Gruden A `Blowhard’

It’s not every day the Pac-12’s officiating consultant calls Jon Gruden a blowhard, but that is what Mike Pereira did in this column.

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  • Ex-Cop

    So? Pereira’s right. Gruden IS a blowhard.

    Reminds me of a certain LA sportswriter.

    What’s your point? PAC-12 officiating is bad, so Pereira must be an idiot, so his opinion has no merit? Former officials should express no opinions of former coaches?

    I see nothing wrong with Pereira’s editorial. Can someone enlighten me?

  • BoscoH

    I think Scott’s point is that Periera clearly understands the rules, and he is a consultant to the Pac-12, so therefore, the officiating will improve. It’s a far more satisfying argument than the one that says Pac-12 officiating is so bad it can’t get any worse.

  • NOBS

    Holt FIRED. Told you yesterday. Scott will report tomorrow.

    The University of Washington has indeed made a major shakeup on its defensive coaching staff, announcing this morning that coordinator Nick Holt, linebackers coach Mike Cox and safeties coach Jeff Mills have all been fired.

    A UW press release said that UW coach Steve Sarkisian would begin a national search for their replacement.

    All three assistants had been with the Huskies since Sarkisian’s arrival prior to the 2009 season.

    In a statement, he said that he “wished to thank them for their hard work and dedication” for the last three years and that they had left the program “in a better place.”

  • Trojan in Seattle

    Ugh. Can’t watch any more of the Kraft Train Wreck Bowl.

    Happy new year, everyone.

    BoscoH, I too was unsure what point Scott’s making which is why I came to the comments section. There’s no way he’s trying to say something optimistic about the Pac-12. And Periera’s been a consultant for a couple of years now without any noticeable impact. So there must be something else.

    NOBS, it’s been a confusing news day up here in the Northwest. The morning paper called out Sark BIG TIME for asserting he had no intention to fire “his friend” Nick Holt (in spite of the hoards of villagers firing up their torches). And Holt strongly vowed he’d be back next season despite Baylor hanging 777 yards on his D. (Sark pointed out that 777 isn’t too far off Baylor’s average, so no big deal, right?) No sooner had I put the paper away than I received their e-mail alert that Holt was gone.

    BTW, Sark IS technically correct. But after a team goes 0-12, it’s not hard to leave the program “in a better place.”

  • steve49

    NOBS ought to take over this blog. You the man!!

  • N0BS

    steve49: Bite your tongue! My alter ego NOBS is a self-described child molestor! He spent christmas insulting women and children! He makes us look like shit! No wonder the Crummy Cadre “owns” us.