Stanford 51, USC 43

In case you were distracted (or did not get radio reception), the Trojans lost to the Cardinal today.
“They had a very hard nonconference schedule,” Stanford’s Aaron Bright said of USC. “The hardest in the Pac-12.”

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  • twenty-twenty

    This season is a disaster. Team shooting skills are very poor. Shot selection bad too.
    The games are difficult to watch. Reminds me of 1987 when Raveling ran off Kimble and Gathers and SC was awful.

  • Gulag

    It all comes down to recruits and coaching them. Then again if the Stanford Aaron bright is right re. Troy playing the toughest OOC schedule then why weren’t they ready to play those opponents?

    The common denominator here is O’Neill – keep through his contract but AD Pat Haden you need to begin a solid search effort to distill who is willing to come her to coach and what it will take to secure that candidate – not today or next week maybe not even next year but when either O’Neill’s contract runs out or prior to that there is a solid commit by a top tier coach – do it!

  • gotroy22

    We can afford a big name coach, fire Bozo the clown and offer the money the top coach in the nation gets. You’d draw coaches to SC like flies to honey.

  • ThaiMex

    “Like flies to Honey”???????????????????
    Like Bee’s to Honey or more like…Flies to Shit!
    Fite on LIMBO U!