Is There Such A Thing As An Oregon Alternate Uniform?


Lane Kiffin is probably not happy that Nike’s given another “cutting edge” uniform to a rival.

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  • Thor51

    Cutting edge denotes the use of technology, not a fashion statement. The only statement that this uni makes is “I have no taste.” Incorporate the tech in our uniforms and be done with it.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    These new Oregon photos also look strangely like the images in the weird opening credits sequence in the new “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie.

  • BoscoH

    The Ducks’ new unis lack heritage. Compare with the Michigan throwbacks that Adidas made this year which incorporated a classic (pre-50s) look, references to rugby and soccer, and all the high-tech protective and performance materials we expect in 2011.

    But the Oregon unis, with the trademark Pechanga feathers, actually work for Oregon, because, wait for it, they have no heritage.

  • Gnossos


    How right you are! We are tlking heritge… looking for a SECOND Rose Bowl win…….wait for it…..since…..1917!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Too bad kids these days are dumb and actually fall for stuff like free swag from uncle phil.

    What I don’t get is why USC got sh*t on for having a SNL comedian and a LBC rapper on the sidelines while Oregon just rolls out all pro athletes on their sidelines every other weekend. Anyone wonder where that Lyles money came from?

  • dcard1097

    I never even recognize Oregon anymore. They have a different uniform pretty much every game. Talk about an identity crisis. One time when their uniforms were so tacky and unrecognizable I thought they were an Arene Football League team.

  • dcard1097


  • DixieTrojan

    Oregon is an insignificant program. They never were much of a factor in the overall football picture. Never will be either. They can change the uniforms as much as they would like.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Why would any school want to have Nike, thus supporting Knight and Oregon? Oregon will always get the best, and the others will be step children. Time for SC to look at Under Armour.
    Monopoly……agreed. How convenient that Nike scheduled their NBA players in town the same time as the USC/Oregon game. You don’t think there’s an understanding that Father Knight will take care of his own when an Oregon player turns pro?

  • scidiot

    I have heard them described as Darth Vader. I would describe them as Bondage………Thank God for Oregon. SC may now only be the second most hated team in the conference.

  • spedjones

    SC has been sanctioned by the NCAA numerous times over the past few decades. Talk about heritage! Cheat ON!

  • Sam Gilbert

    I ain’t gonna lie, Uncle Phil makes Pappa Sam look like an amateur…

  • Trojan 70

    Sped Old Boy – explain for all of us what exactly the fucla football heritage is? This ought to be good…
    After that, go back to sleep and we will see you again in September.

  • steve49

    I hope SC doesn’t get caught in this uniform style trend. Let Nike waste their money on Oregon, I don’t buy their crap anyway. Hey, maybe fucla can get some new spiffy uniforms that will spruce up their heritage. I can see a new helmet that looks like a bears head. lmao

  • oregon111

    note to haters: HATE ON!

    these are bad-ass unis

    most Duck fans feel this is the game to break the snide

    besides, up here in Oregon, we have no jobs and crappy weather – all we have is the beautiful outdoors and Ducks football (Blazers suck & women are ugly [except for coeds])

    so how bout sum luv 4 da pac12 reps???

  • Quack Attack

    Can’t tell if the Toejams are jealous or scared or both. They know and see what we are building in Eugene. Oregon is taking football into the future while programs like USC cling desperately to the past with words like tradition and heritage. But who cares about that, last time I checked, tradition isn’t carrying the ball, recruits are. And just like with The Black Mamba, recruits see Oregon’s look and offense as the future. We are always changing, always innovating because we are always one step ahead on the rest of the country. Instead of looking at heritage as the color of your pants, consider a more macro view and realize that Oregon’s heritage is consistently being at the cutting edge.

    And for these of you that think USC would have beaten Oregon a second time in Eugene if it wasn’t for those pesky sanctions, dream on. Look at the 4th quarter. We had your number, your offense stalled and we were ripping your D. The rematch would have been Oregon by 14 easy.

  • BoscoH

    Ah, we’re just giving you Duckies crap. All in good fun. You’d be way better rivals to talk smack with than what we’re stuck with in SoCal. Pfight On!

  • sureshot

    I normally don’t like the crazy uni combinations the Ducks throw out, but for some reason, these look really cool to me.

    @Quackattack – blah, blah, blah. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. If Tyler hadn’t forgotten how to take a handoff, USC would have won by double digits. You realize USC was just trying to protect the lead and went into shutdown mode near the end of the game right? And what happens if the refs rightfully call PI when they mugged Robert Woods and the ricocheted ball popped up in the air for a pick? Things happen in football. It’s just that they often happen against you guys more often when you play good teams. Now go out there and stop sucking in big games and bring a little pride to the Pac-12 by beating the Badgers!