The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press basketball poll.

1. Syracuse
2. Louisville
3. Kentucky
4. Ohio State
5. Connecticut
6. Marquette
7. Duke
8. North Carolina
9. Wisconsin
10. Missouri
11. Florida
12. Baylor
13. Mississippi State
14. Indiana
15. Creighton
16. Georgetown
17. Kansas
18. Michigan State
19. UNLV
20. Saint Louis
21. Harvard
22. Pittsburgh
23. Michigan
24. Murray State
25. Gonzaga

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    1.Boise State, Ohio State, Auburn, and LSU all beat Oregon because they’re an overrated trend that can’t win a big game. Now that SC is back to its usual self, we reaffirmed that. Although they should beat Wisconsin to finally win a Rose Bowl for the 1st time in my grandparents’ lifetime.
    2. Kiffin is a good coach with great athletes — record not a big surprise.
    3. Figured Barkley would return for the most meaningful senior season of any Trojan in SC history. If he wins a Rose Bowl, National Title, and/or Heisman… he’ll have successfully said “Fuck you” to the NCAA en route to achieving his dream of being one of the greatest (if not THE greatest USC QB in Trojan football history). The records he’s on pace to shattering will support that.
    4. Curtis McNeal started the season buried on the depth chart behind Marc Tyler, DJ Morgan, and even true freshman Amir Carlisle! Rushing for 1,000 in the condensed season he had was the biggest surprise. Can’t wait for next season!
    5. USC finishing Top 10 is right behind McNeal’s 1,000 only because of the santions.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Commented this on the poll question… not sure how it ended up here… hmmm.
    Bruins will have fun with this instead of talking football. Lol

  • gotroy22

    No Pac 12 team in the top 25? Larry Scott should have offered Gonzaga instead of Colorado.