• RunTravelerRun

    Scott, rate the PAC-12s football facilities from best to worst. Where would USC’s new facilities rank compared to the old and, in your opinion, what’s more important to a recruit, facilities or uniforms?

  • OldTymer

    Uniforms? WTF…

  • fartnuggets00

    The 2012 recruiting class seems to have a lot of talented offensive linemen. What are our chances of signing some of those top linemen, and which ones do we stand the best shot of landing?

  • NOBS

    Scott, let’s try this: Where do the insiders eat at Oregon? Electroc Co. Private room to the right of check in. You guys ate with Tim to the left in the back.

    Where did we eat at Nebraska? Flemings

    Where do the insiders stay at WSU? University Inn in Moscow

    Where soes the team plane usually leave from? West terminal.

    Any more questions you can think of Scotty?

    How about where we stayed at Cal in Berkley when Pete was the coach?



    Any idea how the NCAA determines scholarship numbers for Non-football/basketball sports?

  • RPM_Brass

    Of all the recruits USC is going after, which ones would you say are favoring the Trojans heavily? Besides the verbals.

  • ianSC

    Any updates on SC taking over the Coliseum lease? There are so many improvements that need to be made, I’m wondering when they can get started and what can be finished before next season.

  • TrojanPete


    USA Today ran an article listing the pay of college football head coaches and assistant coaches. Lane Kiffin and the USC assistants weren’t included as USC is a private school and it does not disclose coach’s pay. In what range would you put Kiffin’s annual salary and the combined pay of the USC football assistants? Thanks.

  • TrojanPete
  • I am great

    I heard DeVante Wilson was supposed to be an early enrolee this year. what is his status? is there still a chance he could enroll this spring?

  • dcard1097

    There are recruiting services out there that will rank the same players differently. For example, Rivals ranks Jordan Simmons a 5 star, 247 Sports ranks him a 4 star. Rivals ranks Morgan Breslin a 4 star, 247 sports ranks him a 3 star. Which of these two recruiting sites has been a more credible/accurate source as far as their ranking of players?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Okay Scott:

    Jim L. Lessa vs. Coach O (aka the ragin cajun) in a cage fight…

    Who ya got?

  • N0BS

    Wolf, some more questions for you (which I will also answer)

    Where do they keep suspected child molestors at Rampart Division? –Segregated Unit

    What is the best way to humiliate a dog? –Try to have sex with it.

    In a crime drama about a football team, who is the likeliest suspect? –The fat introverted equipment manager who seems to be borderline mentally retarded and goes around telling people outside the program that he is a team “Insider”.

    Any more questions, Scotty?

  • LeefDizzle

    Any silent commits you know of right now leading up to the All-American games?

  • Steve


    During the peak Pete Carroll recruiting years there were a number of USC fans who theorized that the roster was overfilled with 4 and 5 star athletes. The belief was two fold:

    1.) Too many disgruntled players who because of their star ratings believed they should be getting more snaps, yet found themselves sharing those snaps with a phalanx of equally talented/hyped guys at their position.

    2.) Too many high profile/star guys who were constantly rotated in and out of games and practice (presumably to keep them happy) only to ultimately eliminate any semblance of rhythm or continuity on offense, defense and special teams.

    Do you think that it is reasonable to conclude that a silver lining to the scholarship reductions will be the fact that with fewer available bodies, USC coaches will continue to move away from the frequent substitution patterns established under the Carroll regime and that that move will lead to better individual execution and a more cohesive football strategy in all phases of the gameplan? Do you think this will lead to better overall player development within the program now that guys will be given more snaps/longer looks before they are written off as busts etc.?

  • .mownyc

    You said in the last forum that you wouldn’t go for a coach from LBSU, what top flight BB coach is going to come to USC? I would really like you to name 5 if that’s possible.

  • Trojan Conquest

    With Oregon’s special treatment with Nike, why hasn’t USC looked elsewhere such as Under Armour? How much does USC and Oregon get from Nike?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Wolf, some more questions for you (which I will answer)

    What is more pathetic, the RuinedBoob’s dating profile or ucla football? Push

    Why can’t the RuinedBoob get a date? Even women/men with very low self-esteem just aren’t that pathetic.

