Pac-12 v. Big 10

The conferences new alliance announced today seems a bit tired to me. Mainly because I don’t really see many dynamic matchups. Other than playing Michigan in Ann Arbor, USC’s pretty much already toured the Big Ten.
And who wants an Oregon-Wisconsin regular-season game and then rematch in the Rose Bowl? Or USC- Penn State? Or anyone versus Ohio State? Yuck.
An alliance with the Big 12 might have been more fun (USC vs. Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State). But it would not make the same amount of money. And that is king in Larry Scott’s world.

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  • TrojanPete

    This isn’t that bad of a deal. I think we’d all like to see some sort of setup with the SEC but everyone knows the top SEC teams want to schedule softies for non-conference games. What are the chances that this deal will fall apart before 2017 when the conferences change again?

  • BoscoH

    So that gives us one game per year to try to schedule a meaningful opponent and provide voters some fodder for why we should be ranked highly.

    I wish David Stern would get incurable cancer so we could find Larry Scott a better hobby.


    There is such a slim chance of a Rose Bowl game rematch that it is not worth considering.

    SC takes on all comers, but the SEC seems to enjoy being parochial, although the Trojans did play Auburn a few years ago, and has played Alabama way in the past. Guess the Trojans have to wait for a national championship game to get an SEC team out from under a rock to play Troy.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    It’s aight, proves the Pac-12 don’t duck. But USC needs to play bama, florida, and LSU. Let’s get it crackin!!

  • NOBS

    SIG ALERT: Spotted on I-5 Northbound, at the Grapevine. 1975 Ford Pick Up truck with bRuin flags, pulling a “tent” trailor.

    Highway Patrol reports FIVE little Slobs in the tent and the truck being driven by a fat, balding loser with a fake Marine tatoo. However, there is also a nice heavy set lady, who also doubles as the Fat Lady in the circus, holding an urn. “She” claims to have just signed a Letter of Intent to play football at Fucla. Police are just guessing as she only spoke Russian.

    Police ask you stay clear of the rusty rig.

  • Sam Gilbert

    The Big Ten is one of the few stable conferences out there.

    Sure the Big 12 is great now but isn’t it expected to fall apart as soon as enough of its teams jump to the SEC and/or Texas actually attempts to go independent.

    But on the other hand, with a Big Ten team and Notre Dame every year it leaves little room for variety. Hopefully they’ll do something interesting with the open date.

  • Sam Gilbert

    And as far as setting an alliance with the SEC, the only way those cowards step on the field with ‘SC is if they have to in the NC Game. Beating a Big Ten team every year helps USC in the computer rankings a lot more that beating a San Jose State level team.

  • dtksr1

    I can see a few benefits in this arrangement.#1-More TV exposure for both conferences outside their base penetration. More exposure for non-football & basketball sports (which might make it attractive for Larry Scott to sell Asia-Europe. #3-Create a recruiting advantage for both conferences. #4-Be a added selling point for ND to finally join the Big-10. and #5 (my favorite) Eventually bring ESPN down on their knees with their pockets out in trying to provide coverage of this duo package!

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    This arrangement is sort of like college football speed dating. But in this situation, USC realizes its banged every chick in the room, and therefore, is not too excited by the opportunities. Everyone else hopes they can get a date.


    How often will the champ of each conference meet during the regular season? I don’t think this would happen very often. Kids change, coaches change, the conferences are talking about having the games played at different locations, Yankee Stadium has been mentioned. In the near future USC will play Boston College, Syracuse, Hawaii and Utah State. I would rather see the better teams in the Big 10 and I would rather see the lesser teams from the Big 10. I don’t want to see Idaho again. The home and home with ohio State was terrific, if Urban Meyer is there longer than 5 years he will have competitive teams as quickly as USC after St Pete left and the NCAA hammer came down.

  • “Yuck?” What’s wrong with Ohio State?

  • ThaiMex

    “Possibly” Really bad news for Troxans…With the early season previously LOADED with CREAM-PUFFS, (DBA, “Sisters of The Poor”, Virginia, Hawaii), cellar dwellers could be replaced with the likes of Penn St., Nebraska, Ohio St, or Wisconsin. On the other hand…since I’m a guy that see’s the Glass HALF-FULL, instead of HALF-EMPTY, is it possible SUCksters, could LOAD ‘EM UP again with Poor Sister “MINNY” (3-9, 2-6), or her “Poorer” Sister INDIANA 1-10, 0-8)???????????
    Fite on though.

  • Trojan Conquest

    You do realize that we’ve played Nebraska and Ohio State in the last 5 years? I’ve got to think that USC has had the toughest non-conference schedule over the last 10 years.

  • sureshot

    Hilarious. Thaimex cracks on our schedule by suggesting we’ll have to schedule teams like Ohio State and Nebraska now. Uh, are you new to college football? We just played a home and home against both Nebraska and Ohio State – and guess what? We went 4-0 against the two schools with an aggregate score of 130-59.

    What has ucla done lately? Oh, that’s right… 50-0. Never mind.

  • Gnossos

    As Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore said, “The SEC DON’T travel.”