Answer Friday!

Recruiting remains the main topic in this segment of reader questions.

Q: dcard1097 said:
There are recruiting services out there that will rank the same players differently. For example, Rivals ranks Jordan Simmons a 5 star, 247 Sports ranks him a 4 star. Rivals ranks Morgan Breslin a 4 star, 247 sports ranks him a 3 star. Which of these two recruiting sites has been a more credible/accurate source as far as their ranking of players?

A: I don’t really recommend a recruiting service because a lot of times this is guesswork. Remember everyone ranked Kyle Prater in the top 10 two years ago. Whitney Lewis was also a can’t-miss prospect. I think Rivals is the bigger and better known of the two. I like that 247 is tougher in rankings the two prospects you mentioned. On the other hand, they rank Aric Armstead the No. 1 prospect in the country while Rivals has him 29th. That’s quite a gulf.

Q: The Monopoly Is Over Here said:
Okay Scott:

Jim L. Lessa vs. Coach O (aka the ragin cajun) in a cage fight…

Who ya got?

A: Now that Orgeron is over his gout, I will go with him. If there is a hopping the wall competition, I might go with Mora.

Q: LeefDizzle said:
Any silent commits you know of right now leading up to the All-American games?

A: I’ve said I currently know of two silent commitments.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Nice call Wolfie!


    Boom! Wolfman coming in with a zinger towards the babyblue bRuins!

  • Karrillo

    “Hopping the wall competition” = classic.

  • BoscoH

    You guys all know that if Mora can put together a couple winning seasons of the 8-5 variety and manage to coach some fundamentally sound football given what he has to work with, he’ll be hopping the wall back to the NFL at the end of the 2013 season. Anyone know when Darryl Henly gets out of the clink?

  • Trojanfan

    Penis of the year:(tie) son of charlie bucket and bruinrob

  • oneillwatch

    I think Trojanfan used the wrong gender for his genital reference.

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^^that was another award you forgot to mention…well deserved

  • USC – 714

    Blogger of the year (or in other words, guy who spends the most amount of time on here): Son Of Charlie Bucket!!

  • I am great

    Hey BruinRob, we won an award lol

    Wow, I dont even have a speech prepared, but I’m honored.


    Son of Charlie = Bruinslobdusky

  • trojaned 66

    Most intelligent Bruin poster………Fartman!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yoda

    accept this award, i do.

    thank, i must, the Cadre for all their support.

    The Force is strong with the Cadre, i sense.

    think back i do, to when the Cadre first summoned me.

    many enemies, we had to deal with: Darth Carrol, Sith Lord Garrett, Floyd Sidious…

    try to return balance to The Force, we did.

    and defeated them all, we have.

    much progress, we have made.

    but new Sith have taken their place.

    always two, there are.

    a Master, and an apprentice.

    Kiff is the Master, Padewon Barkley the apprentice is.

    a victory we must have, or multiply, or ememies will.

    may The Force be with the Cadre!

  • Edward

    I am great…did Rob really kick your ass like he posted?

  • malachi crunch5


  • Ibc trojan

    I second most of the awards. I would only add “Sexiest Reader” for which I would nominate “Count” Smackula. I just love the way talks!

  • steve49

    And to paraphrase a myopic old timer, “AAAHH C-Buck, you’ve done it again”.

  • “Count” Smackula

    AH! AH! AH!

    Vhat an honor! I am alvays workink on improvink my postinks! Und now I can tell my all my friends who vorried about me comink back to America, zat zis is zee greatest country in zee vorld! Vhere a man who vears a cape can be somebody!

    I really vant to sank zee Cadre und Charlie Bucket, und ozers, who encouraged me talk vis my real woice!

    ah! ah! (sniffle-choke) I can’t…