Answer Thursday!

In this segment of reader questions, the importance of facilities is a topic along with offensive line recruiting.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
At 65 years old, if he is successful then how many coaching years do you think Norm Cow has left in him.. will he do what Joe Pa probably wanted to do and ride it til the wheels come off or drop the mic, walk away and leave them wanting more?

A: I doubt he wants to coach for another 20 years. I do believe he is in good shape for his age though, which means he could go into his 70’s if he chooses. It reminds me that when Mike Garrett was USC’s athletic director in 1997, he once told me that Paterno was young for his age and that if he was Penn State’s AD he would not be concerned about how old Paterno was.

Q: Edward said:
What is the exact ruling (sanctions) on the “get out of jail free” transfer edict? What junior and senior classes qualify, and how long does this go on?

A: It applies to players who were upperclassmen when the sanctions hit. Because they only had a couple years of eligibility remaining, they were able to transfer without sitting out a season.

Q: Scott, rate the PAC-12s football facilities from best to worst. Where would USC’s new facilities rank compared to the old and, in your opinion, what’s more important to a recruit, facilities or uniforms?

A: When the new football building is completed, I’d say USC might trail only Oregon within the conference. One thing to remember is Howard Jones Field is still fairly small compared to many of the other Pac-12 teams, which usually feature a FieldTurf field and in the Northwest an indoor field. Everyone in the conference seems to be upgrading. It’s hard to say for sure how everyone ranks because Washington State is improving its facilties, Cal is making changes, Washington is renovating its stadium, Oregon State always seems to be doing something and already has good facilities.
USC’s usually been in the lower half, however, because of the age of Heritage Hall and lack of space. That’s why the new McKay Center is a big deal to the program.
What’s more important to a recruit? Winning.
After that, I’d say facilities. You use them daily. A uniform gets worn 13 times a year. An alternate gets worn once. Except at Oregon.

Q: fartnuggets00 said:
The 2012 recruiting class seems to have a lot of talented offensive linemen. What are our chances of signing some of those top linemen, and which ones do we stand the best shot of landing?

A: Kyle Murphy of San Clemente is target No. 1. Zach Banner of Lakewood, Wash., is another player USC’s spent a lot of time recruiting. Another lineman USC would love to sign is Andrus Peat of Tempe, Ariz.

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  • sureshot

    I’m somewhat surprised that MG knew who Joe Paterno was.

  • dtksr1

    I respect Joe Paterno as a coach who could teach the game well. I didn’t respect Joe Paterno because he selfishly held his job and not give younger coaches the chance to run the Penn St. program, like he had at a young age. Bear Bryant was another one like that.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I know UofA is improving their facilities, which includes an improvement of their stadium. The north endzone bleachers are being replaced with permanent seats, and below will be their offices and locker room. ASU has pretty nice facilities with a giant tent like the Dallas Cowboys have for indoor practices when it’s 110.

  • .mownyc

    LOL @ sureshot, expect NOBS to pounce on you since he is MG’s mini me.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Kenny Bigelow got 5 stars! Kiff was on to something getting to David Sills an into Red Lion Christian Academy. My arrogance bucket is full!


  • sureshot

    Does anyone really think the players give two rips about how comfortable/portable/permanent the bleachers are? My guess is that they do care about the facilities – but the facilities they really care about are things like the weight room, film room, practice field, training room, cafeteria… you know, places that affect them directly. I would have to think that the nicer a university can make it for players to spend time, the more they’ll want to join up.

  • torpedoman

    Sureshot.. Recruits good enough to attract USC caliber attention wants winning, on national tv before millions of viewers, while playing in a pipeline to the NFL. The rest comes in secondary

  • sureshot

    Agreed. I was speaking strictly about facilities though.