• Son of CharIie Bucket

    OMG! the University of Shouldda-Couldda is now pining for what Wouldda been if only they had not lost Jio or Vucevich!!! and Oh Mercy Nurse, all those one-possesion games!!!

    man, you trOXans Shoullda Coullda been frontrunners for the Final Four!! i mean, losing players to the draft?? and an injury?? unheard of!! SHOULDDA-COULDDA-WOULDDA!!!

    geez Louise, its not like were talking about UCLA or Kentucky here!! wolfman, the Shouldda-Coulddas have warped your perspective!!

    well at least you have the already out-dated Gaylen Center! HAWR-HAWR!!!

  • twenty-twenty

    Fontan is not Kobe Bryant, Jerry West etc etc.
    KO recruited his brick throwers and he should stop complaining about the team. His words do not inspire at all.


    Did Ugly Bucket place uckla in the same sentence as Kentucky basketball?– Talk about delusional. In 36 years Yesterday-U has won 1 title. Outside of L.A. uckla does not even warrant a footnote of attention. And in the Pac-12 Arizona is the king, and Washington, Stanford and Cal are all better than uckla.

    Now, back to SC basketball. The Trojans have had some very good teams. Harold Miner in the ’90s led a team that was a Top-10 national contender. In the early 2000s Troy had Trepagnier, Blumenthal and company– another Top-10 team.

    A lot of Trojans crave another contender, and it will eventually come. The jury is out as far as KO’s coaching ability, but I believe the man can recruit.

  • Jon

    The new conference TV deal allowed UCLA to offer more money for a football head coach. USC should do the same for basketball.

  • ThaiMex

    Paralegal..excuse me….but when’s the last time SUCks hoisted up one of those NCAA Banners? Now you’re braggin’ about TWO (2), COUNT ’em, TOP 10 TEAMS in the last THIRTY (30) YEARS? Yup…now that’s some TRADITION! SUCks averages one TOP 10 TEAM EVERY 15 YEARS? You guys are Basketballs version of Comet KOHOUTEK!
    Fite on Though!