For Shame

USC obviously needed to find another radio station with the Lakers game on 710-AM but the selection of 1090-AM was a disaster for anyone who actually wanted to listen to the Cal game tonight. I got horrible reception driving through different parts of Southern California. Someone needs to find additional reception for the next game.

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  • one2watch15

    coming in decently in San Fernando valley. not perfect by any stretch, but good enough. what other station would you suggest?

  • LanceKiffin

    Driving around? Really dedicated to your job eh Scooter? Not like you were covering another sport, right?

  • mownyc

    The HD TELEVISION coverage came in just fine.

  • BearPuss


    You telling me the game was on tv and this guy was driving around listening to shit*y radio reception? I thought you were USC? The beat writer doesn’t care enough to watch the game/do his job? That’s possibly as pathetic as “climbing the wall”. Total, inexcusable BearPuss.

  • mownyc


    Yeah, that’s what I’m telling you. The game was on
    698 (directv) for “anyone who actually wanted” to watch. I’m not defending Wolfie on this one… Sure, not all fans get Comcast Sports California, but I’d think that having the sports pack would be a requirement for Wolf’s job.

  • gotroy22

    Was the game on cable? I looked for it and gave up. I figured Haden’s motto for SC hoops is “out of sight, out of mind.”



    Good work with the radio broadcast reporting. Since most of my radio listening is done in my car it is good to hear from a concerned source to see how well the reception is with 1090. I do not always get adequate reception from the XX.