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Can anyone remember a worse year for the Pac-12 (Pac-10) than this year? The conference will probably get two NCAA bids or three at the most. This would seem to help USC in a parity driven conference tournament but the Trojans need more depth for a tournament run.

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  • NOBS

    Two would be a gift. The BB teams in our conference STINK…starting with US! Nobody wants to see any of the other teams at the Galen Center. KO should be KO’d.

  • Trojanfan

    Where’s the Bruin’s when you need them to represent….

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Seems like we (UCLA) had our Dillon Baxter moment, dumped a problematic player and the team has responded.

  • torpedoman

    There are no decent head coaches in the Pac12! Hence the blue chip players want to play elsewhere. Why the hell are there so many players from the HS basketball hotbed of So.Cal, playing college ball on the east coast? This is rediculous!
    The only thing that lousey coaching brings is half-assed players desperate for a college scholarship! The only way we get 3 teams into March Madness is if they “fix” the tournament so that a 3rd place “also-ran” gets the auto bid!
    One of my biggest frustrations with USC hoops is that a magnificent school such as USC, with all the clout necessary, settles for mediocrity in the basketball office. There is no reason that USC cannot field a hoops team of national prominence, especially with our resources.
    Granted ucla had continued to draw national respect over the years even though they’ve been mediocre and that phoney Sam Gilbert manipulated douche bag Wooden is long gone and that rat infested barn at Pauley still stands! Yet they still get some half decent players, but USC having little if any tradition in hoops will need a big time head basketball coach if we are ever going to join the elite in this sport. There’s just no reason not to be competitive.. and the low ball bottom of the barrel head coach Kevin O’Neil is definitely not the answer!
    So, since Pat Haden is making hay over the success of Mike Garret’s football program, maybe going out and recruiting a nationally prominent winning style head coach for hoops would be a feather in his new AD cap and a statement to the Pac that we are coming to play hoops also?
    For having one of the sweetest arena’s in the league, it’s beyond reasoning that the line at the ice cream machine is longer than the f’n ticket line to see Trojan Basketball! We flat out need a world class hoops coach! and it starts from there!
    Fight On

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Why do you post that here like we care, “dynasty”…?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Because I figured it was nicer than saying anything bad about the Trojans… I’m turning over a new leaf.

  • Gulag

    With the new revenue stream inbound next year per the Pac-12 network priority number 1 should be, as stated above by both NOBS and torpedoman – get rid of Kevin O’Neill.

    The sport is based on the ability to recruit and there is little that is enticing anyone with real talent to even consider USC to play for – do what smart schools do – find out what it costs to get a top ranked coach – budget the money make a list of potential hires and keep the effort under wraps until the coach who agrees from that list is secured.

    Unlike football the NCAA champion is determined by a tournament – get the coach who will get the players and get the championship.

  • Gulag

    Hey dimeatapp how you like the percpetion of woodie the woodpecker? Sam the outfit man Gilbert – good old grandpa always had flunkies like you shooing the flies away from gramps johnnie boy

  • NOBS

    Torpedo, DEAD ON.

  • marvgoux

    Great post torpedoman!

  • trojan4ever

    Tim Floyd being thrown under the bus has set the hoops team back at least five to seven years. Why any AD would settle on a 500 coach is beyond me. I live on the east coast and was going to fly out to see a game this year but not the way this team is playing. You’d think that the popularity of the football team would carry over to recruits but for some reason it doesn’t. Well, it did in the case of OJ Mayo but that is when we had a pretty good coach. A coach who freaked out on the refs, not on his own players.

  • Cade McNown’s Handicapped Sticker

    The biggest issue is television viewing times and shoe company influence. The biggest coaches don’t want to come to the West Coast because, unlike in football, you can’t schedule a 5:00 pm game (8:00 pm EST) during the week day, and expect people to show up for the game, especially in LA. Also, on the east coast, the weather is generally miserable during basketball season, so people are home watching sports. When it is 70 degrees in January, why spend a beautiful weekend indoors.

    Shoe companies play millions to the top coaches and they expect them to be on TV. They are not going to get the visibility Sonny Vaccaro requires by playing on the West Coast. AAU coaches want their “clients” — the players — to be on TV as well. So all things point to the east coast.

    PAC-10/12 basketball has been down for the past three years. Expect that to continue for the foreseeable future.