Indiana Fever

Here’s an aspect of that Big Ten-Pac-12 alliance to ponder: When USC plays Purdue or Indiana, it will mean 2 of it 3 nonconference games will be against teams from the Hoosier State (including Notre Dame). Not exactly national scheduling.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, take a knee, i’ll come up it the caption for this. how about:

    Hoosier Daddy??

  • NOBS

    hahahaha What a dog $h!t program. A total DISGRACE to the Pac 12. SlobDusky’s down in the Castro District trying to get gas money back to the IE>

  • steve49

    Just heard the flight for fucla to fly home was cancelled, permanently. 90+ guys all given sanctuary to stay there.

  • ThaiMex

    Purdue, Indiana, her poor sister Minny….same stuff different year…SUCk will squeak thru a WEAK early season schedule…then lose a couple of close games to mediocre teams and the SCUsters will come out with their usual moaning and bitching about the creampuff early season schedule…Sound familiar? It Should
    fite on anyway LIMBO U!