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Cal completed a ho-hum 7-6 season with its loss to Texas in the Holiday Bowl last night. And despite the mediocrity there is no pressure on Bears coach Jeff Tedford. That illustrates our long-held theory: Cal is Cal. On the other hand, Tedford did beat USC . . . in 2003.

Ray Chavez/Oakland Tribune
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  • NOBS

    And Cal was lucky to win that one. Tedford should be fired, but who cares? Just another “W” for the Trojans.


    I know a QB is not the entire team, but it sure is hard to win without a fair one, and Cal’s Maynard is a difficult one to watch.

  • marvgoux

    The dirty hippies couldn’t win the big game against SC in 2004 when they had Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

  • BoscoH

    They’re like the UCLA of NorCal without the obnoxious edge. At least they end things with a winning record.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    “Cal is Cal” is your long-held theory? Brilliant! How long did it take to formulate this?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Having the best athletic program in the UC system is enough for them…

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Crazy thing is Tosh Lupoi is a stud recruiter and they get lots of 4 stars and some 5’s. They also have the top rated pro style QB in California in Zach Kline committed for next year. I hope they stay down, but that much won’t stay down forever. Cal will be back to beating Oregon soon…

    Good thing we own any school with a bear or bear like mascot…

  • torpedoman

    Totally winable game on the national stage versus a very crappy Texas team playing with a backup QB and a suspect defense! Cal’s gagging sub par performance will further sink the Pac’s future power rankings.
    The lame performances in these bowl games will turn our 2012 strength of schedule into a national joke, which could eventually keep us out of the NC game even if we go undefeated in 2012.

    I see Oregon as our best and probably only Bowl win, and that is iffy based on the Ducks inability to win a big theater ballgame historically.

    ASU’s imbarrassing laydown vs Boise, then Cal’s imitation of ucla, Baylor will probably “scoreboard” Nick Holt into retirement, and unless the Furd all of a sudden gets healthy enough to field all of their starters, the Cowboys could very well destroy them, which leaves ucla v The Illini.. and who even cares about that one.

  • torpedoman

    What a picture of idiocy… as QB Zach Maynard and his brother WR Keenan Allen seen on the sidelines in the waning moments of this brutal national ass whipping, joking and cutting up with smiles and laughter. What a disgrace for our Conference and for them!

  • scidiot

    Much like ucla hangs on to their 13-9 win cal hangs on to the triple ot win. Another game that SC gave away.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Exactly, scidiot. 13-9 is all Fucla clings to just like triple-OT @ Cal. Lame.
    ps. Anyone notice now that BruinSlob is gone, so is CharIie Bucket, N0BS, ThaiMex, MonopoIy, Ibc, etc?


  • Trojan Conquest

    I live in Arizona, and now I have to listen to Sun Devils for the next 13 years about how they beat USC in 2011.

  • sureshot

    Cal absolutely embarrassed the Pac-12. I think all UC schools should just pack up and quit football. This is disgraceful and I fear it will come back to bite SC on the butt next year when all the chatter is about how dreadful the rest of the Pac-12 is when SC has the same record as some crummy Big-10/12 school. /frustrated

  • sdog

    How about Charlie Weis and Notre Dame whose best “win” was the Bush-Push loss. That loss gave Weis a huge contract extension.

  • dtksr1

    Yeah, Tedford beat SC 8 years ago and other than a few other years of building a strong team, he has done little in underachieving. I figured Cal was going to lose to Texas. I knew Cal’s defense would try to hold the longhorns offense to a reasonable number and they did. But I also knew Tedford’s starting QB would (other than throw a few passes to his brother)again show that he is the worst QB in the conference. All Texas had to do was pressure the QB and wait for the unraveling.

  • Gnossos

    I played golf at Brookside GC recemtly, which is in the shadows of the Rose Bowl. At the end of the parking lot closest to the Clubhouse is a utility building. The exterior is painted like a scoreboard depicting the 13-9 score…..that’s all they’ve got to hold onto.

  • NOBS

    @ Owns—–UPDATE on SIG ALERT

    CHP pulled pick up with tent trailor over in Fresno. In addition to 5 little slobs, officers found 2 cases of 13-9 t shirts, all XXXL. Driver stated that the shirts were his only wardrobe. Driver’s 325lbs life partner got out in a 3 point stance and challenged officers. However, when officers noticed Driver’s fake Marine tatoo, they laughed so hard that they couldn’t line up against the Russian babe.

    Officers released the occupants and “truck” when Driver supplied photo copy on one ticket in the End Zone for Kraft Hunger Bowl. Driver stated that the five little slobs and his babe were going to be recipients of the bowl game proceeds.

  • spedjones

    and Cal will land Armstead, Shaq and a bunch of other kids SC wants too.

  • Trojan 70

    Nobs – in your next update, please remember that Lob recounted for all of us recently that he had been told he looked like Bruce Willis. I think it would be great if you worked that in as well. Let’s see, they are probably in Stockton by now and have stopped for lunch at a Salvation Army food kitchen.

  • BoscoH

    @Trojan70: Boring Rob spelled “Val Kilmer” wrong.

  • luvsctrojans

    @torpedoman: I’m not so sure if Oregon can win their bowl game. With the monsters Wisconsin has on the OL they will blow up Oregon’s d-line. Also, Wisconsin’s QB can throw the ball. Oregon has lots of speed and Wisconsin better keep the ball away from DAT, but in the end I think Wisconsin wins.

    @sped: I won’t be surprised Armstead ends up at Cal, but in the end Cal will still be in a mediocre bowl game, if at all, while USC is in a BCS bowl game.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Kenny Bigelow got 5 stars! Kiff was on to something getting to David Sills an into Red Lion Christian Academy. My arrogance bucket is full!


  • scidiot

    Kind of ironic that cal may get Armstead because SC didn’t want his brother to die on the field. Of course at ucla or cal they would have just cleared him to play and billed the taxpayers for the lawsuit when he dropped dead.

  • torpedoman

    @luvs… agree with your Oregon/Wisc. take, but I still think that those Ducks are still our best shot. The Wisconsin D is nothing to write home about. Oregon seems to choke on the big one (LOL) annually, but imho still seem to be our best shot. I’m definitely not liking Stanford, Wash or the freaking bRUINS any better.
    My point was basically that the Pac12 is getting disgraced in bowl play thus far and that it will probably be a killer to our strength of schedule factors in 2012.
    Fight On

  • luvsctrojans

    @torpedoman: completely agree with your point.

  • gotroy22

    All ugly bald guys say they look like Bruce Willis.