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What was the biggest surprise of 2011?
USC upsets Oregon in Eugene Lane Kiffin wins 10 games Matt Barkley announces return for senior season Curtis McNeal rushes for 1,000 yards USC finishes ranked in top 10   

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  • Wow NOBS, really? How many times did I tell you to stop sexually abusing poor little dogs?

  • torpedoman

    NONE of those options were surprising.
    Fight On

  • steve49

    How about #5. Scott Wolf does a post and actually proof-reads it.

    Hey BlowinRob, why don’t you go to your gay site and let us talk football here. Just as a courtesy to your superiors.

  • ThaiMex

    How about Mono’s visit to the Proctologist and discovering NUBSIE had been using Mono’s rear end as a PARKING GARAGE for his toy car collection!
    Maybe , best post of the year.
    Fite on Torgan!

  • lbc trojan

    BruinRob and ThaiMex really need to get lives. Just sad and pathetic. Lame ass geeks. Hahaha…. embarrassing for bRuins.
    Fight on!

  • NOBS is rather quiet this morning, he might a little ashamed, nah! Most likely he had another snapped broken and he’s having it removed by mono’s Proctologist…dammit, I guess trOJanPete wasn’t such the expert in inserting pepinos in NOBS butt, he prefers to insert the real thing into NUBSIE. Fite On Torgan!

  • BoscoH

    Insiders get the day off today.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Geez Louise, lbc, watch the cursing!! you have been getting worse and worse!! one more screw up and you go onto the Cadre Watch List!!!

    Bru-Rob and Thai: HAWR-HAWR-HAWR!!!!

    i saw that story and though “that reimds me of someone” but it was so disgusting i didn’t want to read the story!!! thanks bros!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    1.Boise State, Ohio State, Auburn, and LSU all beat Oregon because they’re an overrated trend that can’t win a big game. Now that SC is back to its usual self, we reaffirmed that. Although they should beat Wisconsin to finally win a Rose Bowl for the 1st time in my grandparents’ lifetime.
    2. Kiffin is a good coach with great athletes — record not a big surprise.
    3. Figured Barkley would return for the most meaningful senior season of any Trojan in SC history. If he wins a Rose Bowl, National Title, and/or Heisman… he’ll have successfully said “Fuck you” to the NCAA en route to achieving his dream of being one of the greatest (if not THE greatest USC QB in Trojan football history). The records he’s on pace to shattering will support that.
    4. Curtis McNeal started the season buried on the depth chart behind Marc Tyler, DJ Morgan, and even true freshman Amir Carlisle! Rushing for 1,000 in the condensed season he had was the biggest surprise. Can’t wait for next season!
    5. USC finishing Top 10 is right behind McNeal’s 1,000 only because of the santions.

  • 4 more days and I will be on the road to the Bay Area for our Bowl Game YES!!! SR. Francis Drake get our rooms ready the Bruin family will soon be on their way.
    Go Bruins!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    No Bowl game > Mac ‘n Cheese bowl (against 6-straight losses Illinois)
    Mediocre on, though!

  • Trojanfan

    BruinRod…Why don’t you fly there…you cheap bastard…get a better job….ouch!!!!…I heard you like to take because the penis is too small to give it, that’s what bucket said….I hope it pours on you all game long

  • NOBS

    Trojanfan, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. You’re going to have the URN all year!! If you really want to have fun, get drunk as hell and throw the URN against a brick wall. HILARIOUS!

    But remember, SlobDusky is a bRuin wannabe…now THAT’S hilarious.

  • @trOJan fan, I notice you say “ouch” an awful lot, I guess “ouch” is all you ever feel when NOBS and the pepino clan are shoving African pepinos up your ass, yeah?

    I love to drive everywhere, when I visit relatives in Texas and Louisiana I drive there also, I drive through the desert, and make many stops at historical sites…and on the way back I drive through the Rocky mountains. And when I drive to Frisco, I take the long way there to enjoy all the beautiful little towns on the way there, and on the way back I drive through the wine country…if I fly I miss all the scenery…as for a better job? LOL son, I make more in one day than you make in a month “OUCH”.