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In today’s episode of Pac-12 futility, Washington held Baylor to 67 points in the Alamo Bowl that made defensive coordinator Nick Holt an unpopular figure for Huskies fans. Aside from dropping the Pac-12 to 0-3, the loss served another purpose. It prevented a deluge of breathless claims this game served as a springboard for the conference toward next season. Larry Scott can’t wait for the Sun and Kraft Fight Hunger bowls.

Dean Rutz/The Seattle Times
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  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Say what you will Scott, But it was entertaining.


    I’ve never seen a football game like that. I could care less about either team, but I became glued to my seat watching it.

    Over time, however, it began to look a little ridiculous because the defenses were so poor it kind of cheapened some of the touchdowns.

    However, a star was born. QB Price is the real deal, a tricky runner who has good touch on his passes. Griffin was already a star prior to the game.

  • steve49

    Every once in a while a shootout is fun to watch. I agree, defense was lacking. Big 12 don’t play defense, Holt can’t coach defense, so it all fit.

    Scott, are you obsessed with Larry Scott, or is he really trying to be a star being Pac12 commish. He obviously went to the Trump school, loves the attention.

  • Mike

    It was certainly a welcome change after sitting through that pathetic ND-FSU game. How were the Domers ever a ranked team?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Chris Spielman had a great comment during the game. “These two teams are setting defenses back 450 years.”

    @Mike – I completely agree with you. That was awful. At least FSU played well in the 4Q and can use its youth as an excuse. Brian Kelly’s year 2 at ND reminds me of Rick Neuheisel’s year 3 at ucla as to how he treats his QBs. Berate the kid until he’s afraid to take a snap. If you watch Rees/Hendrix TOs they follow Kelly screaming at the kid to do the opposite of what led to the previous mistake. ND at 8-5 is a huge disappointment for a team that had BCS aspirations until the USC game. I’m not sure if ND is closer to becoming a top 15 team or a service academy. Hopefully, its the former.

    The Louisville-NC State game on 12/27 was entertaining. A lot closer than it should have been, but Louisville was pulling out all of the tricks to get back in the game.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Nick Holt is trash. Bet the Bruins were mad to see their boy Shirley get 5 sacks though. Better than their savior Datone Jones anyday.

    So onto another Pac-12 loss at the Kraft Hunger bowl gents…

  • Trojanfan

    Holt’s boys give up 485 rushing yards how pathetic….give that guy his walking papers

  • Trojanfan

    At first I thought I was watching the Bruin’s defense….lol

  • sureshot

    Speaking of setbacks, these A-hole representatives are setting back the Pac-12 about 450 years. That was utterly pathetic (fun to watch, but pathetic nonetheless). Baylor looked like they were playing against a Pop Warner defense. Washington looked scared, and that’s not good. Spielman also made a comment about playing cover two when you HAVE TO stop the other team from converting first downs. Why were the Huskies playing prevent? How bad of a coach is Nick Holt? Imagine how good our 2008 defense could have/should have been with a real defensive coordinator. That was the most dominant defense of the decade even with a mental midget at the controls. I just hope SC doesn’t hire him to be even a graduate assistant when Sark fires his @ss. He. Is. Terrible.

    We’d better hope the Pac-12 has a terrific non-conference season next year, or we’re getting screwed out of a Natty birth by an overrated Oklahoma or SEC runner up because the Pac-12 is doing us no favors during this bowl season.

    On the other hand, with SC out of bowl contention, everyone did move up one spot in the pecking order which makes their game harder than it would have otherwise been. ASU played the #8 team and UW played the #12 team in the nation. There’s no excuse for Cal getting tossed around by a mediocre Texas team though.

    So far, the Pac-12 is losing the turnover battle 9-4, highlighted (low-lighted?) by the Golden Bears astounding 0-5 ratio.

  • sureshot

    And did anyone else notice that fat lineman for Washington jump in front of the guy who was expecting to catch that squib kick near the end of the game. He totally “ball”blocked his teammate from catching it and then promptly fumbled. What a dumb@ss. I know the chances of UW winning at that point were slim, but Baylor couldn’t stop them either, which meant that a recovered onside kick was all that was stopping UW from a possible win. That guy should feel like cr@p because he, like Nick Holt, is an A-hole.

  • “Count” Smackula

    AH! AH! AH! Und zis is vhat zhey are callink “zee trojinks for life?”

    AH! AH! AH!

    Don’t vorry, little trojinks, zee Bruins vill safe zee day! Zee Fightink Illillnii vill not vin!!

    AH! AH! AH!

  • Trojan Conquest

    This was like an NBA All Star game.

  • jack

    These two “football” games that we have seen the Pac-12 play the last two nights is exactly the reason that the Pac-12 will always have a hard time landing a spot in the NC game. People around the nation look at this conference as one who plays two hand touch, and it is laughable. Last night, Washington’s “defense” was an embarrassment to the game. If Nick Holt had any honor whatsoever, he would submit his resignation a.s.a.p. Until Comissioner Scott makes it perfectly clear that the programs in the Pac-12 have to raise their level of expectation in non-conference games and bowl games, and be a bit more successful, the status quo of the Pac-12 being a “soft” conference will always remain.

  • NOBS

    jack, if you had a job that paid around $900k per year, would you quit? Come on.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Jack……and the Big 12’s Baylor’s D was no better.

  • sam

    The Bowl, should have been called “No Defense Bowl”

  • Karrillo

    I’ve never actually seen an Arena Football or XFL game, but I’m imagining this is what they’re like.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @sureshot: yes, that idiot looked like he was trying to “jump the route” of his teammate about to field the kick… and promptly fumbled trying to fight for yardage. Completely hilarious though. He was smart to know he rolled over the dude and was never down but stupid to disregard ball security in that situation. Hilarious.
    Fuck the Pac-12… USC’s only option is to go undefeated and beat an SEC team in South Beach.