Is Norm Chow going to end up stealing one of UCLA’s Hawaiian recruits? Would he ever challenge USC for a recruit? Which school remembers him more fondly?

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  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Probably USC fans remember him more fondly. The feeling I get from UCLA fans is that they remember him the way the child of an unmarried mother remembers one of the mother’s more responsible boyfriends — he seemed like a good guy, but it was short-lived, and things didn’t work out for reasons never quite explicitly stated, and then he was gone, never to be seen in the apartment again.

  • Sam Gilbert

    So that makes Neuheisel the unwed mother… That means the responsible boyfriend left because that whore went after cheap thrills (the pistol offense)instead of something stable and proven.

    Ok, so I’m horrible with analogies.

    Best of luck to Coach Chow, he’s a great coach when not forced to work with offenses(the aforementioned pistol) and players (Vince Young in Tennessee) that do not fit in his style.

  • NOBS

    Haven’t seen Norm look this happy sice he got the hell out of Fucla.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wolf has a man crush on chow chow. Kinda depressing, dude is 65…

  • TrojanRick

    USC by far.
    The kicker to this story is next season’s Trojan schedule:
    Trojans season & home opener in the Coliseum vs. Chow’s Hawaii team.
    Irony personified!

  • BoscoH

    Didn’t Norm Chow give us Phillip Rivers, who looks like he is about one bad game away from going Ryan Leaf.

  • Edward

    Chow got a little payback on BYU and ucla this past season…will his third school be a charm in his quest to beat USC?

  • spedjones

    he looks old.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Being associated with UCLA football will do that to a person

  • Free_Thinker

    January 21, 2010 11:26 PM
    FreeThinker said:

    Norm Chow is overrated.

    Here are some FACTS again:
    Chow has had 5 major jobs BYU,NC State, USC, NFL Titans & UCLA. He has only been successful only when working s an assistant to winning coaches, LaVell Edwards & Pete Carroll. Carrolls teams were highly successful after Chow left finishing in the top 10 every year but 2009.
    Chow teams other than at SC only finished in AP top twice, 1994 and 1996 and they were actually Edwards teams.
    Chow left BYU under pressure for poor finishes. Here’s a quote from the Deseret News from the time he left: “Chow has been the target of the ire of BYU fans for the Cougar’s rocky performance in recent years, especially this year after BYU lost its last three games of the regular season.”
    The Titans fired Chow. Here a nugget from ESPN “The Titans fired offensive coordinator Norm Chow after a season of struggling to score points,..”
    While Chow may get credit for developing QBs, he may have just benefited from good talent. We’ll find out soon enough
    Under weak coaches, (NC State, Titans, UCLA) Chow has been less than stellar, mediocre is the better term.
    Looks like lot’s of hype around a guy who is good at best.

    Chow has proven to be a coattails coach who benefited most from Pete Carroll and LaVell Edwards.

    Norm Chow proved he’s average. He sucked at UCLA, producing no Heisman QB candidates and no killer offense. If he was responsible for the success of Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and others, why has there been no wunderkind QB for Norm in nearly a decade?

    Because Norm got credit he did not deserve. He will be an average coach at Hawaii at best.