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USC is ranked third in a couple early 2012 polls. But since the Trojans do not play in the SEC and do play in the 0 for 3 in bowls Pax-12, shouldn’t USC be a top two team?

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  • USCProf

    USC did lose to a very bad ASU team this year, so perhaps some perspective is in order.

  • steve49

    Give us a break, there is absolutely no accuracy in any pole coming out now. Nice opinions, but no basis to stand on. I still say no polls until week 4, then all these genius sports writers can save face when their #1 takes a royal crap, right Scotty?

  • Trojanfan


    very irrelevant to anything going forward

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Preseason polls do not matter. Of the #1 preseason ranked teams since 2003, only 1 (USC in 2004) won the NC. 2 finished at #2 (USC in 2005 and tOSU in 2006). 3 finished at #3 (Oklahoma in 2003; USC in 2007; and Florida in 2009). And three were well out of the running (Georgia in 2008; Alabama in 2010 and Oklahoma in 2011). Therefore, a #1 preseason ranking is not a good indicator for national championship.

    It does appear that its more important for a team to have a top 10 preseason ranking to be in consideration for a national championship. Other than for USC in 2004, which started and ended at #1, the final AP national champions had preseason rankings of #8/#14 in 2003, #2 in 2005, #7 in 2006, #2 in 2007, #5 in 2008, #5 in 2009, #22 in 2010 and either #4 or #2 in 2011.

    national champions:
    2003 – USC/LSU won NC with #8 & #14 preseason rankings; Oklahoma was #1 preseason (finished #3)
    2004 – USC won NC with #1 preseason rank
    2005 – Texas won NC with #2 preseason rank; USC was #1 preseason (finished #2)
    2006 – Florida won NC with #7 preseason rank; Ohio State was #1 preseason (finished #2)
    2007 – LSU won NC with #2 preseason rank; USC was #1 preseason (finished #3)
    2008 – Florida won NC with #5 presesason rank; Georgia was #1 preseason (finished #13)
    2009 – Alabama was NC with #5 preseason rank; Florida was #1 preseason (finished #3)
    2010 – Auburn won NC with #22 preseason rank; Alabama was #1 preseason (finished #10)
    2011 – LSU/Alabama had #4 & #2 preseason rank; Oklahoma was #1 preseason (currently #19)

  • Gulag

    Response to the soul who can’t be Scott Wolf but wishes he could – get a real life as Scott Wolf has and you won’t have to post here lunchbag.

  • bushwhite

    what # is UCLA ranked? anyone? Bruinrob? Thaimex?


    does anyone have any infor on A Armstead????

  • Dunkman

    What’s the point? A fish hack like you will then find it chic to vote Georgia ahead of USC, really shows where your loyalty lies