commit violations, coach covers it up, lies to NCAA during investigation, Yahoo Sports outs him with concrete evidence, then Ohio St. is forced to come clean. That’s cooperation? If not for Yahoo Sports, Ohio St./Jim Tressel would’ve kept the lid on it. Ohio St. had no choice but to come clean once it was outed. We got nailed because we couldn’t prove a negative.

    The very least Haden and Nikias can do is ask the NCAA for some clarification as to how they arrived at the penalties for USC and Ohio State. Facts aside, I understand the bowl ban methodology–for every bowl game you participate in where ineligible player(s) play, you forfeit. But I don’t understand how they arrived at 30 lost scholarships for USC and 9 for Ohio State.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Scott Wolf wrote an good article. Who would have thought…

  • Scotty Wolf

    Wow! Inside fastball and Scotty takes it deep. Who would of thought Mr Wolf would actually get one right? Vegas would not post odds on something so unlikely to happen. The beauty of the whole landscape is as “Bearpuss” points out USC beat the Ruins again to the talent. Don’t worry Ruins Mr. Hora will find the 1 star talent and keep you guys where you belong as USC’s ugly little sister.

  • dtksr1

    Scott, whether you read these comments of your postings or not (as you say you rarely do), I commend your article and you will probably write something similar in response to what Miami recieves versus the sanctions SC recieved. Just remember everyone, sometimes the truth will knock you on the head and you still won’t see it immediately. MG was being blunt and truthful when he famously said, “As I read the decision by the NCAA, I read between the lines and there was nothing but a lot of envy… they wish they all were Trojans”.
    I just wish the coaches would put these words up to where the players can see them before each game!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, now you are going too far!! mocking your trOXan readers like this….for shame!! it this your version of an early xmas present?? acting like you believe this tripe about unfair treatment and overly harsh sanctions???

    this is simple manipulation and pandering…and the Nabobs, Bullies and Dummies eat it up like sugar plums!! it like Rick Santorum telling the Tea Baggers OBama is gonna convert the Lincoln Memorial into a Mosque!!! the more crazier and more bat-sh!t the story, the better they like it!!!

    sorry, dummies, but this just is another Myth. and if you find a big fat old man with long white hair in your living room early Sunday, it’s not an enchanted elf. its probably just LJ getting a drink of water.

  • @trojanPete, I disagree with you. The NCAA had all the facts since 2006 when the story broke out. The reason why it took four years was because USC was the cash cow to the NCAA.

    I kept stating on another site, that as soon as USC would lose 3 or more games, the hammer would come down, and sure enough USC loses 4 games and BAM!! why 3 or 4 games? because as soon as USC would lose 3 or 4 games they would no longer be looked at as the “empire”.

    Alabama, LSU, and Florida, were the new cash cows to the NCAA, that is the reason for that process taking 4 years. Don’t you notice how quickly the NCAA rules on a case when the teams are from a lesser program? or a program that is not exactly generating millions for the NCAA?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    @BruinRob — the NCAA moved pretty quickly on the Auburn/Cam Newton situation last year.

  • @Scotty Wolf, according to scout.com UCLA has the #22 ranked recruiting class in the nation to USC #46, so we can’t be doing THAT bad. Furthermore, there are a couple of USC’s commits that I’ve heard are taking a second look at UCLA…don’t be surprised if we steal some of your recruits.

  • gotroy22

    It took 4 years because of the Lloyd Lake lawsuit and deposition that took forever, if Reggie had settled right away none of this would have happened. Blame Reggie. There’s a reason his jersey isn’t displayed in the peristyle end of the Coliseum any more.

  • Scotty Wolf

    Right Bruinrobby. Scroll over to the average and double click. Ruins average looks like you GPA. Now tell me how my ass taste. See how your little ruins fall. A lot of shit is just that a pile of shit. You guys need to learn that you bring in good talent and good coaches and you’ll win a few games.

  • WEB, exactly! Auburn is nothing more than a flash in the pan. It’s not like they were doing anything before Cam Newton, or after Cam Newton.

    @Scotty, 4-star or 5-star doesn’t mean squat! how many BCS titles does USC have to show for? ZERO Just look at the recruits that Boise State gets, 80% of them are 2-star or less, with over half not even getting a rating. If you were to base you “average” for a team’s success, USC should be winning a national title every year, then why aren’t they? over rated athletes? underachievers once they get to USC (as a whole)? bad coaching?

  • Scotty Wolf

    Bruinrobby really? How have those great recruit classe of the past few years work for you?
    It’s called being able to evaluate talent and coaching them up. Again, keep doing the great job over there in Ruinville.