    What is the RuinedBoob most distinguishing characteristcs? He smells like an onion and has an onion for a brain.

    What is more likely to be dropped, a gear in RuinedBoob’s house on the 405 or a pass to a ucla wide receiver? Both are highly likely.


    The major football clubs of Europe are tiring of the dictatorial rule of Sepp Blatter, of the demands on club players to play increasing number of matches for their home countries and the number of injuries that have occurred to players due to the strain of playing so many club and FIFA featured games. A European Super League would create a greater level of play; seeing Man United play Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona etc would certainly be preferable to watching matches with Wigan, Blackburn and even Fulham (pathetic last week). A league like this would certainly be an easier sell in this country given the promise of top clubs to be seen more frequently than the Champions’ League matches. El Classico lost the veneer last year with so many games played so frequently. Do you see this league starting within 3 years? Promoted properly this would make basketball and hockey minor league sports quickly and be complementary with pro and college football. A USC question, with the new deal between the Pac 12 and the Big 10, how often would USC have home and home games with Big 10 teams? I would enjoy seeing Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska or Ohio State playing here every other year.

  • USC Owns the Rose BowI

    @How Does: Fail.

  • dtksr1

    Scott, damn…. I think it is time for an “SC dedicated” year-round football radio station as well as your website during the offseason. What is there after mid-February sing-up day until September? That’s 6 months of boring hell!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Will David Beckham be successful in the French Ligue and if so, would a successful run at PSG actually give him a shot at being called up for the World Cup?

  • gotroy22

    With our Trojans idle, are you going to score a Rose Bowl press pass and pose with this year’s crop of Oregon cheerleaders and post it here?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, many, including this reader, believe Southern Cal is the runaway front runner for the BCS Champeesship this year. the only weakness I see is, ironically enough, at the QB position. while the dabate about the Pious Passers talent has been decided, his leadership abilities are in doubt from my perpective:

    Item 1) Southern Cal has avg 3.67 losses per season under the Pious Ones leadership and that is without any Bowl games in years. but just one slip up can derail trOXan hopes and dreams.

    Item 2) the pious One has NO comeback victories to his credit in THREE seasons.. (as you pointed out, wolf, OSU his freshman year did not count) this is a fantastic statistic, considering the 11 losses and all those games.

    Item 3) his tendency to trash talk opponents. (bad example for team…something Luck/Leinert never did)

    while the Pious One’s stats will be great, when you put it all together, this lack of leadership could very well be the thing that costs Southern Cal the Champeenship. agree? disagree?

  • steve49

    Do you think Norm Chow has found a home at Hawaii? Do you think he will be find success as head coach. It sure seems he has bounced around a lot, how come.

  • AndyUSC2012

    3.67 loses a season in games Matt Barkley actually played in right son of a bucket? im sure you incorporated that into the stats you presented. Luck never trash talked opponets and he’s praised for his leadership how many national championships does he have so far.. go ahead and add them up, i’ll wait….

  • briankeithedwards

    What are your favorite uniforms in college football and why?

  • USC – 714

    I’m curious about the high school career of Morgan Breslin. This guy just came out of nowhere. I’ve seen film on him at the JC level and he looks like a beast. I believe I read somewhere that he played rugby in high school. What was his football career like when he was in high school and was he highly recruited when he was a senior?

  • barney

    Forgive me for repeateing this, if I am, but what has/is likely to become of the recruit SC was so proud of last year, George Farmer? I know he was hurt, I know they talked/tried tailback, but I see no mention of him in the forecasts for next year. I hope he hasn’t left for Oregon to room with D’Anthony and I missed it.

  • sam

    You remember Taylor Mays complained about Carroll picking up Earl Thomas instead of him? Thomas was selected as a starting free safety in the Pro Bowl, while Mays is mostly a special teamer for the Bengals after traded for a 7th round pick. It’s an ironic story, really.

  • Karrillo

    What are the rules regarding Oregon communicating with local recruits at the Rose Bowl Game or while they’re down in Southern California.

  • Edward

    Would you explain, in detail, how exactly this Pac-12/Big Ten deal (scheduling) will work?