Bowled Over

I set the over/under for Pac-12 bowl victories at 2 so now that we are three games in, should it change? What do you think the Pac-12 will go? 4-3? 3-4 2-5? 1-6? 0-7?
I still think Oregon and Utah are the best bets.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    0 – 7. It’s the curse of USC b*tch*s…


    I really was pulling for Washington, even though i hate rooting for Pac12 teams. Ill probably root for Stanford because it really seems that they dont even have a chance, and I’ll probably root for Utah as well.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    1. UCLA beats Illinois. How could they possibly lose to a team that ended the season on a 6-game losing streak?
    2. Georgia Tech beats Utah. Utes can’t get stops or play consistently on offense.
    3. Stanford beats Oklahoma State. Cowboys face a non-Big12 defense and the Farm controls the clock.
    4. Oregon beats Wisconsin. Badgers don’t have a prayer against the Quacks in this game.

    Pac-12 bowl record: 3-4

  • scidiot

    Agree with Owns on 1, 2 and 4. Disagree with OSU. They will be playing with a chip on their shoulder as they should be in the title game.

  • NOBS

    HOLT FIRED? reported a little while ago that defensive coordinator Nick Holt and safeties coach Jeff Mills “will not return” in 2012

    Scott will report it tomorrow or Monday.

  • steve49

    Don’t get to excited yet, read this link:

    Holt may or may not be gone.

  • NOBS

    49, at least WE are out in front of a potential story.

  • schammer47

    THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TROJANS and the eleven dwarfs………………0-7.

    Closest game not counting ties….Ducks vs Badgers.