Answer Monday! (Boxing Day Edition)


The crosstown rivalry is a topic in this segment of reader questions.

Q: jasonrojas24 said:
Will the coaching staff consider moving to a 3-4 defense or at least a hybrid 4-3 due to USC’s apparent depth at LB, including recruits, and their lack of it on the defensive line?

A: I think you might see the latter with a 3-4 including a linebacker who moves up the line of scrimmage like Clay Matthews played his senior season. But with Wes Horton and Devon Kennard the starting defensive ends, I’m not sure Ed Orgeron (or Monte Kiffin) wants to start off in that type of defense. Especially when there are a lot of defensive linemen looking for playing time and guys like Greg Townsend are eligible next season. That is another one of the issues that can be experimented with in the spring.

Q: SCFTBL1 said:
Scott, what is your sense of an inferiority complex that bruin fans seem to have? This blog is continually filled with trash talk by these bozos, but when I read Jon Gold’s blog there are very few if any Trojans making any comments.

Recently when I have worn a Trojan shirt, I’ve had bruin fans come up out of nowhere screaming about going to the Kraft Hunger Bowl and unable to remember when fucla won a Rose Bowl game, even after the 50-0 embarrassment at the Coliseum. This seems to have become a common occurrence. I have been threatened with bodily harm before, during, or after every rivalry game at the Rose Bowl since the 1990’s.

The lack of sportsmanship and civility by these fans is disturbing and sad. Which brings me back to the inferiority complex. I have not seen a Trojan get in the face of a fucla fan and scream BCS, BCS or make ad hominem attacks out of thin air. The losses on the field have surely taken a toll on their egos. The lone win in this millennium provides little solace and reminds me of the old saying, “If can’t win on the field…win the fight in the parking lot”. It’s sad to see what the bruin nation has become. Have you had any similar experiences and what are your thoughts?

A: My general experience over the years is that UCLA fans use the USC game as a barometer of their season a lot more than USC fans. For example, the old joke goes that UCLA fans would be happy to go 1-11 if the one win is over USC. That might be an exaggeration but I believe they focus more on the crosstown rivalry game than their counterparts.
Regarding the comments, I’ve tried to set up the USC v. UCLA forums to keep things contained outside the normal course of the blog. As long as everyone is civil, I don’t mind if UCLA commenters express their opinion.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    HAWR-HAWR!!! SCSFTL: we can’t all be refined gentleman like nobs, mono and bosco!!! sorry you are being picked on so much, maybe you shouldn’t wear offensive t-shirts!

    nice work, wolfman!! don’t be fooled by some trOXan’s self serving phony story about how mean Bruins are!! we are lovers, not figthters!!! (just don’t try to fight us…or else)!!!

  • lbc trojan

    bRuins spend their time on USC blogs. Not vice versa. Remember that.

  • BoscoH

    I once lost a bet and had to wear a UCLA jersey for a Saturday. Random strangers came up to hug me, and I even got sympathy sex that night from some fat chick who drives a UPS truck. Later that night, the cops gave me a ride to a homeless shelter. Quite a day.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ^lol @ Bosco

  • BoscoH, that “sympathy” sex you got from that fat chick driving a UPS truck was actually NOBS dressed in drag as usual – and it was not accidental, it was destiny! it marked the beginning of a long lasting gay relationship between you and him.

    And the delivery the fat chick/NOBShe was making was that bushel of cucumbers that your gay clan have been enjoying the past two weekends at your gay orgies with you, Mono, trOJan70, Jackie, trOJanFan, NOBS and the newest member of the “pepino club” trOJanPete.

    We all know why the cop took you to the homeless shelter because that’s where you all your gay clan live…yup, enjoy your pepinos…more on the way for your new year pepino bash, being deivered by the fat chick NOBS.

    @lbc trojan – obviously you haven’t checked there lately, even NOBS has posted there, so very simply shut up.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Rob, you and these children you argue with don’t count. You’re an outlier. Most people come here to talk football. You come here to talk cucumbers up asses, you goddamn creep. Get a life.

  • @SUC owns, wrong AGAIN. you gay buddies can’t post without mentioning my name. I own these blogs, now YOU get the f*** out! I don’t want you here anymore!! that’s an order!!!

    Poor SUCowns is pissed because I didn’t mention him his name in that gay clan, I didn’t know he would take it so personal!! ayayay!

    SUCowns, would it make you feel better if I included you in it?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    It wouldn’t affect me in any way you creep. A ucla fan claims to own a USC blog. Wow… something to be proud of? Lmao.

  • Yes, I am very proud of owing these blogs, now please leave. In my best Dr. Evil voice: Thank you.

  • BoscoH

    @owns: Welcome to Cucumber Club. The first rule of Cucumber Club is that you don’t ever acknowledge or mention a certain unmentionable poster. Hilarity ensues when he thinks you’re making fun of his pansy color scheme. See my post above.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, I’ve NEVER posted on the Fucla blog. That’s for pu$$ys.

    Bosco, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. You’re going to have the URN all year!! If you really want to have fun, get drunk as hell and throw the URN against a brick wall. HILARIOUS!

  • Trojanfan

    Bruinrod….the only thing you own are the rights to buckets penis….ouch!!!!

    …and don’t forget to smile when the flavor changes

  • BruinRobsMOM

    Son! If you don’t STFU and clean up your act and start respecting these gentlemen, your idol Trojans, then I’m going to restrict you from entering your pleasure zone, my asshole!
    SERIOUSLY, mommy

  • N0BS

    @NOBS: to my Alter ego- thowing an urn againt the rocks is never the answer. Mario “The Screaming Eagle” Danelo threw his cowardly little whop carcass against the rocks, and that solved nothing, except it gave drunk Bruins in San Pedro a great pissing target after emerging from Walker’s Cafe. Remember hitting the chalk outline with a turd is 10,000 pts!
    o<-< *THUD* Game Over!

  • @BruinRob – this is NOBS mom, and he is right, I am VERY much alive! how dare you imply that he pisses in my urn. You do have it half right though, I like nothing more than a Golden Shower by my son NOBS and his Cucumber club members. I know, I know, even though I’m 85 years old, I still have special fetishes, they run in the family. My son NOBS’ fetish is he likes to hire black male homosexual prostitutes and have them shit on his face and smear it all over his hairy body, he says it’s theraputic, even more than the cucumber juice he loves so much. Anyhow, BruinRob, please stop harassing my psychopathic son, you are on the brink of sending him to the nut house AGAIN.

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    My son NOBS came out of the closet and declared himself queer at the age of 15. The reason he is so psycho, is he’e never really known who his real daddy is…you see, I was a USC song leader in the ’60s and after one of the games we won, I decided I was going to reward the entire USC football team, coaches, managers, water boys, towel boys, chain gang, referees, with one gigantic gang-bang on ME…boy was it fun!! 9 months later came NOBS…he is 100% a trojan by birth through and through, I only wish I HAD TROJANS with me that night…but I didn’t, so the end result is this freak mutt of a son/monster that goes by NOBS on here.


    How many Trojans of this blog actually read these vain and profane comments from 3 or 4 posters?

    I suspect not many. I mean, the nastiness has become so common that it has actually become quite boring, and I would presume that most skip right over it.

  • @LAWYER JOHN, boring? well, honey it sure wasn’t boring when my son was being conceived! I only wish the Trojans would have lived up to their name and used them Trojans! but they didn’t, so here’s my son NOBS getting under your skin.

    Sorry LAWYER JOHN. Are you really a lawyer? and are you any chance dating? I love gettin’ down with lawyers, I’m like that, and please don’t call me a gold digger. hehehe